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  1. Hmm... Where am I getting 17 from??? That seems tied to him, for some reason??
  2. 4 years at 11 mil = 44 mil 44 -17 = 27 27 mil over 3 years = 9 + 9 + 9 BAM
  3. I wanted to give him 11 per the first time. I say, we'll honor our 17mil franchise tag and even the rest out to an average of 11 / year. Maybe a 4 year note with 20 or so immediately guaranteed? You're telling me some other team can matcthat AND be a contender?
  4. It says we ain't that limp-dick Panthers team. Not anymore.
  5. Sure it does! It says we won't play hardball.
  6. Are there any "once in a lifetime" players, not a QB, whom would've been gone by their original #8 slot?
  7. Riddle me this.. What are the chances it's smokescreen season and they aren't looking at QB?? If they think Rams are grabbing the best QB (maybe their QB).. That's an awful investment just to miss their guy.. What their guy wasn't a QB?
  8. Heathered Gray Draft Hats - Hot or Not?

    uh oh. i spot some gangster graphics UNDER the bill
  9. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    That rug really tied the room together, dude
  10. Johnny Manziel does another stupid thing

  11. Thank you. So in other words, it would really benefit the team. I thought that's how it'd play out
  12. To clarify the question.. If I'm SP and I just re signed, I'm looking at a long-term fix for the cap. The sooner you dump his contract, the better... If that's your mo
  13. How much would a trade cost / save the saints? What if they're shopping Brees..?