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  1. Of course he doesn't want to come to Carolina. What QB would?
  2. He's made 50 mil in his nfl career... that should help him make it through the tough times.
  3. Being the worst HC and the most likely to be fired first are two different things. Rhule will probably be the worst but if Tepper doesn't fire him it won't matter.
  4. First they rank our team 32nd then they say we have the worst starting QB in the league and now the HC that will most likely be fired first? Why are we always getting treated like some bottom feeder team? Fug
  5. I would want at least a 2nd round pick to take him.
  6. Nice contract Fitterer! Another smart move by our front office.
  7. I bet Brown lost another 5 lbs.
  8. Hell go to an eagles board when they're having a winning season.
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