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  1. The expectations for this team and especially Young are so low it’s ridiculous. 5 wins is great now? I guess that’s where we are. Fug
  2. Having a dominant run game will be pretty hard with very little downfield passing ability though.
  3. Canales would deserve coach of the year if he can get 5 wins with Young at QB.
  4. TMJ could become the best WR in the NFL. No one really knows till we see him under the new regime. lol
  5. This division is such trash, any team that finishes with less than 8 wins needs a new QB and coach.
  6. Notice those WRs you mention had quality QBs throwing them the ball.
  7. The fact that anyone has to argue about who is better is a problem. Hopefully this season Young will leave no doubt that he is better than a washed up vet.
  8. I would add the Colts game to that list too, Young threw 3 picks in that game 2 were pick sixes.
  9. Yeah like throw a terrible pick on the first play of the game bad...true story.
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