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  1. I think for the first time in a long time we have a good backup...only problem is he's our starter.
  2. They'll kick our ass with either of them starting.
  3. I pretty sure it was a typo and she meant to say he was a likely outbreak candidate.
  4. PJ is a solid 3rd string guy and if he elevates his game could be a solid backup. Darnold is a solid backup and if he elevates his game could be a solid starter. Will Grier needs to change professions.
  5. One thing all SB winning teams have in common... back to back winning seasons.
  6. Its a longer list than the list of teams that have never had back to back winning seasons. I believe that list would only have one team on it.
  7. I've never seen a player better at starting a fight and getting the other team penalized for it. The vitriol he played with is unparalleled. 89 is still the bottom line.
  8. Chinn is a dog but does he start a fight every game like Smith or Norman? I miss that kinda attitude on the team.
  9. This team desperately needs a fireball like Smith or Norman. Do we have any guys like that our team? I cant think of any.
  10. You left out the most likely scenario, Darnold plays good at times and poorly at times. We finish with around 7 wins and pick in the 13-17 range.
  11. From all the dipsh*ts that respond to them.
  12. Yes...but we'll need plenty of peppar vodka.
  13. "Matt Ryan Sucks!" I yell it at every game I go to no matter who we play...even Hornets games.
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