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  1. Crixtala

    Non-citizens legally register to vote in San Francisco

    can we not get more than just a link in the OP? is the level of laziness just eventually going to be a thread title with a post of "GOOGLE IT"? do better, so i don't have to click your crappy links
  2. Crixtala

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius

    love Cohen has the show started airing yet?
  3. six year averages invalidate last eight month trends got it
  4. Crixtala

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    think about the icon and entertainer Cam has already become to this point while clearly spending 8 years being told he can't be who he wants to be
  5. Crixtala

    DNC superdelegate system being revisited?

    same my 77-year-old-Queens-NY-democrat aunt argued this with me over the Christmas holiday leading up to the primaries when discussing Bernie
  6. Crixtala

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    this it's refreshing
  7. guilty until proven innocent, amirite?
  8. what fuging world do some of you live in where you're so intimidated by political discussion that you need the fuging NFL to be your snowflake safe space?
  9. Crixtala

    Road Trip Help- Canton & Cleveland, OH

    canton has nothing going on outside of the HOF... i make trips up there several times a year as our best friends have lived in akron, now north canton and will finally be moving to columbus in the next few weeks. like has already been said, there's pretty much nothing between canton and cleveland worth spending a bunch of time at when we make the trips to visit them, we literally do nothing but spend time at their house because there is nothing to do... maybe you can catch a music act halfway decent at the HOB in cleveland, or find a decent hole in the wall place to eat, but activities are limited. cuyahoga falls national park is nice if you're someone trying to check off national parks (before they disappear). it's not a very big park (and OH's only national park), so knocking out the key sites is plenty easy if you're into that kind of stuff it sounds like you're just planning on hitting the HOF's and sleeping while up there, so you should be fine. there are plenty of decent (and decently new) hotels all along the way between canton and cleveland, so finding suitable accommodations shouldn't be difficult
  10. Crixtala

    i bought a bike. where should i go

    quality post honestly, just hit any/every national park/forest you can on the way. might as well see them while you still can
  11. the new premiere was hilarious, btw couldn't help thinking while watching it that roseanne was cashing in on all those republicans crying over Last Man Standing (also a great show) being cancelled
  12. was heel always a bot, or was that just any easy account for a bot to commandeer
  13. agreed, really like his writing and his lightbringer series is one of the few that I've gone out and bought the book new right after coming out instead of waiting until it shows up at my used book store
  14. have you read his current series? the lightbringer series (i think)? really good... haven't read the night angel trilogy yet, but haven't been reading much lately either