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  1. Game of Thrones Season 7

    you're not alone
  2. i get what you're saying... but what you said in bold is incredibly untrue for MMA and what's happening in UFC these days if technical skills are meaningless, go watch the last two cormier/jones fights and see how much closer that second fight was after cormier had a fight to go off of and train against or any cerrone fight where he gets his opponent on the ground technical skills (especially grappling/wrestling) are what separates the best from everyone else
  3. agreed, really like his writing and his lightbringer series is one of the few that I've gone out and bought the book new right after coming out instead of waiting until it shows up at my used book store
  4. have you read his current series? the lightbringer series (i think)? really good... haven't read the night angel trilogy yet, but haven't been reading much lately either
  5. Ready Player One

    watched the trailer as soon as it was released from comic-con...soooooooo good
  6. What is the normal amount of times to sneeze?

    you get a "bless you" after your first and second, "stop it" after any more
  7. i am in no way more important than a cactus i think the thought process that we, as humans, are more important than some other living thing on this planet says more about problems with the world than the other way around
  8. Is Wicked Weed Selling Out?

    so much this... so many locals up here are up in arms about this, but wicked weed (the main brewery) was always mediocre at best and was just a tourist trap. nothing but charlotte and atlanta douchebro tourists day in and day out, already making it the bud light of asheville breweries anyway now... what this means for the funkatorium is the real story. that was the only good part about wicked weed... they have some of the best sours on the market imo
  9. Is the Earth Flat or Round?

    that's the moon
  10. Ready Player One was a great book... I started reading Cline's Armada just this past weekend. It's not as good as Ready Player One was so far, but it's still good. He's another one of those authors that once you've read him once and start reading another of his books, you get sucked right in to that same feeling/environment that he creates in his books. The Atlantis Gene has been on my list forever as well, but I can never seem to find it in my local used book store where I pick up most books. Let me know how it is when you're done.
  11. yep, saw that news on his blog when he posted it... shall be awesome only issue with it imo is that rothfuss is already taking forever to get book three out... this is only going to slow things down
  12. what was the early turnover... missed it
  13. can anybody recap what happened up until the field goal...? why asheville can't have it's own FOX affiliate that doesn't need to hear about upstate SC's flooding during a game is beyond me