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  1. bro, i'm not your fuging science teacher, go figure it out for yourself... or believe your laser conspiracy, i don't care i'm just letting you know that your assertion that "wildfire = complete destruction" is unfounded
  2. i think you're clearly discussing things you may not fully understand last year, there were many wildfires burning in western north carolina, they burned for weeks and luckily our fire services did a great job of saving many, many lives and property. this was all happening early last fall and burned through thousands of acres of forest land. you know what happened just weeks after the fires finally went out...? the areas still had full fall foliage just because fires are burning through an area doesn't mean that the trees are just going to be decimated, and in this case, it didn't even burn the leaves off the trees
  3. came for information... left with two pages of hillary bullshit why are we still talking about her?
  4. Black Panther

    i've been thinking for a while now that Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther (and the Guardians films, although to a lesser extent) were going to be the films where we get into the real meaty comic book style story telling... everything leading up to these films have been build up to build a brand, get your average, non-comic nerd hooked on these characters that still have relatively real-world characteristics, but now we're blowing the doors wide open
  5. Trai turner

    i don't think you're watching football...
  6. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    i love that a thread about protesting the protesting NFL players has ended up in a CLINTON! PIZZAGATE! argument... Trumpers have so little left to argue with they have to go to pre-election bullshit to make a point
  7. using the argument that prayer isn't accepted on a forum for a sport where a quick prayer/acknowledgement of god is probably the most used celebration is downright ridiculous
  8. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    you are the quintessential reason they are protesting the, "i don't want politics in my sports" "let me bury my head in the sand and pretend the world's perfect" people are the ones that are allowing issues like police brutality to fester in this country. you'd rather drown out real issues with football games and whatever horrible genre of music you choose on pandora. you're the people that are being "woken up" by these protests to finally realize that something outside of your small world is going on these famous people, athletes and celebrities alike, have a stage... that stage isn't dumbed down to whatever type of entertainment they provide. a stage is a stage, and anyone who uses it to get out a message should be applauded, whether you like that message or not. trying to take away that stage, or narrow it down to nothing other than what you feel like they should be using it for, is disgraceful
  9. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    nope it's about YOU disapproving of the timing and your ideas of "respect" we don't live by your rules
  10. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    BINGO! except here you are, upset someone is expressing their opinions... why's that?
  11. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    highlight the racist part in that quote so we know what you're really talking about... i'll wait
  12. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    which means you're being willfully ignorant... and to top it off, made a thread patting yourself on the back showing how you're protesting a protest you don't understand of even know if is happening? one way or the other, your problem solving skills are obviously lacking... instead of trying to learn something about what's going on, you instead cancel your sunday ticket to really stick it to... yourself? bad logic and explanations all around here
  13. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    why spend the time answering the question for you...? if you honestly don't know what's being protested, you're being willfully ignorant
  14. Game of Thrones Season 7

    you're not alone