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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I just wish he'd spend less time writing posts on facebook and more time writing the next book
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    i'll back bronn's recommendations... he told me about these a while ago and I've read both series to their current states now and they're some of the best books I've read over the past couple of years my wife is even reading the lies of locke lamora now and she's not a fantasy reader
  3. Patagonia

    when it comes to clothes lines like this... you absolutely get what you pay for I used to be a Columbia guy, but their clothes just don't hold up as well to some of the other brands I've started picking up. i'm mainly an eddie bauer person now since they're one of the few brands that make nice clothes in tall that will also fit my broad shoulders the northface's, Patagonia's, etc. of the world generally cater to the 5'9" 150lbs club... but their stuff is built to last one day, i'll have a weeks worth of clothing all from l.l.bean and i'll never have to worry about buying clothes again
  4. Captain America: Civil War

    he will be by the end
  5. Marvel Contest of Champions

    you just have to keep playing... I've only found one Alliance event that really panders to those that pay to play, and that's summoner advancement. I haven't spent a dime on the game and am decently competitive, its just a matter of putting in the time. and really, between all the different things you can do in the game between story quests, event quests, all of the alliance events, etc. there's plenty of things to keep my attention out of duel credits for today since duel skirmish is going on, but I like that duped 4* electro you've got... definitely one of my favorite characters. i'm at the same username as here as well how's your alliance? I was a part of a pretty good one for a while, then all of a sudden everyone decided that nobody wanted to lead anymore and it just imploded. the good members merged with another alliance and I somehow got sent off to a side alliance of the new alliance, which I joined just to continue the events and not miss out on rewards, etc. but it's not very organized
  6. Marvel Contest of Champions

    yes... started playing around thanksgiving
  7. Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.

    yep, saw that news on his blog when he posted it... shall be awesome only issue with it imo is that rothfuss is already taking forever to get book three out... this is only going to slow things down
  8. Leaked Batman v Superman Trailer

    at first I was mildly impressed with the trailer now, after reading CCS fanboi rage gush over DC movies, I have to question everything
  9. Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

    what was the early turnover... missed it
  10. Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

    can anybody recap what happened up until the field goal...? why asheville can't have it's own FOX affiliate that doesn't need to hear about upstate SC's flooding during a game is beyond me
  11. Another school shooting, this time in Oregon

    this has happened enough to know how this thread is going to end up bottom line, the process of acquiring a firearm - something that has no other use other than to be a weapon (unlike the knife, nail, hammer, rope, etc. argument that always arises) - should be one of the most difficult things you have to go through imo, to disagree with that is the same as saying you don't care about these shootings and are fine with innocent people (too often young folks with their lives ahead of them) losing their lives for no reason at all
  12. Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.

    boo on the lynch news... where do you get updates on him? I can never find anything if you havent read brent weeks' llightbringer series, its great. Read book one on a whim, really enjoyed it. Bought book two with the intention of bringing it out to san francisco on my vacation im on now, but ended up plowing through it in three days because I didnt put it down book three comes out in paperback the day I get home and ill be grabbing it then
  13. DAY 6 - Training Camp Tweets (Aug 6)

    I cringed when I saw bryan Strickland tweet it yesterday