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  1. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    i'm not saying there's never a reason for a car chase... or an officer firing his weapon... or any other generality you'd like to lump in with your response
    but if you think blowing someone's face off or starting a high-speed chase in a residential area over a missing front plate and lack of a driver's license is worth it, then I don't know what to tell you
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  2. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    maybe i'm just an idiot... which is highly likely and why I don't add my two cents in these conversations all that often...
    but why would we have to turn this into a high-speed chase if he pulls off... back off, let him go.  he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, you have his license plate information and can likely figure out where the automobile is going to end up.  head there and pop him in a day or two for evading arrest or whatever the charge may be.  nobody's shot in the head, a high-speed chase isn't started placing more innocent lives in danger and you've potentially got the guy
    shooting the guy in the head when he's behind the wheel of a running car that's in gear, puts bystanders in just as much danger as a high-speed chase.  look how the car took off once he was shot, they're lucky it got caught up on whatever stopped it at the corner down the road... the car was still revving out of control.  luckily it wasn't some kid riding a bike at the wrong place at the wrong time
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  3. Crixtala added a post in a topic Heading to Asheville in the morning   

    there are a couple of good, free lots around town if you know where to look... and street parking is always free on sundays
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  4. Crixtala added a post in a topic Heading to Asheville in the morning   

    best, cheap food down town
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  5. Crixtala added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    anybody watch Big Brother...? there's a guy on there this season that had a contract with WWE and was apparently on the NXT roster for a bit.  Austin (Devlin?)/Judas... seems like a good guy, i would have definitely rooted for him, but i think he got injured
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  6. Crixtala added a post in a topic New $600 Million Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Coming To The Charlotte Region   

    and here I was thinking that stretch of 74 between 85 and the end of Shelby couldn't get any worse...
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  7. Crixtala added a post in a topic RIck and Morty Season 2! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!   

    I was afraid of a sophomore lump too, and that first episode was amazing
    I LOVE this show
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  8. Crixtala added a post in a topic Hulk Hogan's racist audio rant   

    he's the Russell Wilson of wwe
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  9. Crixtala added a post in a topic Heading to Asheville in the morning   

    i hate wicked weed (because of the restaurant itself, not the beer... too packed all the time), but LOOOOOOOOOOVE the funkatorium (wicked weed's sour beers).  definitely check it out if you're in south slope
    south slope is where you want to go if you want all of the locals to know you're from charlotte lol... during the weekend it's nothing but tourists getting ripped off on brewery tours
    if you want to beat the crowds a bit, head towards the Catawba tasting room in south Asheville past Biltmore... hit French broad brewing while you're there.  right across the street/railroad tracks.  highland is also nice to get away from the major crowds and have food trucks all weekend long... much more laid back then all the stuff that's in town, imo
    only time I hit up south slope is if it's a weekday or past tourist season... but a blind person could find good beer down there. I usually stick to funkatorium, Asheville brewing (honestly, more as a pizza/food pit stop than really the beer, not that it's bad), Ben's tune-up and high-wire.
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  10. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.   

    the book is being made into a film and directed by Spielberg... should be pretty good
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  11. Crixtala added a post in a topic 7th Shark attack in NC in last 16 days.   

    my mother in law is going to the same resort/beach this last attack happened at this coming weekend... all i'm gonna say is she better be careful, i don't think her and good karma are on great terms
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  12. Crixtala added a post in a topic The new Spider Man has been chosen   

    and his whole rogues gallery (one of the best in marvel comics, imo) is now available to the MCU
    there's already rumors that an Oscorp building will show up in Ant-Man... and Matthew McConaughey was supposedly being eyed as the new norman osborn, which could lead to the REAL iron patriot post civil war, dark avengers, etc., etc... but those talks apparently cooled off
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