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  1. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.   

    the book is being made into a film and directed by Spielberg... should be pretty good
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  2. Crixtala added a post in a topic 7th Shark attack in NC in last 16 days.   

    my mother in law is going to the same resort/beach this last attack happened at this coming weekend... all i'm gonna say is she better be careful, i don't think her and good karma are on great terms
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  3. Crixtala added a post in a topic The new Spider Man has been chosen   

    and his whole rogues gallery (one of the best in marvel comics, imo) is now available to the MCU
    there's already rumors that an Oscorp building will show up in Ant-Man... and Matthew McConaughey was supposedly being eyed as the new norman osborn, which could lead to the REAL iron patriot post civil war, dark avengers, etc., etc... but those talks apparently cooled off
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