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  1. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    because he's a child who probably thinks, on top of EVERYTHING else, that he's ruining an adults locally or nationally broadcasted interview...? but no, you're right, the immediate jumping to conclusions that this is a paid actor trying to remember a script makes a LOT more sense i'm fuging 31 years old and never want to find myself in a public speaking situation or one where i'm being interviewed for the news, but this 15-16-17-whatever year old kid should have more self awareness and not stumble on his words and thoughts immediately after witnessing a mass school shooting
  2. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    this screams of a post from someone who's never endured any immediate hardships or tragedies in their own lives... can you, for a minute, step out of the bubble you're creating for yourself? and instead of immediately suspecting this kid of being a paid actor, think about what it would be like if YOU were caught in the scenario's that he's explaining. if you can do that, can you imagine how fast your brain is going to be firing information? all while trying to make a public statement, on what i imagine is probably national television? maybe try on some empathy instead of immediately looking for a boogie man
  3. voter registration systems is not the same as hacking the election
  4. Meet the new Gerber baby

    these threads are so pointless all they do is turn into a chest thumping match while everyone attempts to show off their self perceived moral superiority abortion is legal and until that changes, what is there to discuss?
  5. doing what she did... it sounds like she was already living her own hell this is why we need to take care of our own, and others, mental health
  6. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    when looking at the list of FA WR's that was posted the other day, he was actually someone who stuck out to me. not a guy that's going to demand a lot of money considering a lot of people will probably view him as a project, plus he didn't do much this past season but... i think he could have potential as a #3 if we try to grab someone in the draft to pair with Funchess as our #1/2 combo. he has great size, decent hands and the speed to break free. i actually think he'd fill the hole that ginn left pretty well while also mixing in the Byrd/Samuel combo to blow the top off plus, i have to imagine he'd be a guy that Cam would probably hit it off with. lets be honest, the biggest negative effect that trading KB probably had on this offense was that the chemistry between him and Cam was off the charts. it would be nice to see Cam having a receiver that he could just have fun with again
  7. A Moment to Remember

    same here... ran upstairs to my wife who also works from home and yelled, "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GIVE A poo, BUT..."
  8. CMC is fast.

    faster than ginn on that 80 yard dagger to the heart color me impressed
  9. i certainly thought he looked better than DA in preseason... probably would have rather rolled with him over DA this year already. at least, if we would have had to ever put him on the field, we could have seen some potential instead of watching DA continue to show he's further and further on the backside of his (backup) career
  10. Inquiring Minds; Episode IX

    jump in time between VIII and IX, death explained in opening crawl, Poe a bigger factor in the rebellion leadership
  11. was heel always a bot, or was that just any easy account for a bot to commandeer
  12. from what i've heard/read... 21st century fox will remain it's own branch of disney, which makes sense. if disney takes the reigns of all of these properties, but still runs the show full time, we'll get a much smaller amount of movies per year. if the movies are all better for it, i'm not totally against less movies, but that would be where a lot of concern over the merger comes from now... for how i'd like to see this play out: allow fox to continue with their current x-men plans... they've finally got something going and it's going right. parts of the main x-men franchise are starting to find their way. the young team is pretty great and was what really worked in apocalypse and it seems like that's what they're going to be focusing on with the next movie and dark phoenix. logan and deadpool were obviously major successes... so keep going down that road. deadpool 2 sounds fantastic so far, new mutants as a legit horror trilogy also sounds amazing now, as far as merging everything into the MCU... make teases, possibly even bring hugh jackman back as old man logan (he's been quoted as wanting to play in the avengers world from the very beginning... although he's recently said he doubts it happens with him :( but money talks, even to hugh jackman). you can pop him into the universe right away and leave the questions dangling for a while, because basically the same thing happened in the comics (although i'm not reading regularly at the moment, i try to keep up with the story lines... so some of this speculation may be a little off). allow hugh jackman to play the confused role for a while, still having memories of all of the other x-men stories, while figuring out what's going on in this 'new' world. gives him a small story-line to run with in MCU films and then once fox has run through their current line of films and ideas, go with the secret wars (i think) story line that just happened in the comics that merged all of the marvel universes together. this way they can either bring along some of the current fox story lines and character/actor combos, or wipe the slate clean and re-introduce the x-men as a wholly new entity that's just emerged in the MCU as for fantastic four, that may happen a lot sooner... i think the MCU has actually had those rights back for a while now and have been holding off on doing anything with them because i think phase 4 will actually use a lot of that family of characters going forward. i wouldn't be surprised if we got a small intro to reed richards (or the entire family) at some point in avengers 4 and see galactus as the next big bad built over the course of a few movies like thanos was i actually heard another nerd pitch last week that i loved... since the MCU is starting to dabble more in telling stories that are not current (ms. marvel in the 90's, plus the original cap move), do the same thing with FF. tell their origin story, but place it in the 60's, go super-Kirby like the original run and thor: ragnarok just was and have them end up in the negative zone, causing nobody to really remember their existence. then, something happens in avengers 4 where the negative zone and them are found and brought back to normal time and space. since the MCU likes to merge ideas/characters/stories... just make the negative zone the same place that ant-man travels to and will eventually find the original wasp /nerd boy rant
  13. Time to hit that eject button

    its hard walking into the tbox if you're not mentally prepared for this being the wild west of the huddle
  14. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    you should probably go rap about it
  15. Newest E-Cat

    made it to page 7 before i couldn't cringe anymore without my face falling off