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  1. Crixtala added a post in a topic Hula Hoop Cam   

    if someone handed me free tickets, i'd be there in a heartbeat... but with travel and ticket prices, it doesn't make sense to me anymore
    I used to do Bonnaroo, but with ticket prices and the crowds, I can't do it anymore.  my favorite fest that happens up in Michigan has gotten up to 45k-ish in the last couple years and even that is too big for me these days... i'm more into the <10k crowds these days.  they tend to be a lot more relaxed
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  2. Crixtala added a post in a topic Hula Hoop Cam   

    so we agree...? lol
    i'm not saying Coachella doesn't attract hotter women... it probably does (although, that's all subjective).  but the type of women that are going to Burning Man are completely different than the type that's going to Coachella.  yes, there's always some cross-pollination, but those festivals are definitely two completely different beasts and (for the most part) attract two completely different crowds
    i'm not shitting on Coachella... it has it's place in the festival ranks... it's basically West Coast Bonnaroo with all the bands and all the money.  I wouldn't go to it, but I dig smaller fests and if i'm coming out west for a festival, it's going to be something like Outside Lands or High Sierra
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  3. Crixtala added a post in a topic Hula Hoop Cam   

    you can't compare Burning Man and Coachella
    Coachella is where girls go to wear heels in a field and be seen while watching the latest top 40 mainstream indie band... Burning Man is for the creative weirdo's into Mad Max and trying to prove that they can survive a week in the desert and then leave without anyone even being able to tell anyone was there
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  4. Crixtala added a post in a topic Hula Hoop Cam   

    also, hoola hoops are god's gift to hippie and raver chicks
    long gone is the idea that hippie chicks are nothing but patchouli and hairy arm pits... go spend a weekend at a jam festival and watch the hoopers
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  5. Crixtala added a post in a topic Hula Hoop Cam   

    Burning Man's in Nevada, not California
    otherwise, your assessment is still correct
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  6. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.   

    boo on the lynch news... where do you get updates on him? I can never find anything
    if you havent read brent weeks' llightbringer series, its great. Read book one on a whim, really enjoyed it. Bought book two with the intention of  bringing it out to san francisco on my vacation im on now, but ended up plowing through  it in three days because I didnt put it down
    book three comes out in paperback the day I get home and ill be grabbing it then
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  7. Crixtala added a post in a topic DAY 6 - Training Camp Tweets (Aug 6)   

    I cringed when I saw bryan Strickland tweet it yesterday
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  8. Crixtala added a post in a topic The Brink   

    i've been watching this and thoroughly enjoy it... but i have a strange love for jack black
    my wife gave up on it a few episodes in
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  9. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    i'm not saying there's never a reason for a car chase... or an officer firing his weapon... or any other generality you'd like to lump in with your response
    but if you think blowing someone's face off or starting a high-speed chase in a residential area over a missing front plate and lack of a driver's license is worth it, then I don't know what to tell you
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  10. Crixtala added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    maybe i'm just an idiot... which is highly likely and why I don't add my two cents in these conversations all that often...
    but why would we have to turn this into a high-speed chase if he pulls off... back off, let him go.  he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, you have his license plate information and can likely figure out where the automobile is going to end up.  head there and pop him in a day or two for evading arrest or whatever the charge may be.  nobody's shot in the head, a high-speed chase isn't started placing more innocent lives in danger and you've potentially got the guy
    shooting the guy in the head when he's behind the wheel of a running car that's in gear, puts bystanders in just as much danger as a high-speed chase.  look how the car took off once he was shot, they're lucky it got caught up on whatever stopped it at the corner down the road... the car was still revving out of control.  luckily it wasn't some kid riding a bike at the wrong place at the wrong time
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  11. Crixtala added a post in a topic Heading to Asheville in the morning   

    there are a couple of good, free lots around town if you know where to look... and street parking is always free on sundays
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  12. Crixtala added a post in a topic Heading to Asheville in the morning   

    best, cheap food down town
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  13. Crixtala added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    anybody watch Big Brother...? there's a guy on there this season that had a contract with WWE and was apparently on the NXT roster for a bit.  Austin (Devlin?)/Judas... seems like a good guy, i would have definitely rooted for him, but i think he got injured
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  14. Crixtala added a post in a topic New $600 Million Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Coming To The Charlotte Region   

    and here I was thinking that stretch of 74 between 85 and the end of Shelby couldn't get any worse...
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