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  1. I shall now define lazy journalism.

    you just made his day by referring to that as journalism
  2. Maximize Your Noise

    this is AMAZING I can't imagine what it would sound like with only a handful of these in the crowd here's the video from the instructable so people have an idea of what it is:
  3. How much does a Sunday Giveaway football cost?

    when they smile... after seeing the first girls smile and excitement, all I could think of when I saw that second kid snatch the ball and run away was, 'what an ungrateful brat'
  4. David Bowie has died

    crazy sad... he just released an album :( RIP goblin king
  5. Buying a Vehicle part 2

    i think an xterra might be your best bet... I love those things.  my good buddy had one for several years and any time they would come down from Ohio, i'd get to drive it through the mountains.  for the size, it handles great and has a really good ride.  plus, full 4x4 capabilities and tons of space and abilities for racks, boxes, bikes, kayaks, etc.  he started with a pro-4x frontier, then went to the pro-4x xterra and then had a pro-4x titan.  he's driving a very nice Mercedes wagon now, but misses the xterra the most out of everything he's had over the past few years.  when I sell my car in the next year or so, i'll probably be looking at xterras and 4runners/sequoia's i'll also chime in on the outback as my wife bought one last year (it was a 2011 with 30k miles and we got it for $20k - premium, all the bells and whistles minus nav and leather seats).  this is probably my favorite car that we've ever owned and I've sung the praises of my Honda fit on here many times (obviously in two different classes, but I love that little car a LOT and it takes a lot for me to say the outback is better).  while it won't have the handling capabilities offroad or in 4x4/awd that the xterra will have, it's still mightily impressive.  it seats the same amount of people and still has a ton of room for storage.  plus, with the newer models that have the continually shifting transmission, it's an incredibly smooth ride from a transmission standpoint.  I was leery of the idea when we first test drove it and have always hated automatic transmissions, but it's made me a believer.  one of my other favorite perks is that it comes standard with the hidden crossbars.  we just recently bought a thule box for the roof so that our dogs can have all the room in the back when we're traveling (they're spoiled) and it's very nice.  bottom line, the outback can handle everything the xterra can as far as transporting bikes, yaks, gear and can hold it's own out on the dirt roads on the way to hiking or even in the snow.
  6. Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.

    yep, saw that news on his blog when he posted it... shall be awesome only issue with it imo is that rothfuss is already taking forever to get book three out... this is only going to slow things down
  7. Leaked Batman v Superman Trailer

    at first I was mildly impressed with the trailer now, after reading CCS fanboi rage gush over DC movies, I have to question everything
  8. Normans Take on Cam

    I don't think I've ever wanted to see norman get a pick 6 more
  9. Huddle United

    but how will people know I have better music taste than them...?
  10. How often do you unplug from work?

    nearly every day M-F at 5:30, all weekend long and any time i'm on vacation i've worked since i was 14, but always told myself i need to make sure to remember that i work to live, not live to work too many people in our society get consumed with their jobs and work... it's incredibly unhealthy imo
  11. Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

    thank you sir!
  12. Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

    what was the early turnover... missed it
  13. Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

    can anybody recap what happened up until the field goal...? why asheville can't have it's own FOX affiliate that doesn't need to hear about upstate SC's flooding during a game is beyond me