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  1. miko dawg

    Niki Haley out

    I get your point, both sides are entrenched. I think it will be more about turn out. How will the Kavanaugh hearings affect turn out?
  2. miko dawg

    Niki Haley out

  3. miko dawg

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    I'm 50 6' 188 lbs. I want to be able to do a set with 225 again on the bench press before I get too old. I can do 10 reps at190 now. Hope I don't tear a pec before it happens. My knees are shot. It hurts to do 40 lbs leg extensions. I use the bike to work my quads. Hamstring curls are fine.
  4. miko dawg

    Niki Haley out

    Haley will run for President. Trump will not seek re-election. He wants to go out a winner and will not risk losing. Haley will win and surprise, surprise the first female president will be a Republican. Although I am left leaning, I will admit the Democrats have done a stupid job with their public relations. The Kavanaugh hearings will bite them in the ass this midterm. No Blue Wave
  5. miko dawg

    Who are the worst politicians you’ve voted for?

    Jill Stein because I felt I had no other option.
  6. The entire stadium shows up carrying a bat.
  7. Small hands big knuckles
  8. miko dawg

    Atlanta fans are awful

    Georgia's a college football state.
  9. Ahhhh ...Wham Bam Thank You Cam...
  10. miko dawg

    Funchess is a soft bum.

    Great that he caught a couple of passes but that block on the side line was pitiful.