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  1. Speed's nice. Speed's real nice.
  2. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    I'm not saying he deserves All-Pro status, but he is young, serviceable and realitively cheap. For a guy who is characterized as "awful" on this board, it's telling to me to see how, after he was released, he found another job quickly and starts for an NFL team. That's not an easy thing to do.
  3. Shula, first call of the game

    Boot Leg, run pass option
  4. The Bears game pisses me off more and more.
  5. We have an easier time getting kids to sign up for lacrosse. When would you have ever thought a bunch of Catawba County redneck kids would be playing lacrosse?
  6. We had to combine two local Optimist's to field enough players. Some teams we play only have about 12-13 kids. I will say however that we usually have a pretty big crowd show up to watch. The parents are very enthusiastic.
  7. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    He's the Karl Hankton of this era. "BigHank88"
  8. He had a few good blocks yesterday. Fabio's back.
  9. Beane did not call us last minute

    yes, semantics. People are grasping at straws.
  10. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    I'm Back Baby!
  11. Derek Anderson with a veteran move

    He's a Dapper Dan Man.
  12. Damiere Byrd suffered broken forearm

    Make room in the shower for Bersin's hair products.