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  1. I counted 7 drops. Cotchery was especially bad. 
  2. Leaving Remmers 1v1 against Miller was an awful idea.
  3. Man, some of you guys are really hyper sensitive when it comes to the Panthers. Never ceases to amaze me.
  4. Hard to really focus on this stuff with the SB upcomming but the Panthers scouting/drafting dept are already working. Shrine game and Senior Bowl are in the books and we have met with some guys. As per usual, this will be ordered by position on offense and defense. Might try to make this into a table for ease. Maybe.  Anyone with visit/meeting/interest feel free to post in the thread and I'll add. Will try to get this pinned asap. ------------------------------------------------------------- OFFENSE QB FB RB Josh Ferguson, Illinois (Shrine) Kenyan Drake, Alabama OG C OT Willie Beavers, Western Michigan (Senior Bowl) WR Cody Core, Ole Miss (Shrine) Hunter Sharp, Utah State (Shrine) Braxton Miller, Ohio State (Senior Bowl) TE Kivon Cartwright, Colorado State (Shrine) DEFENSE DT Vernon Butler,  Louisiana Tech (Senior Bowl) Trevon Coley, Florida Atlantic (Shrine) David Onyemata, Manitoba (Shrine) DE Romeo Okwara, Notre Dame (Shrine) LB CB S Jordan Lomax, Iowa (EW) -------------------------------------------- *Private = a visit by the prospect to the team' facilities. No work out allowed. *On Campus = a private workout with member(s) of the team anywhere but Charlotte(usually on the prospect's campus)
  5. Already a thread on this. => Here
  6. It's the SUPERBOWL.... If this team needs more motivation to win the SB, then we probably aren't going to win it.
  7. Did you take this straight off of reddit? Could've sworn I saw the same thing on there.
  8. Remember when Greg Lloyd was a Panther?

    Delete this.
  9. Allen, Luke, Cam are the only for sure ones. Hard to see Luke and Cam drop off, baring major injury of course. No brainer if we iin this SB and keeps making playoffs.  Olsen will only get in with rings and/or being a core player playing to old age like Witten (his idol).  Kallil needs rings and/or 4-5 years of pro bowl/all pro level play.   No one else. Norman way to late in his career. Short has a shot if he plays like this for the rest of his career. Trai Turner looks special.(Keep an eye on him)   Rivera will make it as a coach/player with a couple of rings. (Especially if Coughlin gets in)
  10. This thread is further proof that many people don't read the OP before commenting in threads. SMH
  11. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    Wrong time to be having this convo. I'm sure we'll have 20+ pages on this topic after the big game. Let's wait till then. Smitty reaction to the result of the game, win/lose will reveal a lot and sway the narrative too.
  12. Pass rush without Allen

    His last 2-3 games he has been getting pressure(no sacks tho) Re-watch them. He played good.
  13. Pass rush without Allen

    Don't agree. We had a lot of pressure last game. Russel Wilson is just very good at escaping pressure. IF Allen is good to go he should play/start.  Doesn't get more stationary than Peyton Manning. 
  14. All my love Superb Owl Pie