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    Shared.  Pics were great, write ups were even better.
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    As the Head Coach for both a High School and Middle School in Eastern NC I enjoyed every minute of the Women's World Cup. To those that don't understand the game I hope tonight's game was as exciting for you as it was for me. It is rare to see a team score in the fashion that the USA women did against Japan. To the guy who doesn't like soccer - what else was on today for sports that was worth watching more than the World Cup? No Football (well...there actually was Futbal), basketball, hockey. Might have been some baseball, but there is like what - 100 more games or more of that. Name one team sport where you have players that literally run 90+ minutes up and down a field bigger than a football field. No pads, no timeouts, no coaching (very little in game coaching), no water breaks. Don't get me wrong - I still love my "Football" - but there's room for both. Sorry for the rant. Great Game - USA!
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