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  1.   Luke better not even think about it.... She's gonna be mine! Mwahahahaha! Okay now it's creepy. You're welcome.
  2. Great now I have a huge crush on her. I have a thing for the ladies that are older than me... not sure why. I bet she has a boyfriend. How could she not, look at her. She's perfect!
  3. Wow... she single? Just kidding lol. No way she'd go for a 20 year old.
  4. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

    So any way that we decide who gets newly signed Panthers for those who lost their Adopt-A-Panthers?
  5. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

      But my Adopt-A-Panther.....
  6. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

  7. Your 49ers are on the clock. :cheers2: progress.gif

  8. Back on the clock.

  9. Your 49ers are on the clock. :cheers2:

  10. 49ers are on deck.