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  1. Charlotte - Milwaukee Trade Idea

    But they didn't.
  2. Charlotte - Milwaukee Trade Idea

    Yea, what makes you think he's not?
  3. I just thought up a deal between the Hornets and Bucks, soon to be Sonics IMO. The Bucks send John Henson and OJ Mayo to Charlotte for Cody Zeller, Marvin Williams, and Troy Daniels. Charlotte gets rim protection and bench depth on the wing. Steve Clifford has the choice, depending on the matchup, to have MKG or Mayo be the 6th man.
  4. If Stanley Johnson is gone, then I'd trade 9 and Marvin Williams to Boston for picks 16, 28.
  5. I bet Pargo will resign before the year is over after a trade.
  6. Your 49ers are on the clock. :cheers2: progress.gif

  7. Back on the clock.

  8. Your 49ers are on the clock. :cheers2:

  9. 49ers are on deck.