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  1. Captain Morgan

    Julio Jones holding out

    and the thread on their board about it just got locked. I think Julio is incredible, but I don't have much sympathy for him in this situation. What's surprising is how much vitriol their fans have about this. I understand their feelings, but they have threads about trading him, etc. It's already an ugly off season for the Falcons.
  2. Carolina Panthers‏Verified account @Panthers 5m5 minutes ago More WR DJ Moore has signed his rookie contract http://panth.rs/Xm1JlU I wasn't worried much, but it's nice to get that over.
  3. Highest Ranked Panthers Luke Kuechly – 97 Kawaan Short – 87 Dontari Poe – 83 Christian McCaffery – 82 Cam Newton – 82 Thomas Davis Sr. – 80 well at least it's something https://www.madden-school.com/madden-19-top-player-ratings-team/
  4. and Luke. we ain't lettin' the Wonder Twins get away.
  5. We are taking the Carolina Panthers for granted. They are like "Mission Impossible" movies. All of them are just delightful. But there's one coming out this summer and it just slipped my mind. The Panthers are a lot like that. They went 11-5 last year. Made the playoffs. Even had a spirited game against the Saintson Wild Card Weekend. And yet, they were one of the least-buzziest teams to make the playoffs in recent years. Even the 7-8-1 Panthers of 2014 received more attention. Though they were making headlines for reasons other than what you'd want, being a losing team making the postseason and all. Still, the Panthers are one of the most consistent teams in the NFL, making the playoffs in four of the past five seasons. Here are five reasons why they will make it again in 2018: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000937041/article/five-reasons-why-the-panthers-will-make-the-2018-nfl-playoffs
  6. Captain Morgan

    DJ Moore is smoove

    I noticed it but I think it's the angle
  7. Captain Morgan

    Training Camp Schedule

    so 6 weeks of mind numbing boredom. (sighs)
  8. Captain Morgan

    Scary moment at practice today...

    You had one job...
  9. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 5m5 minutes ago More Thomas Davis still doesn't sound like a guy ready to retire. “When you look at the body of work over the OTA & minicamp process, I think I’ve proven without a doubt that I can still play this game."
  10. Captain Morgan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 45m45 minutes ago More Cam Newton did not speak to reporters this spring. He’s not required to, but would’ve been cool to hear his thoughts on Norv Turner, DJ Moore and David Tepper, not necessarily in that order.
  11. The Riot Report‏ @RRiotReport 1h1 hour ago More Thomas Davis: "Im very open to the possibility of playing next season. VERY OPEN."
  12. Captain Morgan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 1m1 minute ago More RR says Amini Silatolu will “be at top of the list” at LG when training camp starts. But … “I’m looking forward to seeing who steps up.” Adds there’s about five guys truly in the mix.
  13. Captain Morgan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 14m14 minutes ago More Minicamp is a wrap
  14. Captain Morgan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 51m51 minutes ago More Andre Smith picks off tipped Gilbert pass. TE Jason Vander Laan, who they’ve been impressed by, slow to get up. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 46m46 minutes ago More Bill Voth Retweeted Bill Voth Vander Laan looks fine now. Was probably cramping. With Chris Manhertz not out here, I would’ve had to pick up TE reps if Vander Laan couldn’t.
  15. Captain Morgan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 34m34 minutes ago More Panthers are already down one TE with Manhertz out (foot). Reserve TE Jason Vander Laan hurt his knee and has it wrapped up.