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  1. Joe Person @josephperson Kelvin Benjamin left practice early, unclear why. Injury report will be out later today.
  2. thanks, I'll be recording. Not a Kimmel fan, but Letterman is one of my heroes.
  3. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    See 1 new Tweet Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 13s14 seconds ago More Panthers still plan to go with David Mayo at MLB if Kuechly is out. But Gachkar means Mayo won't have to play special teams.
  4. The Riot Report‏ @RRiotReport 2m2 minutes ago More Panthers have signed LB Andrew Gachkar. Gachkar was drafted in the 7th round by the Chargers and was on the Cowboys roster in 2016. Nick Carboni‏Verified account @NickCarboniWCNC 6m6 minutes ago More RB Jalen "Scoot" Simmons and CB Zack Sanchez are back with #Panthers practice squad
  5. we don't have a 4th. We traded it last year for a punter who is no longer on the team.
  6. This week...

    I say we get Luke and Ryan back, and look like our old selves again. I'll take Luke and Pepp against a rookie Trubiskey, who I think will be good in the long run. that said, I know the Falcons couldn't help losing Shanny to a hc position, but to replace him with Sark? That's got to be one of the worst coaching decisions in league history.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    and final, Bucs lose
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    Bucs scored TB 33 Cards 38 2:02 to play
  9. which of course is not saying much, but it paints a hopeful picture https://swarmandsting.com/2017/10/14/charlotte-hornets-may-finally-hit-draft-jackpot/ Anybody who is a Charlotte Hornets‘ fan, or has followed the team knows their poor luck with the draft. Whether it be from missing out on Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard, and Anthony Davis because the got the second overall pick instead of the first, or just drafting busts, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. The Golden State Warriors drafted Draymond Green in the second round with the 35th overall pick. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonardwere each drafted 15th, outside of the lottery. The Charlotte Hornets may have finally had one of those types of drafts. I don’t want sound like I’m saying Malik Monk or Dwayne Bacon are going to be as good as those three guys I just mentioned because I’m not. What I am saying, is that based on what we’ve already seen in the preseason, they should feel like they hit the jackpot. Malik Monk was already considered a steal after the draft, but Dwayne Bacon is starting to make teams regret not taking him in the first round. It’s very rare that second round picks actually manage to stay on a roster. Last season was just the first time a second-round pick won Rookie of the Year (Malcolm Brogdon). So even though we knew Bacon was a good scorer out of FSU, the odds were still against him. He’s already removed doubts about whether he can play in the NBA. He already looks ready to help contribute some with the second team. On October 9th against the Miami Heat, Bacon had his first double-digit scoring game with 12 points. The very next game on Wednesday, he had 12 again including a 4-4 performance from beyond the arc. If you are able to get a guy in round two that can give you meaningful minutes like Bacon looks like he can do, you’ve already had a successful draft. With the way Monk is playing as well, this may become the overall best draft in the team’s history.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    Winston doubtful to return, according to twitter-verse
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    Jameis don't like the Cards, threw 4 picks against them last year.
  12. Sunday Games Thread

    wow, just read that Julio has zero td's through 5 games.
  13. Sunday Games Thread

  14. Sunday Games Thread

    wow. going over to enjoy their game thread now
  15. Sunday Games Thread

    Jameis threw 4 picks against the Cards last year.