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  1. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    It is what it is. And no surprise. Let's get to work.
  2. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Tina cuts Stew, which is an unpopular decision in the building, but a recognized necessary one. No GM to blame for this decision. New GM then gets announced...and it's Marty, who doesn't have to take the blame for cutting the guy he gave the big contract. Marty is our new GM soon.
  3. Scott Turner: No need to change Cam

    Let Cam be Cam. nuff said
  4. Potential Steal Alert

    I like his tape, and won't be mad if we spend a 3rd on him. but the reason that one analyst had him with a 6th round rating was, iirc, scouts had reported they had concerns about his work ethic/laziness. We'll hear more during the combine.
  5. When you wish upon a Star...

    I felt he was gone before the season. I also think we can replace him fairly easily in the draft, which is weird to say about replacing a first round pick. We might even replace him with his brother.
  6. just released this morning. Has us taking Sam Hubbard in the first, OT Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Kentucky in the 2nd, and WR Jordan Lasley, UCLA and S Marcus Allen, Penn State in the 3rd. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2757373-2018-nfl-mock-draft-matt-millers-post-super-bowl-predictions?share=twitter
  7. NFL Man of the Year

    no, but his charity will get 100k.
  8. CBS Mock Draft

    I'd be very surprised if Price was there for us. Bills just lost their center, and they have 2 picks in front of us.
  9. Ryan Kalil To Retire in 2018

    all in for this year, spend the money. Send Pep, TD and RK out with a ring.
  10. pretty funny, hope he gets a gig
  11. Bill Voth‏ @PanthersBill 9m9 minutes ago More Eric Washington, in response to whether Vernon Butler can just replace Star Lotulelei (if he leaves in free agency): “It’s not that simple … Within his own skill set, Vernon is capable of being a difference-making starter. But I'm not looking at Vernon to replace Star.”
  12. so Tina is doing the interviewing?