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  1. I've been so jaded with news and sideline reporters getting hired because they are attractive, I didn't think much of her hire, but she is really good, especially to be so young.
  2. The loss of that many coaches, especially Shanny, is no small thing.
  3. I wonder is Star even wants to be here. He's so quiet and his family is on the west coast.
  4. don't know if this helps but So how does a football player suffer a significant shoulder injury during non-contact* workouts? By contact with an inanimate object. Saints tackle Zach Strief told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Saturday that tackle Terron Armstead tore his labrum while hitting a bag during individual drills. from that I'd assume shoulder, but it's just a report. Still, their board is incredulous that this happened in a non contact drill.
  5. On this board I've seen around a 10 mill difference on our projected cap space, although not much talk about it lately. Some have claimed around 4 mill, but spotrac says around 14 mill. Can someone who understands better than me help out here? I'd feel a whole lot better about being able to sign our guards and Star if we had 14 we could rollover or use to restructure. There appears to be a whopping difference in our top 51 space compared to all (if I'm reading right, 18 million?) Here's the link
  6. I'm really surprised by how good she is. Bright future for her.
  7. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 6m6 minutes ago More Rivera doesn't think offense is behind despite Newton & McCaffrey largely unavailable in spring. Excited about training camp installations. Steve Reed‏Verified account @SteveReedAP 2m2 minutes ago More Other than Oher, whose future is unclearr, DE Ryan Delaire (knee) is only injury concern Rivera has heading into training camp. Steve Reed‏Verified account @SteveReedAP 3m3 minutes ago More Ron Rivera offered no hints about the future of Michael Oher as Camp wrapped up.
  8. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 4m4 minutes ago More Ron says Ryan Delaire still rehabbing that knee from last year.
  9. Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 8m8 minutes ago More Panthers minicamp is a wrap. Keep it here for updates.
  10. Steve Reed‏Verified account @SteveReedAP 36s37 seconds ago More Day 3 Minicamp: Still no Oher sighting. Cam still not throwing. McCaffrey practicing. Some guy named WR Moses Frazier took swing at Kuechly.
  11. Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 38s39 seconds ago More And now Mose Frazier pulls down a touchdown pass from Joe Webb. Mose's world. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 44s45 seconds ago More And Mose Frazier just caught a long TD pass from Webb. Guess y'all can keep his stuff in his locker.
  12. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 1m1 minute ago More Three straight carries and a catch for McCaffrey in team period. Putting those fresh legs to use.
  13. ill Voth‏ @PanthersBill 7m7 minutes ago More Mose Frazier and Luke Kuechly had some things to say to each other after a play. Looked like Frazier swing. Probably not smart. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 7m7 minutes ago More Minor little dust-up between Luke Kuechly and Moze Frazier there. Probably not the guy you wanna dust with, dude.