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  1. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 4s5 seconds ago More Panthers select kicker Harrison Butker out of Georgia Tech with 7th round pick.
  2. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 20m20 minutes ago More Alex Armah plays three positions. DE, tight end, linebacker. He will play fullback for the Panthers.
  3. Panthers informed us they are drafting Alex Armah with the intention to play him as a fullback. He played 3 positions at D2 West Georgia.
  4. Matt Miller called him a fullback, said he also played TE
  5. Alexander Armah 6'0"244 lbsWES 54POS RK 30
  6. Seahawks take Mike Tyson, thafety.
  7. it is really crazy all the weapons they got for Winston this draft.
  8. pretty sure Sprinkle wasn't on our board. He got busted for shoplifting. In Charlotte.
  9. Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 9m9 minutes ago More Corn Elder scored the winning TD on the 8-lateral play vs. Duke two years ago. Was it legal? "We won the game."
  10. that's what I was gonna do
  11. you take it...I just walked in and have no idea what has happened