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  1. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Voth's Unanswered Questions   

    Kony had a little bit of an attitude problem in TC last year, but I don't
    remember any reports of problems during the last half of the season.
    If anyone's attitude on this team worries me, it's KB.
    both are young guys though, everyone deserves to make a few mistakes while learning.
    and I think the coaches value Cotch being a veteran, especially because
    our wr core in incredibly young.  Other than Hill, our core receivers are a rookie
    and 2 guys with one year of experience, one of whom wasn't even drafted.
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  2. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Sheldon Richardson Suspended 4 games   

    Sheldon is a beast, and at this point is better than Star, and we may have taken him
    if available, but we are building a locker room of guys with good character.  Star sure
    seems to be a really good guy on the field and off.
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  3. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    excellent post young man.  We need more posts like this in July.
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  4. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Are We Done Dealing?   

    no.  I think we could move Cody.  Also, I think we could move any of our current shooters
    for someone who is a better shooter.   We need an ace at 2.
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