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  1. Cam Post Game Presser

    Cam did go over to Peyton and congratulate him after the game though so he did show some class
  2. Big congrats to the Broncos

    The Broncos played better. Their defense is amazing. Except Talib. fug Talib. 
  3. Cam Post Game Presser

    Who's singling out one player? We lost this game because of a combination of things. But the respect I have for the QB who won the Super Bowl is because of the way he conducts himself.
  4. Cam Post Game Presser

    That was absolutely embarrassing.  I have been taking up for Cam all year and will continue to do so after today but when you are the face of this franchise and the NFL, you man up and answer the questions you are asked. That attitude he held at the podium was the same one I saw throughout the game. Even when we were only down by a few points, he wasn't smiling (as he has all season) or pumping up his team on the side line (as he has all season).  As proud as I've been of the way he has handled himself this season, tonight I don't have that feeling. 
  5. It has been a good year

    Eli Manning has won two. Gettleman is molding our team in the same mold as Eli's. We're good
  6. Blaming Gettleman is flat out blasphemy 
  7. It has been a good year

    This year I saw the people of the Carolinas, Charlotte in particular, unite together to cheer on the Panthers. It has been amazing to watch and will easily go down as one of our best seasons ever. I really just feel that we don't quite have the experience to win a Super Bowl.. experience combined with some bad offensive play calling and special teams play. But no need to call anyone out. Denver has one hell of a defense and if there is any QB in the NFL I can stomach losing to, it is Peyton Manning.  We have many years of Super Bowl contention in our future and to all of my true Panther fans (this game will really filter out those who aren't), wear your Panther gear with pride tomorrow and I look forward to another year of fun with you guys next year. 
  8. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    It's been a good year. We just aren't quite there. We need some more depth in the OL and KB back at WR. Also a replacement for Harper and we are easily in contention for SB 51
  9. Why didn't Cam jump on the ball?

    I just really don't feel that is like Cam. Normally he sacrifices everything he has in games. This game his energy feels off and I haven't seen him smile once. Just not the Cam I know
  10. Why didn't Cam jump on the ball?

    I'm not trying to degrade Cam or anything of that like. He's been amazing for us this season. However when there is a fumble and you are down 6 points in the Super Bowl, you do not stand over the ball and look at it. You jump on the damn thing. 
  11. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Whether we win or lose this has been an awful super bowl to watch
  12. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Love this conservativeness by Denver