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  1. Taylor Moton - Mr Versatile

    Listen the guy was one of the best guards in the draft. He was a projected 2nd round guard. We didn't reach for him. He's smart, talented, he's a giant, and it's training camp....let the coaches make the decision.
  2. This Defense.... whoa buddy

    We all know that at some point we'll have some injuries. It just depends on where. I still get the feeling we're a little light at CB. If Bradberry or Worley miss any significant time we're in trouble.
  3. Taylor Moton - Mr Versatile

    Western Michigan was a good football team last year and they played a solid schedule. Besides, James Bradberry played great ball last year by any rookie standard and he went to Samford.
  4. Hornets Signed Isaiah Hicks

    You know that the D-league isn't really a farm league for the NBA? They might have 2 players switch between the D-league team and riding the bench on the Hornets. It's not like baseball or hockey. Not many starters and stars emerge from the D-league. They're might be two or three since that league started. I'd bring in a lot of UNC players too if I owned a team there....drive them sales.
  5. Caption thi ****

    "nice ass."
  6. Chandler is also a guy that got converted from DT to T by the coaches. The fact that he played DT in the NFL (and was actually better at that position) as well as T means at the very least the guy possesed some football intelligence.
  7. My first thought. TD isn't trying to injure CMC. I'm more worried about some young guy trying to earn a spot playing reckless in practice.
  8. That's really not true. If you want to think about Haruki Nakamura, Sione Fua, Jimmy Clausen, Eric Shelton, Graham Gano, Sean Gilbert. My number 1 goes to Rae Caruth and my number 2 to Jason Peter( yeah I've always been a fan.) Honorable mention....Armanti Edwards. I really wouldn't even put Chandler or Remmers in that conversation
  9. Did not mean to imply that you said it verbatim, it just seemed to be the connotation. It's pretty common knowledge that the team will never get sold while JR is alive.
  10. C'mon man. This guy brought you the Panthers and you're rooting for his death?
  11. Olsen sort of reminds me of a slightly more athletic Wesley Walls.
  12. Greg is a great player...but he's not Tony Gonzalez. Tony Gonzalez was the best TE all time.
  13. Hurney is a good person. He had a good radio show. I'm not happy about the DG firing....but Im not rooting against Hurney. He'd have a ring if it wasn't for spygate.
  14. Winter is coming

    Maybe shipping his replacement to Buff is why he got canned.
  15. I don't want to hear any of these Benedict Arnold fans fugging chirping for joy when we clinch a playoff spot this year.