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  1. Not true. Wish we still had Gman....but I'm rooting for Hurney here.
  2. I don't think Hurney had anything to do with the Shula era. Also OC and GM are too different of positions with different sort of impacts...So much so I don't think you can make that comparison. Don't forget how much Hurney is responsible for the core of our team. When the team went to the SB...that was still largely Hurneys team. Like I said there are better options but not this year.
  3. I get that analogy. It's because he didn't get to go through FA and the draft that I believe he should get one full season. Like a one year prove it deal. I don't think any of the other candidates are more qualified then Marty...And Marty knows the team and the coaching staff better then any of the other candidates. I think he's best equipped to manage the team while a new owner is put in place. Many didn't expect him to do anything when he was hired to be GM...the fact that he did that trade took balls and it turned out to be a great trade. I say let Marty conduct the draft and FA and see where it goes from there. It's not that I don't think there are better options out there...but I don't think the candidates that are available this year are any better then what we have...So might as well keep the chemistry and continuity.
  4. I understand why many want another GM...but Marty did a good job last year....especially with the buffalo trade.
  5. This lady is a real piece of work.What an evil thing to do...get in the news and cost your ex the job and then withdraw the complaint after the damage is done. Hope they actually hire Marty now.
  6. Whatever short drive.
  7. There are a ton of hotels there because York County is cheaper. Long term this is great for Charlotte and Rock Hill. While Charlotte will be disappointed to not have it uptown...they'll get an opportunity to develop a new area of the city. Also...if your visiting to see the game...how cool would it be to go to Carowinds and then walk over and see the night game. In addition, because the Charlotte city government is comprised of idiots who built a non expandable minor league baseball stadium in uptown.....there would be a faint possibility of a future MLB stadium right next to the football stadium. Think big and think long term.
  8. I know all of you who live in Charlotte and like the light rail are disappointed. However if your someone like me who has lived all over the Carolinas and lives in SC you're ecstatic.
  9. Is Jimmy Graham a realistic target?

    As big of a taint as JimmyG is....he'd help us. I'm conflicted.
  10. I think Ron likes Norv not just for Cam. If you've listened to Ron over the years he's alluded to Darren Sproles quite a bit. Norv Turner is the one that utilized Sproles and put him on the map by developing a great scheme around him. I imagine that Ron sees similar parallels between Sproles and CMC. This hiring could be more about the evolution of CMC rather then Cam Newton. Cam isn't the issue. He played great Sunday, he went down swinging, and he put balls on the money.
  11. Norv would be good for Cam.

    Sounds good in theory, but what happens if Cam decides he's not happy and decides he's going to take his services somewhere else. Ask Smitty...it's easy to force your release if you talk poo in the media.
  12. Norv is at boa..

    Has a ring to it.
  13. You now have my full attention Hornets..

    I long for the days of Dave Cowens.
  14. You now have my full attention Hornets..

    The man can't shoot. In no way does he extend a defense. He has his good moments and he's fine coming off the bench as a role player in defensive possessions.. To think though, that he's the answer as a full time starter I just don't see it. MKG has been in the league awhile now, there isn't much ceiling left. I'm not saying that he doesn't have strengths. He's a good defender. A good rebounder, and at times he drives to the basket well. Ultimately...you just have to be able to shoot. If you can't hit the 3 as a SF in the NBA...you've got no business starting.
  15. You now have my full attention Hornets..

    They're not a top 4 team....not as long as MKG and and Batum are on the team....or at least asked to start.