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  1. Dwight is a decent role player, but I'm telling you he's a liability on D. Any smart offensive player is gonna know that 90 percent of the time Dwight is in the game they're gonna be running zone.
  2. It's really not that lazy. They have a few different skill sets. Zeller is a little more fundamental and he does hustle his ass off. He's bit better on the boards and appears slightly stronger with an ok short jumper game....nothing beyond the elbow. Kaminsky is a little bit more finesse than Zeller, has a better outside jumper albeit still streaky. Doesn't appear as strong on the block but still has some mild inside ability. Defensively it seems Zeller has the edge. He's stronger at holding ground. Kaminsky is honestly to me a defensive liability in the post on the low block. Those two draw a lot of the same matchups game to game. Personally I think Zeller is a better player. Kaminsky is decent depth, but he's nothing more then a McBob clone with McBob being a better defender and passer.
  3. Dwight Howard's numbers don't mean anything. His FT% kills us, and defensively he's slow unless literally right underneath the basket. He's a good role player, but we've looked the worst we have defensively in years with him at the 5. Outside of Kaminsky taking 3s they serve a lot of the same purpose. Only difference is Zeller drives a bit more. Overall they have similar body types and serve a lot of the same purposes especially on D. We don't need both. Whether it's a pick and roll for Zeller or a pick and pop for Kaminsky it's just nitpicking know what I'm saying.
  4. So the Hornets are really bad. The FO decided to gamble on Howard but it's backfired. Batum has an awful contract and he's nothing more then a good role player. Clifford is a good guy, but at best an average coach who's been kept maybe a season too long. Clifford is also at the mercy of Cho...who is at the mercy of the Charlotte market. The Charlotte market is at the mercy of the NBA's god awful structure. Thus no parody, and perpetual mediocrity for our Hornets. I have no doubt that Jordan wants to win. I'm sure he looks at how well the Panthers do and wonders how he can get the same type of passion and winning culture out of his team. Problem is he can't, and it's not because he's incapable on an individual level. The NFL is a beautiful league because any of the 32 teams can win the Superbowl any year if the FO is smart. Big market, small market...makes no difference in the NFL. On the contrary, the system is rigged in the NBA. The big markets own the National TV games, which ultimately mean more endorsement and exposure for the stars. The NFL is different...just take a peak at all the Aaron Rodgers commercials. When is the last time we've seen an active Hornet on a national ad? Larry Johnson? So the Hornets need to tank, and shed all the bad contracts. This team needs to develop talent and take the long term approach. Since the only way we'll ever be decent is if we get lucky in the draft and start collecting top 3 picks. At best we get the 7th or 8th seed and get bounced in the first round of the playoffs this season...and that would be overachieving for this team. We have no real dominant inside presence. MKG has always been fragile and when healthy....not good(except the one year with Mark Price). Kaminsky and Zeller are clones and were redundant picks. We've yet to find a big man that can consistently put up points since Big Al. We rely on Williams way to much from the perimeter and I'm tired of seeing him brick threes. Cho has had his run, he's not the right guy for the job. We need a guy who can draft. I know he's a rocket scientist and all of that, but that means nothing in the world of sports. His calculations have been wrong. If this was an Apollo mission, the spaceship would have crashed. Time for my turbopun. With Cho, we'll never go where no man has gone before.
  5. I think it's a fair point about some aspects of our secondary. It'll be nice to have Captain back for NO but especially Minn. It's hard to know with the Falcons...we did beat them. They had a tough but very close win against Seattle(who had a decimated secondary), and they beat but didn't blow out Tampa....so it's hard to know.
  6. IF point taken. I still don't understand the logic behind saying other teams are playing better. There are a few but really after Phi, Pitt, NE, MINN, and LA...who else is? Even those team I think we have the ability to beat even IF we don't play absolutely perfectly. Obviously we'd have to play well, but not perfect.
  7. It's possible, but AB and Bell are balling out. I don't think NE is as good as in years past. Obviously they're a good team. They just seem to be missing something on the back end of their defense. Pitt on the other hand....their team has a similar vibe as they're other SB teams in years past. As much as I hate to say it could be a battle for PA in the SB.
  8. Huddle has been around for a long time. I remember the great reset of 2008.
  9. Byrd's role?

    Clay gets a pass on that though. Big reverse and punt return TD.
  10. What are you talking about? We've won 4 straight games. Seattle just lost at home. Cam has a sprained thumb and we win one ugly game and it's OMG everyone is playing better. Do you know how bad we would have dominated them if Cam hit his throws. I think we're a scary team. Unfortunately I think Pittsburgh probably takes it down this year though.
  11. Why was Kalil even active?

    I thought the run game did fine yesterday. I saw short yardage conversions and I saw some big plays that kept the defense honest. We used the run to set up the pass well...we just didn't hit the passes. Historically I've always thought that the Panthers struggle a little bit more against the 3-4. The D-line is the greatest strength for the Jets. We got a win and when we needed to chew clock...we did.
  12. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    He's probably not any good without the PEDs.
  13. You have them as our last game of the year in your post....I think you mean the Falcons.
  14. Rivera

    Overall I think Rivera is a good fit and as had good success. However he hasn't delivered two things long time Carolina fans crave. A ring, and back to back winning seasons. That's pretty funny though because if you look at the Panthers playoff appearances since 2013 it among the best in the league. If we get back to the playoffs this year that's 4 out of the 5 past seasons we made the playoffs. Not indicative of a team without back to backing winning seasons. As long as Rivera keeps getting us to the playoffs I'm cool. If you keep getting to the playoffs at some point you're gonna bring home the Lombardi, unless your Buffalo, KC, Minnesota, or Atlanta.