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  1. Luke needs to retire

    The 4-3 zone is tough on MLBs.
  2. I agree that he could be the potential Xfactor. The issue is he's a rookie and he missed significant time in TC. We should start to see him emerge soon. Sheppard and Samuel need a big game tonight it feels like the matchup solutions are being funneled to them.
  3. I really am not sure how to measure the eagles. They played great against the Cards but escaped against the Chargers. I think if we bring it we win. We can't afford to let Philly get the first quarter. Offensively we need to score one early. I get the feeling that whoever scores the first TD wins this game.
  4. Weve matured as a fanbase and Football team.

    I love GMAN and he'll always have a special spot in fans hearts. He didn't build everything though. Hurney drafted our two superstars and the players had to work for it. If anything, Ron Rivera deserves a nod of the cap. He's been the one consistent factor. I've hated on Ron a lot over the years, and I was wrong. He's been a good coach for us and his players grow under him.
  5. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Depends on how unsung you want to go. Tyler Larsen has really performed well. If you want to go with a skill position, I really think Samuel could have a big game today.
  6. Falcons not on the list?
  7. How in the hell are the Pats rated higher then we are? We just beat them in their house.
  8. I think that our offense is unpredictable this week. If we use every game this year as a sample size...last week would appear to be an anomaly in terms of offensive performance. However, Cam has been recovering from that shoulder almost the entire year and he's finally appearing to shake some of that rust off. This offensive has a lot of potential and at any point in time they can take the next step. I believe last week was the redirect of a trend rather then an anomaly.
  9. Great Job Pep...5th in sacks so far.

    The fact that he came back to finish out his career should quell that concern. They will get honorable mentions though....which sucks.
  10. Can we just all sit back and realize what we're watching so far this year? Julius Peppers has 4.5 sacks right now going into week 5. He's currently sitting at 5th in the NFL. What doesn't show up in that number is his ability to stop the run. The man is 37 years old. That's unbelievable.
  11. this is great because I work at Subaru.
  12. Mid Week Nothingness (nicknames)

    Vernon Butler = Mt. Vernon
  13. Very important for our team to start strong with a W. Carolina has always gone as far their confidence takes them. (Minus 2009 and 2010)
  14. That's on both sides of the coin and it's sad. Mayweather knows he's plays the bad guy though. People pay to see the bad guy lose. That's why Patriots games are always sold out.
  15. That's a tad extreme. Mayweather knows he plays the villain well...wanting the other guy to win doesn't mean you're a racist. I didn't pay for the McGregor fight....but I did for the Manny fight. I was rooting for the underdog in that fight too. Too bad the guy just tested positive for roids, but I would have loved a Mayweather Vs Jon Jones fight. Would have rooted for Jones. Then again, there's no way you can be making that kind of racist remark to people who are Panther fans that didn't root for Mayweather right? Granted we have a Mayberry owner, but latino HC, black QB. I respect Mayweather, best modern boxer of our time. I think Julio Jones is the best WR in the NFL by far, doesn't mean I'm rooting for his team. Doesn't make me racist if I don't.