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  1. Yeah he was. He was a qb coach here at Charleston Southern while he was living in my house. I think he's at Coastal now.
  2. So the tenant who was living in my house before I bought it was a guy named Willie Korn. He played qb for Clemson while Bersin was at Wofford. Apparently they're friends
  3. There is a reason that two states one team is on the hat and not keep pounding. Getting people ready I think.
  4. Bersin does have a home in Mt. Pleasant.
  5. My source did tell me "that any time someone makes that much money there are gonna be questions." He didnt say this in a concerned way. He also told me that Navarros finance guy told him that " no news is good news." This gives me the impression that Navarro is in the home stretch of an approval by audit. Once that is finished then you will probably see something formally announced.
  6. From what I've been told about Navarro is that once he decides to do something he expects results. Like that guy is all in. He also hires good people. While I dont know Navarro directly....I get the impression that he'll expect results next season and if he doesn't get them he's going to make the change. The guy is getting ready too drop 2.6 billion. The team has to be good for it too work. Once again this is a guy who desperately wants to own this team. It's like the culmination of his life long dream. I will tell you this...dont be surprised if that next stadium ends up in Fort Mill.
  7. To be fair. I did disclose to the source that I wrote about it in the huddle today. I also told him I was vague. Chances are he wouldn't care...but I dont want to take the small risk of him getting in trouble.
  8. I DM'd you a bit about my source Mr Scot. Keep that private please.
  9. I talked to my source again today. Navarro is the guy. He's the new owner. My source said that Navarro desperately wants to own the team...and I mean desperately. He's been told that no news is good news by the guy who heads Navarros finances. Bottomline....Navarro is the new owner...they're just dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Once again this is a highly credible source who has daily contact with Navarro and Navarro's finance manager. I'm telling you guys....this deal is done. My source has already assumed he's the next owner.
  10. David Newton profiles Ben Navarro

    That was me.
  11. David Newton profiles Ben Navarro

    I feel dumb for wanting credit for breaking some news to Mr Scot the other day.
  12. Charleston's problem is they need to get that redneck Bobby Hardin off of sports radio. That said in the past 5 years the support for the Panthers in Charleston has just grown and grown and grown. Charleston will show out especially once they know that one of it's citizens will own the team. Also just wait in 5 years when they're playing in York County.
  13. Sabates officially drops out

    Best bet is Navarro then....since his business is HQ'd here.
  14. Sabates officially drops out

    Respectfully disagree about Navarro. He's not like Richardson. Navarro is originally from up North. He's relatively young for an owner. As I mentioned to you before, the guy grew up a Giants fan. Don't be fooled by Navarro just because he lives in SC. People from all over live in Charleston. While I'm not a fan of SC politics....SC is incredibly business friendly and it's lured a lot of companies in from all over the country.
  15. Latest updates on the team sale

    I got the sense that Navarro came across humble. He said you could have a conversation with him and never know he was a billionaire. That's what was meant by nice guy.