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  1. I wouldn't allow an asshat to manipulate what you do. It sucks your wife saw it...but not all wives are going to understand the huddle. That said Rodeo is a sad sexually confused man in alabama....who feels as if all his problems are created by the government or others. He doesn't realize the reason people don't like him is just because he's appears to be an awful person who reeks of insecurity, self loathing, and fear. Your ultimately the more valuable member of the board outside of the tinderbox echo chamber.
  2. Hey lefties can we spend less time blaming and more time trying to come up with practical solutions?
  3. Just based on the OP... it looks as if Johnson has been trending up. Has the chance to be a deceptively good signing for depth. Just my first impression.
  4. If Kuechly stays healthy and Peppers produces look out.
  5. Asheville and Charleston are within weekend range. Both have great downtowns. Charlotte is cool...but it depends on how much you want to spend. In terms of the outdoors around Charlotte...Kings Mountain trail is cool...also the uwharrie.
  6. Well the Oline should be helped out a bit...with a better short passing game.
  7. So what now? Are you entertaining it?
  8. We just need to get lucky with the lottery for once.
  9. Nah... Wouldn't mind seeing a word filter on Matt Ryan specifically.
  10. Curtis Samuel is my favorite pick of the draft. Skill with a 4.31.....sign me up.
  11. Your missing the point. Whether or not it's just McD. The Bills have been targeting our continuity all off season. Hope the fans show out for that game.
  12. No tin foil hat man. This just seems to be the indication. There is no way McD could have known exactly what we were going to do with that degree of specificity.
  13. Just read it on Goes on to talk about how they jumped us to take Dawkins in the 2nd round. We grabbed Moton the very next pick.
  14. With all their meddling, and poaching our staff I think it's time to teach these dicks a lesson. Wasn't really pissed off until it was let out they used our draft data against us. Why is Beane so important anyway? Seems like he gave our information to Buffalo, so let him take the job or fire him. Anyway....Buffalo needs to get destroyed.