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  1. TheMaulClaw

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Meh...I think it's a needless distraction. I dont think any positive change comes from this. Only debate fodder for message boards. I dont support racism on any side. I can only imagine the backlash if Mccaffery used "my people" in a PC. I dont think it's ok on anyside....and I think we should try to win games instead of trying to carry some social banner. My fandom will never be in jeopardy...but this stuff makes me cringe a little.
  2. TheMaulClaw

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Not really digging the "my people" line. Sports is about bringing people together. I remember going to the NFC championship back in 2015. Everyone was so happy and excited. It really connected the city and brought people together. I think Eric Reid has an amazing opportunity to bring people together. I really hope he doesnt use his voice to create anger amongst people and diminish great progress. Charlotte has experienced good progress compared to the rest of the South. It's not there yet but wouldnt want to see progress diminished or tested needlessly.
  3. TheMaulClaw

    Curtis Samuel

    Well DJ needs to learn how to get open. He's running sloppy routes. He's great with the ball in space...he's just having trouble creating space from defenders. As much as I'd like to see DJ get more burn....I'd only want to see it if its giving us the best chance to win games. The only reason he was open on his long touchdown was because Atlantas D was giving us the middle. Outside of that he never seems to be open. I think he has tremendous upside...but hes still raw.
  4. TheMaulClaw

    Meanwhile in Atlanta... lol

    The Falcons are a good team. I hate saying that. They lost in OT to the Saints and played a close one against Philly. Weve gotta tough division. Someone has to be in last place after 3 games.
  5. TheMaulClaw


    Hes pretty much Chris Gamble reincarnated.
  6. TheMaulClaw

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Well I think Cam coined it in the presser yesterday so send him an angry email.
  7. TheMaulClaw

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    I would love if he could get tutored by Peppers.
  8. TheMaulClaw

    Steve Smith is at practice

    Well he's top two really. I'd have to put Cam on top. I don't hate Smitty...but he is sort of a dick in person or on the phone. Just my personal experience. I loved to watch him play and I have great Panther memories of him on the field. It's good to see him at a practice. A lot of people who don't like Smitty would forget about that if he retired a Panther.
  9. The Kaelin Clay trade was a nice touch. So was the Worley release. I thought the Poe signing was great. I think he brought in safety help and Cockrell was a thoughtful signing. The back end of our defense is improved which is ultimately why we lost to NO.
  10. TheMaulClaw

    Shady McCoy

    I think its 5050. She is a gold digger....but she was beaten. Seems like the truth is going to lie in their phones. There is no doubt this lady was beat to hell. Interestingly enough their motives are the same. She wants his house and her only way to get that is to prove abuse and have a protective order passed through. Now magically she can after all these years of "unreported abuse." One sign that a women could be perpetuating the abuse herself is that it happens during a home or custody dispute. I personally think that if two people have had a relationship for years and there's never been any complaint of abuse....then all of a sudden when there is a lot of money on the line....abuse abuse abuse....that's a red flag. That said, Shady McCoy had someone squatting in his house with many valuables and was probably blackmailed out of it. So there is motive. The counterpoint to this is.....there are a lot of people that probably knew that it was McCoys house only occupied by only a female....leaving it vulnerable for intrusion. So it is possible Shady was set up. The truth is....9 times out 10 whenever we see a domestic abuse claim....both parties are trypically abusive or have shown signs. Sometimes all women have to do is take one beating and they're financially set their whole life...so often times they will bait men into committing abuse. However in this case....the abuse was conducted by a third party. If they can't prove any relationship between the intruder and McCoy then McCoy walks regardless of any he said she said circumstantial evidence. In these cases I only hope that the truth comes out and dealt with accordingly. Personally I've learned not to publicly shame any men before he has his day in court and the facts come out.
  11. Just don't see the Lawson trade up. Corner back is too big of a need along with right tackle.
  12. TheMaulClaw

    Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

    Most are aware that we win that game with Jstew. Still though...DE production has been down and CJ looks like he lost a step. Combine that with the loss of Benwikere and we've got some problems on D.
  13. TheMaulClaw

    Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

    I agree and he looks light.
  14. I am concerned about the run game this week. It's not because Fozzy doesn't come across as capable, or as a team we're not capable. It's because I think the coaching staff is going to be cautious with Cam when it comes to running the ball, which I understand. So if we eliminate Stew as a threat, and we're not running Cam we may struggle because we won't have the versatility in the run game.