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  1. When do you think we can grab Butt?
  2. Well....we should run a great Reverse.
  3. I agree with that. Theres a difference between ADHD and someone with a homicidal psychosis. That's not a debate. The ladder is just much fewer and farther between.
  4. I think if you really think about it...who isn't mentally ill? Everything is a mental illness. If your to detailed oriented your OCD. If your not detail oriented enough your ADD. If your bad with money and hook up with too many people your bipolar. If you believe in Aliens your schizophrenic. If you have the same bad memory over and over again you have PTSD. If you enjoy something too much you suffer from addiction. If you don't enjoy things that much your either suffering from depression or your antisocial. If your worried about what sort of mentall illness you have off this list then you have an anxiety disorder. Alex Jones as crazy as he comes across....hits on golden truth nuggets from time to time....and you know what? Despite what Colbert may products work. Brain force is such a great alternative product to a drug like Vyvanse or Aderall.
  5. I'm not sure what happened with Cho. In his first few seasons he seemed to have things going in the right direction. I'm not sure what changed after our playoff series with Miami. It just seems like the abstract has taken over, and I don't see any relevant strategy in his decisions anymore. Which tells me, he's not good at evaluating talent. It doesn't take a great scout to understand that Kevin Durant is good (Cho's claim to fame). Either way I"m looking forward to seeing something other then low level lateral swaps with bad cap implications.
  6. Howard. Samuel/Jones. Perine. That would be a decent haul offensively.
  7. A lot of good WRs in this draft. Especially 2nd to 3rd round.
  8. If we miss on Fournette...we need to go Foreman in the 2nd.
  9. Who cares? Either way. The bigger question is why are individuals who aren't BLM (you can sub any racial organization) getting pressure put on them to be more inclusive to exclusive groups?
  10. Congrats UNC fans and thank you for representing the Carolinas well. Because of HB2 we played at home and made the final 4...and for your sacrifice I'd like to think we beat up on Gonzaga a little bit and help deliver you the crown. Now it's time to do what's right and schedule the game between the two schools. Sincerely, Your friend and neighbor...Gamecocks.
  11. You realize your talking to fans of the Panthers...headed by a black qb and Latino HC....give it a rest.
  12. I disagree. I think he was exactly as good as he was then and is exactly as bad as now. It's all mental. He got caught up in San Francisco politics.
  13. 2012 Colin....or current Colin?