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  1. I really really like this kid. Has the same kind of attitude that Norman did. He may end up being the best out of the three corners we took today.
  2. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    Weaknesses: not John Cena
  3. C-

    It always makes me laugh when these people preach "oh you could've waited a few more rounds to draft a DT. There is DEPTH at this position in this draft!" So what, we can wait to get a mediocre prospect in the 5th round that would've went in the 3rd any other year? Meanwhile if there's a monster in the first round that falls into our lap let's just pass on that opportunity because again, we can wait later and pick up a lesser prospect.
  4. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Gettleman didn't draft the way I wanted him to!
  5. Is he related to Ethan Bradberry?
  6. Huddle: WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT CORNERS NOW THAT JOSH IS GONE?! Gettleman: **drafts 2 corners on the second day** Huddle: WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT OUR OFFENSE?!
  7. Presser at 3pm

    We've come a long way from the dark ages of the late 2000s Marty Hurney: Charlotte, I'd like you to meet Everette Brown **a starving midget walks into the room**
  8. Big props to McDermott and Washington. McDermott especially has an eye for defensive talent. He was the one who started looking at Norman in 2012.
  9. Another thread about the football man we just drafted

    God damn if that isn't a good OP
  10. Lions told Vernon Butler they would take him at 16

    And that is why they finish 6-10
  11. Kony is turned loose.

    I can't stop stop stop stop stop
  12. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    As long as it's not a running back

    We're selecting John Cena