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  1. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    No dude we have to "remember Arizona"
  2. Welp

    The one on my phone? Lol This is basically what I saw on the television, and somebody from SB nation posted this. Honestly I like this shade better.  
  3. Welp

    I know but it wasn't just my television set, it was also the same color as some of the pictures I saw as well as gifs captured from the game
  4. Welp

    They looked more like this  
  5. Welp

    One thing that these special uniforms are highlighting is why the hell does the hue of the blue look different with different cameras? This almost looks like a lions blue, but on tv it looked electric blue/green. And in some pictures it looks like the Chargers' light blue jerseys. Iz rly confusing. Why come it do that?
  6. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    It comes right here and here                       in your mouth
  7. friday morning schadenfreude

    Couldn't help but to notice Conor Orr again "But I thought they were due!!"  
  8. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Honestly I never thought of Hurney as a football guru, I thought he was closer to a guy that threw poo against the wall and hope it stuck. You can just tell the way he used to answer questions vs. how Gettleman answers questions about personnel. Yes, he drafted Cam and Luke in round one. He also traded a first round pick for Everette Brown, and traded a second round pick to the Patriots for Armanti Edwards. He also gave up a lot to draft Jeff Otah who ended up being one of the softest players to suit up for the Panthers. He seriously considered giving up what would be the pick that got us Cam Newton to draft Jimmy Clausen's horrible ass. His dumb master plan to have two first round picks at running back that would have 1500 yards a piece and be a perennial contender never panned out. He drafted guys like Corvey Irvin in the third round. He would push mediocre players out on the field that would get outclassed constantly and people on this forum would talk about how he was a great draft builder because his picks were starting. Hurney had his moments of zen but he made too many mistakes, too many blunders to be successful in a hyper competitive league such as the NFL. I couldn't be happier that we got an actual GM that knows what a good football player is in Dave Gettleman. That's why guys like Short, Coleman, Benwikere, Ealy are starting now instead of guys like Richard Marshall, Charles Godfrey, Maake Kemoeatu and Tyler Brayton.   in short, he's not really an architect of anything. He's more like an unlicensed contractor that neglected a lot of important stuff like putting support beams in the necessary spots so that the first floor ceiling doesn't sag and got shitcanned for someone with real credentials 30% of the way through and way behind schedule.
  9. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Lol did this guy really say Keary Colbert 2005 would be a no. 1 receiver on this team? yea 282 yards and 2 touchdowns what a hadouken of a pass catcher
  10. I don't even think he'd amount to much of anything there he's truly one of the worst QBs I've ever seen play
  11. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    No mention of Stewart lol
  12. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Someone tell Gantt that you can generally go back and find the same effect on any team that replaced their GM and became immediately successful
  13. Johnson and Hardy

    Hardy was very mellow and I saw him hugging all our guys. I think there's still a decent human being in there and as long as he holds himself accountable from here on out and matures, it's not too late to redeem himself. After all, Mark Wahlberg once permanently blinded a guy just for being the wrong race before he matured.
  14. Based on what I'm seeing, right now the Panthers are far and away playing better than any of these teams. We saw what the Titans did to the Saints the week before we played them. Everybody thought that game was going to be closer than it ended up. We outclassed them in the end, and we cut up the Redskins even worse after they whitewashed the Saints themselves. Romo looked much better against the Dolphins last Sunday than he did tonight because the level of competition in that game was much lower.  Division games are always dicey, and the Giants played the Pats tougher than anybody else, but as long as this team continues to prepare every week for their next opponent the way they have been, they should be able to just line them up in a row and knock them down.
  15. And Fiz. And fireball77 with her lesbian spit swapping gif signature. And Jsquared. Sheesh I haven't seen him since at least Bronn started posting