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  1. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    The official score of the movie
  2. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    Does nibiru show up at the end and destroy everything?
  3. It's true. The nuns seem to go out of their way to intimidate the kids.
  4. The thing to remember here is that this isn't a religious or racial thing. We've had people in this very thread of more than one culture or ethnicity come out and admit that we share this commonality. In my case I was raised in a Catholic household. Even so we were merely practicing for a good portion of my childhood because the tradition in Italian households is to go to Sunday school so you can get confirmed and whatever. But this wasn't really the reason either. I mean my father had and still does have a bad temper. And we weren't necessarily raised in a strict household, but he was very particular about the way he wanted certain things. If you didn't abide by them you got hit. Still trying to figure out how this led to me being a better person.
  5. Actually reading that back reminds me of that discussion a bunch of guys including Ray Lewis and Mike Ditka had during the whole AP fiasco. Out of all of them, Cris Carter was the only one who had the balls to admit that his mother was wrong the way she disciplined him. The other two just parroted popular opinion "my parents belted my ass raw but I DESERVED IT! I DESERVED IT!"
  6. Your final predictions (#30)

  7. Your final predictions (#30)

    Tony Mandarich
  8. I don't see where spanking has any abstract application for preparing your child for the real world. If you cut somebody off on the highway big brother doesn't automatically grab you by the hand and lead you to their lap and mortify you with a spanking and then let you off on your merry way. The bottom line in which people do it is because they think it's more practical for them to shut up their kid with their hand instead of putting a little extra effort and instead trying to reason, because their parents did it to them and they turned out just dandy. And up to a certain age babies and toddlers can't comprehend right from wrong anyway so you're basically hitting them the same way you hit your VCR when it eats one of your Walker Texas Ranger tapes. and btw a little commentary on the photo I posted yesterday. I see somebody repost that every six weeks or so on my Facebook feed and my general feeling about it is they're deathly afraid of thinking outside the box about spanking because God forbid they might consider their parents weren't perfect. Most people don't understand you don't have to either be an ungrateful child or part of this great philanthropic institution of being "OLD SCHOOL" and preach about how spanking saves the world. It really fuging annoys me. I don't think my father knew exactly how hitting me and my sisters with a belt or his hand could affect us, but most of what I remember is that it fuging hurt and I can't even remember what I did that led to it. It's okay because I can forgive him for that but it's also my job to know better so when I have a kid, I don't affect him or her in that way. Because in order for society to progress sometimes old bad habits need to die. 100 years from now people are going to wonder why the fug we ever did it.
  9. Don't make me start throwing up kjdaniel posts from 2011
  10. He's the barometer because he's the only GM (and wasfailing)in the exact same environment Gettleman is thriving
  11. I'm not playing little debate games. The answer is in there. Take it or leave it.
  12. Funny how nobody bitched about Marty Hurney when the panthers were in the cellar for years