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  1. fuging buffalo if we win the Super Bowl one of the 1000000 great things about it from my perpective is that the next time we play Buffalo in a game that matters and billsfanIMHO wants to come back and talk poo, we'll all just be rubbing it in his face, because his team is still working on ring #1.
  2. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    As bad as people on this forum have been about Cam, I can imagine your average Panthers fan on the street is much worse. (Something about just being here and reading things that makes you more informed even if you're a dolt.) like they probably make Highlandfire look like Neil Degrasse Tyson
  3. either ted ginn followed me on instagram or a person pretending to be ted ginn followed me on instagram
  4. Post a pic, any pic.

    when u still a cardinals fan after the nfc championship game  
  5. Post a pic, any pic.

  6. Also, for anybody who's a part of the "I'm not paying if I feel dissatisfied" crowd, 1. keep in mind that when you eat out, the food doesn't magically appear out of the blue, and just because you rationalized getting the 45 dollars back after coupon for your flatiron steaks and popcorn shrimp, doesn't make you a hero standing up to corporate America. 2. The food that ends up at your table goes through a rigid supply chain and you pay for the food plus the service it takes to prepare it, deliver it to your table and clean up after you. Also, servers are not your doting children and they're not doing chores for you as some familial commitment. These people have rent to pay and if they're "lucky" to be able to work full time hours, they might even have insurance too! So tip them because they probably burn more calories in one shift than you did all week at your desk doing your puzzles instead of actually working. 3. You're not changing the world with leading by the example of "TIPPING IS FOR GOOD SERVICE AND IT SHOULD BE THAT WAY", you're just an imbecile who's ripping off poor people. The custom in the US is servers get paid 2.13 an hour and it's not going to change because you disagree with it. If you want to enjoy the experience of sitting on your ass and leaving crumbs of feta all over the floor, but don't want to pay, maybe you should buy your own meal at the supermarket, and prepare it and clean up after yourself. 
  7. I haven't been in the food service industry for a while but there is no right way to serve everybody. 9 times out of 10 as a server you just have to play it by ear. Some people really don't like to be bothered by servers while they're eating. If I could glean that from interacting with them I would only ask them once about how their food is, but I'd also tell them I'd be around in case they needed any refills or what not. 
  8. Post a pic, any pic.

  9. It's NOT about race!

    Person: *obvious racism* Other person: Stop being racist Internet: DON'T MAKE THIS ABOUT RACE RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS CAN'T YOU SEE THAT!?
  10. How the Broncos Can Stop Cam

    rushing the QB makes him play worse imagine that
  11. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    Is it anything like breaking madden?    
  12. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I like how they bring up history when historically the Broncos have lost the Super Bowl like 4 times in ten years.