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  1. Panthers working on extension for Ron Ron.

    A lot of people saying "I'll take my serving of crow". Guys... we weren't at fault for feeling that way. We had every right to feel that way back then. But as Coach himself has said, he grew. He realized the way he was doing things wasn't working and that he had to get aggressive. He did, and look where we are now.
  2. My 2015 season movie

    Always one of my favorite projects... and it was especially fun to make this season. Have a gander and relive the memories of this amazing season. (It's long. That's the point. If you don't want to watch, don't bother posting about it. Just... don't watch.) dai.ly/x3se0wl

  4. One

    Had this idea in the can for a few years and I've been waiting to break it out. Glad I'm finally able to.
  5. One

    One more to go for one of these The ones standing in our way We've been this far one time before that one was a heartbreaker Our number one Nobody is tougher than this one We yell out the name of this onnnnne No one I'd rather have leading us One incredible architect Losses this season? Only one One beautiful place to call home Day one Playoff win number one One for the ages Coach Rivera was the enemy in this one One night we'd like to forget We weren't quite ready for this one One defensive masterpiece A somber one in Seattle What a difference one year makes One more over Seattle, just for good measure Now, after one emphatic statement we've come here for one final win which would fulfill one lifelong dream Bring this one home, Panthers.
  6. Hold on loosely

    I opened this thread just to find this comment. Glad it was first.
  7. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    The nation will now truly learn what we have known since that October afternoon in 2014: Vontaze Burfict is a disgusting piece of scum that doesn't belong in football.
  8. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    Literally the only thing I like about the Saints. I can't get over the deja vu of that happening. Same team, too... just wow.
  9. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    No sir. This has less of a benefit to us in the division race.
  10. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    Remember guys. We are rooting for the Falcons to lose. We are not rooting for the Saints to win. That would be unholy, and anyone that does that needs an automatic ban and an exorcism.
  11. This is awesome. I was in Atlanta last month for a Sports Jeopardy audition (had a great time... it's a wonderful place despite being enemy territory)... after I left, I realized I should've printed our logo and stuck it on the Georgia Dome. You more than made up for that.
  12. Who would you ideal super bowl opponent be?

    NOTHING would be sweeter than to beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.
  13. Brady suspended 4 games, pats lose 1st rounder in 2016 and 4th in 2017

    Dead @ Louisiana
  14. This is a thing that just happened.
  15. Panther fans Twitter Follow Train