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  1. Half time show and all the fanfare before it is what annoys me about the superbowl. Since everyone and their momma is a football fan on superbowl day, the NFL and the media will pander to that crowd. It's a long day for people like me, so I hardly watch the whole game. The last superbowl I watched from start to finish that didn't have the panthers was probably Rams Patriots. I was at a party, so I watched the whole thing. Most memorable was Pats - Falcons. I saw the 28-3 on my phone and I was pissed. I periodically came back to it. Then see 9-28, 12-28 ... then 28-28 ... and I sprinted to the nearest bar. That was glorious
  2. If we don't pressure Dalton early, we may be in trouble. I hope I am wrong
  3. LA_Panther

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Not sure about Michael Thomas above Julio Jones ... but the rest is ok I still don't like this man lol
  4. LA_Panther

    DB depth is looking scary

    There will be some 4 WR sets and they will pick on Munnerlyn
  5. If Atlanta wins before us I will be mad .... that is all I am asking. Anyone but Falcons. I sill have not recovered from Saints 09 win.
  6. It always stinks when Carolina is not playing in it I forgot who played in 2015, but in '03 we had Janet Jackson's breasts and the butt naked streaker that was laid out by Patriots linebacker
  7. LA_Panther

    London fans meet-up this weekend

    If we ever play in Wembly, I’ll be there
  8. Cool segment. Love me some Smitty, but bruh! There is a difference between an MD and a PHD. You are dressed as an MD. Is this part of the joke, or no one in that studio knows the difference? I'll see myself out
  9. Russel Wilson is legit and going strong. When exactly did the window close on him? Dude is still balling.
  10. LA_Panther

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    Meanwhile in Cincinnati
  11. LA_Panther

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    Wilks is in his second week of a new job... wtf
  12. This That was a contrast of 2 defenses. Their defense was taking cheap-shots at one of the toughest running QB in history. Our D did everything but roll out the red carpet for a QB that will probably never attempt a run like that again in his career. our D was soft
  13. Me too. I absolutely hate that team and losing to them. Especially in that building where they play dirty and always act like they won the SB. It always takes me a few days to recover from losing to them
  14. Funny how the one group (oline)I thought that would get us killed turned out to be the best group out there today And the one group I was sure was the strongest link (defense) got slapped around most of the game
  15. LA_Panther

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    If we win this, we'll have to grind it out. It's going to be a tough one