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  1. You newbies kill me...

    We sucks...get over it. We live to fight another day, more experienced, more determined than before.  We walked, now we run. This was a Genesis, a beginning.  Not a final chapter. Today sucked more than 2010 Clausen but, look what happened because of that. You guys need to get over being butthurt.  We got beat because we didn't execute.  We got beat because key players choked.  We got beat because it was meant to be.       Kelvin is coming.  And he is bringing Hell with him.   2015 was the most fun I ever had as a Panther fan. 2016 will be spades.  Keep Pounding!!
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct (Rule 12, Section 3) may be a 15 yard penalty but it is not a personal foul(Section 2).
  3. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Yes.  Yes he did.
  4. Do we have the greatest everything...or what? Motto. Uniforms. Alt. Uniforms. Official twitter account. QB. MLB. Mascot. OLB. Owner. OL Coach GM. Jumbotron. Fan website. Riot. Luck charm. Haters. Dabers. Resident photographer. Pump up videos. Charity T-shirts. WR coach. Spanish language announcers. Coach. Coach's wife. Coach's daughter. Fat players. Long-haired players. Ugly players. Pretty players. Cheerleaders. Fans. Tackles, both D and O. Feel free to!    
  5. Interesting conversation in early 2012

    Bomani changes his tune every 3 to 4 weeks.  This was our week way back then.
  6. So this happened

    From a Dookie to a Tarhole...I give you pie.  Very nice.
  7. Why the Cardinals Lost

    No biscuit for you Bruce..
  8. One Carolina

    Kinston stadium was a classic really old stadium.  They had Military Wednesdays where if you were military you got in free and beers were only a dollar.  The Mudcat stadium I went to was either new or practically new.  Anywho, just glad to see soooo much support.
  9. One Carolina

    When I was stationed at SJAFB the Mudcats were in Zebulon (I think) and the Indians were in Kinston. They were both around in the early to mid 90's.
  10. In other news, I actually, no poo, witnessed a murder at a Waffle House in Goldsboro in 1994 while stationed at SJAFB.  Good times.  Had just got back from da Laaaaaaawngbranch.  God I should have died in my twenties.
  11. Howard Johnson's used to have the best spaghetti and meat balls.
  12. NFC Championship Game Trailer (HYPE!)

    Ahhhhh...there he is!!! Time to rumble, n'est-ce pas?
  13. Interesting fan base trend....

    I wonder why that is?
  14. XClown

    Boarded a plane headed for Saudi Arabia the morning after it was announced we were awarded a team.  Was probably only 5 of 100, 336th Rocketeers on that flight who gave a damn but one guy had a home-made sweatshirt and what few of us cared raised hell all the way to The Cliffs of Dover.