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  1. Here we go...

    My life sucks and the Patriots want JP. Sorry I wasn't succinct enough for you.
  2. Here we go...

    Fukk you
  3. Here we go...

    Time is now 01:18 on 3/11/18. Around 24 hours ago I received a horn-of-plenty of info concerning a player on my favorite NFL football team. I was asked to keep it hush as it was not official yet and making it public before-hand would guarantee me never receiving such info again. The info was confidential, not set in stone and only involves two teams. I knew you guys would want it so I wanted to let you know that a final answer looms, “buckle up”. The next day I have issues with both of my parents who are dieing, one with cancer and one with Parkinson's/heart failure. I spend the day trying to be a good son, being a caregiver to both of my parents and then I come home after midnight to check CH and this is the reception I get? Ban me? Please do. fug all you motherfugers. I will NEVER post what I know on here again.
  4. Here we go...

    ...buckle up my Huddle friends.
  5. I know the Pep camp stayed in touch with Becker but all contact ceased with Hurney, I think the Friday before the news became public. Either way, regardless of day of the week it was a 2 or 3 days before anything went mainstream. I have never been told any info that makes me believe Julius has any personal dislike or aversion to Marty but, I do know he expressed many, many times how happy he was to be at home, how well he was treated by the COACHING staff, how he pretty much dictated his own weekly regimen during the regular season and how much he wanted to win a ring here. I don't know...the more I think about it, the more frustrated I get...I know he wants/wanted to win a ring here but which part is more important to Pep, "winning a ring" or "winning a ring here"? I dunno, fug me. I do know he loved being here last year but I also know he wants a ring.
  6. NFL investigation of JR

    The "did little to nothing worthy" part went out the window long ago. Not going to happen.
  7. #1, before we go any further, I believe because of the rules in place, all of this is punishable tampering. I am told the Colts front office began contacting the Peppers group right after the second Tampa Bay game. B. The only reason I worry about any of this is because one team was immediately told, "don't even try" (Oakland) while I was NOT told the other teams were told the same thing. Fourth, then again, WTF do I know? P.S. The CJ stuff had nothing to do with this. According to my sources, everyone concluded Charles was done here when the season ended including CJ.
  8. I have no motive or anything to gain on this website to spout false info. Your apology is unwarranted but accepted on a personal level. I would never announce false info here. Why would I? I love the Panthers and have one, limited source that knows of one, limited pearl of info. When they speak, I share. I would like to think you guys would want to hear. That is all. If I am overstepping my bounds or painting an unbelievable picture then, by all means, ostracize me and ban my account. Fact is, Pep had more that one suitor. I did not want that. P.S. fug the Patriots.
  9. I am not a rumor. I just want to tell what I know.
  10. Really? Why would you say this? I have nothing to gain brother. I can stop if you wish.
  11. I thought we were safe on this one player. He can dream, he did, I can ream, I did...I truly hate 31 NFL teams.
  12. Please share. I am an old fug that missed that which you speak of.
  13. Give me this one win in life besides the 1995 Braves WS Championship. Please God. Duke doesn't count.