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  1. Looks like Wilks is coming back to Carolina.
  2. JP wants two more years and both sides are close. Sticking issue is if they DO win it next year he gets paid really big and doesn't have to come back. Tina Becker heavily involved. Group is sad that they couldn't pull it off this year but return went better than he could have hoped.
  3. “As far as the concepts and terminology and stuff, there is a ton of carryover,” said Olsen, who knows Carolina’s offense as well as anyone. “But just like when we transitioned from Chud to Shula, play-callers each have their own unique styles and preferences. I’m sure there will be transition as far as that goes, but the overall concepts and overall approach for the offense is very similar. I think that’s a positive and it’s a lot easier than starting from scratch. That gives us a leg up.” Greg and his leg...
  4. They think he's a righteous dude...
  5. A personal friend of a player's family and a fraternity brother who used to be a Panther. Both tell the same story. It's not "I can't stand you" hate but it is "I don't like that guy's style" hate. No one turns down an interview to make millions but he doesn't like Dave. I have no reason to lie JS.
  6. Offseason NFL News

    He's not going anywhere.
  7. I told you guys weeks ago that Wilks doesn't like Dave. Never did.
  8. Best Twitter Reactions

    What is the legal/international opposite of "raise your hand"?
  9. When you said that I heard it in this voice...
  10. You idiots wanting to hold on to what is past/present have a big lesson to learn very soon. It will be painful.
  11. You never took a single class that covered causation/correlation I take it?
  12. Rain/Snow and 104 degree F or 26 degree F games. None of those match current or future must haves on game day experiences for millennials. You have been left behind.
  13. We need a good OC, not a head-coach in waiting. Norv fits this bill and may well bring in his eventual replacement as a bonus.