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  1. Tillman MRI results: ACL tear Official

    I just worry about McClain against the run. The dude is small.
  2. So who was talking about Tolbert's roster spot not being secure again?
  3. Is Funchess suited up tonight? We need to put Funchess in at the X over Brown, ASAP.
  4. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    Gano is money.
  5. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    Least it wasn't Oher.
  6. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    Coleman and Boston are the starting safeties by the bye week, calling it now.
  7. Still in. Saturday or Sunday works for me. I prefer afternoon as I'm on the West Coast right now, but can wake up early if you want to do it in the morning.
  8. Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread

    Klein is sucking balls out there.
  9. Yep, lost in the finals to Jasonluckydog. Glad to be back.
  10. Count me in. And don't worry, I'll live draft and set my roster each week. I ain't no scrub.