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  1. SuperBowlBound

    Rumor: Kemba to Cavs for 8th pick in 2018 draft

    Consider the source, as one person noted. This is a Cavs' fan blog basically. The Cavs hope that the Hornets are foolish enough to give them Kemba for nothing. Kupchak is not going to give Kemba up for a bag of beans. The biggest roster construction error this organization has made the last two years is going to the bargain bin on a backup point guard. Sessions and MCW cost us multiple leads and games. Kupchak will not blow this thing up, they will try to win with what they have. The cost of trading these awful contracts is too high, they would involve giving up future first rounders and that is too risky. Sacramento and Memphis still owe Boston future first rounders. It's dangerous. As we have seen, tanking doesn't guarantee squat. Boston/Houston were smart with assets they had and built their teams through trading assets and the Celtics in particular drafted well. Indiana cashed in their prime asset (Paul George) into better assets (Oladipo/Sabonis). I don't believe Kemba will be dealt unless a proven player is included in the deal. Hopefully Kupchak is in control, I don't want MJ involved in any personnel decision for this team going forward.
  2. SuperBowlBound

    La Canfora tweets that Hurney is safe

    I’ve always believed that everyone in the buidling is on a one year contract once the new owner was approved. If Tepper meets with Marty and they don’t share the same vision, Marty will be gone. Nobody is perfect, and that includes Gettleman who made egregious mistakes during his time as well. I know some people on this board are so hell bent to have Marty gone they were hoping false allegations from his ex-wife ended his time with the Panthers. The hate you have is pathetic and I truly hope you never ever have to potentially fight for your job or livelihood based on someone making false accusations against you. If you don’t like the GM of your team, that’s perfectly acceptable. Don’t act like it’s ruining your life.
  3. SuperBowlBound

    Any news on tryouts this weekend?

    Dang, was hoping this guy would get a tryout for a camp arm...
  4. We'll see. I believe in John Matsko's coaching abilities. Plus, I believe that Norv will scheme better than Shula to help mask deficiencies more effectively.
  5. SuperBowlBound

    I hate Frank Kaminsky

    Correct, and this is the issue with the Hornets, the hierarchy of the organization. I did not want Kupchak in charge. But, if he truly has final say and complete control, I'll maintain a semblance of hope. MJ/Cho alternated who picked players, which is absurd. MJ truly needs to stay out of personnel matters, the lousy track record speaks for itself.
  6. SuperBowlBound

    I hate Frank Kaminsky

    I've heard Bonnell and Chris Kroeger mention the Booker thing multiple times on radio. I know a few people that worked with the Hornets was told the same thing. Take that for what it's worth. Zach Lowe, when he was with Grantland, wrote about this in 2015 as well. Link below, I quoted the important parts. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/good-charlotte-the-hornets-and-the-sliding-scale-of-nba-mediocrity/
  7. SuperBowlBound

    Post Draft Objective Observations

    Rivera/Hurney also said at the presser that there were other ways to improve the team outside of the draft. Key date is May 8, that’s when you can sign players and it won’t affect comp picks. Makes me believe they may explore trade market as well.
  8. SuperBowlBound

    Wait and see approach

    It should be the same for every draft. It takes time. Why don’t we watch these guys play in actual games first before crying about every single thing the GM does. I’m not singling you out Leeroy, this goes to everyone on the board. Yes, it’s fair to question things we don’t agree with. However, some people just cannot be happy. My day will not be ruined because of a questionable draft pick, especially in latter rounds. Have a nice day everyone!
  9. SuperBowlBound

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    Absolutely not. You do not trade a future 1 to move up in the 2nd round. We've already seen that happen with Everette Brown in 2009.
  10. SuperBowlBound

    Receivers - 5 are already locks I think ...

    You hit the nail on the head.
  11. SuperBowlBound

    If it is Hurst in the First, I will....

    I’ll support after my initial hissy fit
  12. SuperBowlBound

    Playoff Thread

    It's so aggravating. I'm still beyond angry that Anthony Davis is in New Orleans. Remember when we lost that "lottery" to the "league owned team" that was "just sold."
  13. SuperBowlBound

    My one and only mock draft

    Man, I don't see how Hughes is on this team's radar considering his past: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/04/20/mike-hughes-telling-teams-about-sexual-assault-accusation-at-north-carolina/ Granted, he was ultimately not charged with anything. However, I have a hard time seeing this team picking someone that had these specific accusations thrown against him after the Richardson ordeal. If he's picked, you can bet he'll be asked about this accusation non stop from the worst sports paper in the country in the Observer. In today's society, if he says the wrong answer, it'll open a firestorm.
  14. SuperBowlBound

    Daryl Worley Officially Released

    If Worley enjoyed the Charlotte nightlife too much, NY has a few more entertainment options. I think that particular risk would be too much for him.
  15. I'm pretty conflicted on drafting rookie wide receivers in the first round. To me, they've gotta be in that AJ Green/Julio mold to justify taking. Organizations like the Steelers and Packers have no problem finding receiving talent in round two and later. Granted, it helps to have Rodgers/Big Ben as QB. I think the other factor that has to be mentioned is the lack of practice time due to the current CBA. Less practice means less reps, especially when it comes to running a precise route.