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  1. Camera advice

    I enjoy the unknown of opening up a film package. Nostalgia mainly, it’s fun to see what moments you capture. It’s not instantaneous, and I don’t mind that.
  2. Camera advice

    I want to get a film camera for gatherings that I host throughout the year. I've been burnt by disposable cameras the last two times I used them and I don't want to tempt fate a third time. Does anyone have a recommendation on a film camera? I know it is easy to use an iPhone for everything today, but I enjoy the mystery that film developing provides. Nothing beats opening up the film package and seeing a crazy photo. Most of my gatherings are held indoors, so I'm guessing a point and shoot is my best option. @Jeremy Igo, I know you're the resident photographer here and I was hoping I could solicit some feedback from you on this topic. If anyone has any suggestions or can provide a good option, please let me know. Thanks for reading in advance.
  3. I've seen a number of threads regarding specific players before tomorrow's trade deadline. Realistically, does anyone expect Hurney to do anything? We're already without a 2018 4th from the Andy Lee deal (a pick that the Browns will undoubtedly bungle) and I'm not sure how steep a price they would want to pay to upgrade certain spots. @Jeremy Igo, any educated guesses based on what you've observed?
  4. Time for Duke?

    Highly doubt it. Duke needs the time and reps on the practice squad before he's ready to make the jump.
  5. The kicker situation should be decided by Wednesday morning at the absolute latest. I do not want to carry two kickers into San Francisco with the starter looking over his back, especially if the game is tight. In my mind, the choice is simple and Gano has gotta go. Don't hold out waiting to get a pick for either one, that's the wrong way to do business. If he can't get a bag of beans for Gano, cut him and move on so the last kicker standing knows it is his job.
  6. The 49ers should be a better group defensively with the talent they have added in the last two years combined with the fact they got rid of their awful defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil. Defensively, the Panthers need to harass Hoyer early. If you apply consistent pressures and hits on him early, he plays extremely erratic and it makes him more prone to making a mistake. If Hoyer starts to roll, then I would be concerned. I expect Shanahan to go run heavy early so Hoyer doesn't throw it more than 30 times. I'm pretty sure we'll see a new level of nastiness and aggressiveness that I felt like was missing sometimes when we had McDermott, especially if we run out to a quick lead. I'm heading out to San Francisco with the @RoaringRiot. Let's get that win and start our quest to win Super Bowl 52.
  7. Byrd is the Word

    Byrd celebration
  8. Official Carolina Huddle Cuts Thread

    I win the Red Forman award today by a landslide. I'm gonna have to go back to the film room and really commit and give 110%
  9. Official Carolina Huddle Cuts Thread

    Well I didn't read the thread close enough apparently. I guess I'm done!
  10. Official Carolina Huddle Cuts Thread

    Gano has gotta go. I know he's a veteran but the man has missed too many key kicks lately. I understand he fought through injury last year but this is a "what have you done for me lately" league and I'd rather see Butker get the shot.
  11. The Browns are trying to move Joe Haden

    Too expensive. He's been hurt the last couple of years. If Cleveland ate his entire salary and would take a 6th or 7th, then I would consider it. The Browns have plenty of cap room. I mean, they paid $16 million for Brock Osweiler and Houston's 2018 2nd round pick, so they know how to do business.
  12. I'm in the belief that the Panthers will try to move up tonight as Jeremy said. I would like to see Hunter Henry myself but I like Shepard from Oklahoma a lot.
  13. New coach. New GM. Success. Will support whoever captains the ship though!