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  1. We are not "legit"

    All I know is that Rivera said being an underdog in Dallas was disrespectful. That's good enough for me. 
  2. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    My god I want to beat the poo out of them!  Where is the reasonable comment that you usually showcase among the poo? Couldn't find any,  or just throwing a little gun powder on the fire of hate that is burning and growing within our hearts for those blue-starry-eyed lunatics? 
  3. USA today using Jeremy's Pics?

    I guess you could say he's cookin' with gas. 
  4. The thought of being underdogs in Dallas has our generally reserved coach that routinely gives us nothing as it pertains to the media show just a little bit--just a wee taste---of his feelings about how his team has been viewed in light of what is transpiring this season.    "It's nothing that we haven't seen before. You know we've had a better record in some of our other games where we were underdogs," Rivera told the media Monday. "So we are going to take it in stride. As I said, we are going to play them one at a time and as far as we are concerned everybody is 0-0 and we'll see how it comes out. "It is a little disrespectful, I guess. But apparently they know something we don't. We are just going to prepare and get ourselves ready for Thursday. We'll show up." Translation: We are gonna whoop dat ass like we have been doing.  Sounds like Marc Sessler believes it too.
  5. It's not so much hatred for me anymore (the Falcons have taken that place) as it is unspeakable pleasure from seeing all their fans wallow in misery when they lose and fail to reach the Super Bowl year after year---something of which they feel entitled to due to pure hubris. 
  6. I guess that Tangerine Dream is out of the question. 
  7. I will soften it for you and call it cultural elitism (courtesy of my better half). 
  8. Question of the day? Re: women and tattoos

    Perhaps appropriate sentiment if you are 22 years in like me,  but I wouldn't advise that quite yet.  I only wish to give you a sincere "congrats" when you jump the broom.  No puking rainbows here. 
  9. Big news about the NFL Draft

    Interesting.  I like it. 
  10. Question of the day? Re: women and tattoos

    I surely hope that this woman has some ass,  because she can't have much class with that on her backside. 
  11. Question of the day? Re: women and tattoos

    Good.  Let us know when there are impending nuptials. 
  12. Help me, journalist Huddlers...

    An Associated Press article is like a syndicated radio show. The content is exactly the same in all of its markets. 
  13. Question of the day? Re: women and tattoos

    I think that tats take away from a woman's natural beauty. 
  14. Enjoyable read.   I don't know about the John Fox comment however.  I think that his tenure,  especially the latter part,  was unduly affected negatively by the business side of football,  leaving him with mere facades of complete teams. 
  15. I wonder if Cam Newton's celebrations hurts the sensibilities of the guy that told me that he goes to NASCAR races just to see the wrecks...