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  1. I would assume that if he is still on the staff it is because he is good at what he does and likes working for the Panthers regardless of who the owner is. Possibly likes working for the team because of who the owner is. Or there is always the compromising photos theory.
  2. It's a passing league so that means it's also a stop the pass league. If he is a shut down corner than it was a good pick. We won't know that for at least a week but more realistically until mid season. I like the pick.
  3. It may be the only way to retain your sanity.
  4. Eloquent and to the point. Well said.
  5. Or shutting out Detroit. If Tepper wasn't so incompetent we could have scored negative points. smh
  6. Would not love it but highly entertaining to watch heads explode around here.
  7. If they could add "grass stains" to turf it would be perfect.
  8. Mel and apparently 30 NFL GMs. Not having Steve Smith at the top of the board is not that egregious an error. The Panthers only had a 3rd round grade on him.
  9. Ahhhh.... Got it. I thought they were both avatar bets. I was just curious how that was going to play out. And I doubt you lose the Varking bet.
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