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  1. I am so relieved to know our presumptive starting QB finally has a complete sofa.
  2. You could be correct but I read it slightly differently from you. I took it to mean he takes REALLY long showers. Like overnight showers. That Charlotte condo with half a sofa must not have a good shower or something.
  3. I think you are 100% correct. It is, what's the word, oh yeah, fluid.
  4. At any rate we will find out over the next few days/months/years just what they see BC as.
  5. I agree. I only disagree that some act like that is how he starts every presser. He said it one time. Onetime strongly but not repeatedly.
  6. Those are the same quotes and yes he did say that. I'm not saying that he will be a LT or RT or G or whatever. I'm just suggesting that the perception of Matt Rhule saying that "repeatedly" may be more of a result of that one quote getting repeated ad infinitum on here.
  7. Has Rhule actually done that? Or did he say it once and it has been repeated endlessly here as if it were gospel? But I agree that if we have long term answers at OT in Moton and BC, regardless of L vs R, then we are way ahead.
  8. Got to agree with pay Moton. Curtis may well turn into a dynamic player but the Panthers have to solidify the O line. This signing was a huge first step in that direction.
  9. Then Sam ain't getting no vaccine for sure.
  10. As said by many, not at that asking price and not until legal situation is known... and probably still not then.
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