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  1. Players don’t seem to like the tag. Sure it is top 5 money but it is one year and injuries… It occurs to me that a “prove it” 5th year then a “prove it again” tag year will most likely result in a disgruntled player walking to whoever throws him coin regardless of his play OR if he really shows out then the Panthers end up paying WAY more than they can sign him for now.
  2. Great way to kill a rainy morning. Good stuff.
  3. Cannot even imagine what it’s going to be like when he throws an INT in OTAs. Heads will explode from the built up “told you so” pressure.
  4. Because you don’t seem to understand the meaning of overpay. By your own statement you want to pay a player more than he is worth to the team.
  5. You know the definition of “overpay” is to pay more than he is worth.
  6. A pass batted down in OTAs? Obvious bust. We need to tank for XYZ.
  7. Unqualified idiot. But like others have said, I do enjoy hearing positive things about the team.
  8. Sure does seem like size matters a lot to you anyways.
  9. Your commitment to high levels of comedy is duly noted and appreciated.
  10. Old article from before the trade up with the Bears. Probably still accurate but a lot of changes to the circumstances since then.
  11. That reads a lot more positive than it sounded to me while watching the presser. I’m in the I don’t think they are really sure how they are going to utilize him. But Chinn’s a baller and Evero is an innovative coach so I’m very hopeful it all gets sorted.
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