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  1. A Funchess Reminder

    I don't believe that people want to completely get rid of Philly, as much as they want to put him back on the bench as a possible depth player. Philly left a lot of meat on the bone from sheer opportunity. As much as he was in, he should have produced more. "Credit should be given to Ginn for getting open when he was asked to but I think the interesting takeaway here is that the Panthers’ receivers did much better than anticipated. Although none of them played more than 70 percent of the team’s snaps, the Panthers’ wide receivers were very efficient... While none of these guys were established top weapons and probably would not have done as well if they played more often, they did quite well in limited time. Ginn finished fourth, Devin Funchess was 21st, Jerricho Cotchery was 55th, and Corey Brown was the only one who was underwhelming at 115th. Brown played the most but only a little bit more than Ginn, so this group averages out to a pretty good efficiency rating. " On an off note, I am hoping that our new UDFA can be the next Alshon.
  2. Video: Panthers rookies Garrett vs Sanchez

    Garrett is an enigma. I think that he got dinged a little too much because of a limited route tree and level of competition, but he has more than acceptable measurables. Throw in his production, and I don't know how he wasn't drafted at all. He has legit upside.
  3. It's going to take longer than an hour to change my opinion that our secondary will be better by the end of 2016 than it was in 2015. And even if isn't indisputably clear then, it is my belief that it will be by the end of 2017.
  4. My biggest concern is LT, with RT right behind it. You can say I am still suffering from post traumatic stress. I may never trust a Left Tackle again. At the very least it's going to take more than a season to earn my trust.
  5. Dude is hooked on pot. He is free to smoke up what is left of his desire to be in the NFL. I doubt he sticks on with any club if his past is any indication.
  6. Make sure that you're prepared to eat well-cooked crow by the holidays. The way you're talking, I'm sure you won't spoil your appetite.
  7. A Funchess Reminder

    The competition between receivers should be interesting. I hope that our coaches allow evolution to take its course and don't come in with preconceived notions.
  8. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    You might wanna read this: Here is an excerpt that really speaks to your question: In the Panthers' press conference minutes after the pick, Rivera and Gettleman were asked why the Panthers passed at defensive end with prospects forecast as first-round picks like Kevin Dodd and Emmanuel Ogbah still available. Rivera admitted there were "a couple of good defensive ends still sitting on the board," but Butler was the highest graded player remaining on the Panthers' board.Besides, Rivera and Gettleman like Carolina's current defensive end group, and they love what Bulter can bring regardless of his position."Ron and I have evaluated the team ad nauseam," Gettleman said. "We feel good about Charles (Johnson). We feel good about Kony (Ealy). We feel good about Mario (Addison). We like Ryan Delaire. He has some solid upside."We feel like we have some good, young, raw, talented defensive ends. This kid was the highest rated player on our board, and we just felt he would be more impactful for us."
  9. About those corners...

    1. The Josh Norman situation was unfortunate, for sure, but sometimes poo just happens. When the process began, it was assumed that the parties involved could come to an agreement, but as time went on, it became evident that the financial expectations of each party were just too different to lead to a long term deal. It's that simple. Had Norman signed his tag, he would be here, but he didn't, Gettleman had time to think about the seemingly irreconcilable differences, and the rest is history. At the end of the day, we will end up with a third round pick for next year's draft. Sometimes patience and delayed gratification leads to a better overall outcome. 2. All the offensive tackles worth drafting that could have made an immediate impact on the line were gone by our first pick. The return of Benjamin and hopeful emergence of Hill, as well as the continuing evolution of Funchess will make a big difference against premiere defenses. Hell, we did pretty well last year without Benjamin and Hill. Moreover, the addition of Sandland---who legitimately has starter traits and will learn from one of the best---should not be understated. He isn't chopped liver, he just didn't have the typical college experience because he had to make moves to get on the NFL's radar. He ultimately had a damned good year at Montana and caught the eye of scout extraordinaire, Dave Gettleman. Sandland will give Cam another outlet to relieve some of that pocket pressure. And lastly, you have Garrett who is very much a wildcard that could prove to be a matchup nightmare by himself, but could certainly cause problems playing with the other towers that we at the WR position who will demand coverage. 3. I think it's presumptuous of you to refer to CAP and Wegher as third stringers. And Sure Stew is aging and has had mainly one injury problem, but he has still been a very productive back through the years, and continues to be a top back at breaking tackles in the league. Don't throw dirt on him yet, and don't presume that we don't have legitimate and capable backups. CAP should have flashed just enough last year to at least leave questions as to whether he could start (in a good way), and that was probably why he was drafted in the first place. Wegher---much like Sandland and Mayo---took a roundabout way to the pros, but he has starter's traits just like they do. 4. Ealy has graduated to run with the big dogs of the league. I only expect him to get better. CJ is already a big dog, and I wouldn't bet against him not returning to form. It's funny what being healthy does for a man's productivity. Don't sleep on him, and don't sleep on Delaire, Miley, and Cox. We are not bereft of talent on the edge. Stop listening to draft season narratives. Gettleman knows our team and situation better than anyone else. Obviously he felt better about our RB and DE situation than pundits would lead you to believe. And, by the way, I personally found it kind of odd that all of a sudden everyone and their mama were exclaiming that we needed RBs and DEs, but that's just a byproduct of draft season. Media pundits have to create narratives, even if those narratives don't really have much depth and reflect a lack of intimate understanding. Moreover, even most if the talking heads didn't even really lust OT as a priority need (not that we could have done a lot about it this draft anyway). Our O-line did well overall last year, and the experience will hopefully lead to better things this year. Sure, Norman getting away wasn't a great feeling, but we now have three corners---two with Gettleman second round grades---that I predict will make Norman's departure little more than a fleeting memory by the end of November. We also got a legit playmaker in the fifth round who would have been drafted higher but for his size, and sometimes the little guys with the Napoleon Complex make huge impacts come game days. We already know that we have huge receivers who wil be squarely in the fray with the ability to change games, and we just added to them. The Panthers aren't going anywhere. We will be right there come January. The future is bright.
  10. I would think that Jeremy would have planned this out weeks in advance. Perhaps he is seeing how this draft is going and said, "fug it!" The WTF moment happened last night, and can't be topped. LOL Gotta make some dollas! The thing is though, these picks may be our most interesting ones this year.
  11. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    First of all, you can only do so much in the draft. Other teams have interests and will trade up in front of you, depending. You can't let that affect your board. That's just the nature of the beast. You can lose a lot by playing the move game, so you have to keep your nerve and stay focused and sober-minded. Secondly, I am kinda glad that Getty flipped the script, as I have always thought that you should be savvy enough to shake things up and adapt depending upon the dynamics of a particular draft. Yes, I feel that each draft is its on animal, and each version of your team, its own situation. So, it's refreshing to see that Getty can adapt, which is more pertinent in the later rounds, as far as I'm concerned. On an off note, I used to think that clutching too firmly to his script was Gettleman's biggest weakness. I guess that I can put that notion to bed. Lastly---I don't know because I'm no scout---I just don't see a clear distinction in talent level from one position to the next after the third round this year, so to me it's OK to give up a mid to later round pick to move up and get someone you want. One bird in the hand is better than a dozen in the bush. So weakness...nah. Just keeping his eyes on the prize. He knows what he's doing.
  12. The Panthers Have a 5th and 7th Round Pick Left

    Hunter Sharp may be in our future also.
  13. The Panthers Have a 5th and 7th Round Pick Left

    RB and WR (and TE). Keith Marshall and Moritz Boehringer (and Kivon Cartwright as a UDFA).
  14. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    R-E-L-A-X, folks!