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    I certainly bleed my Panther blue, and have followed the team so long, that I'm beginning to feel like history as opposed to remembering history. That being said, I follow the Panthers very closely and am truly a Panthers fanatic in the best sense of the word.

    In addition to following the Panthers and the NFL, I also write poems and essays regarding different aspects of race relations in America, and sometimes the world. You can see some of my poetry at, and perhaps more importantly read my essays on race at Yes, I know that dealing with racial issues can seem somewhat taboo at times, but my goal is to provide forums where people can at least open up a dialogue and discuss racial issues forthrightly, but respectfully. It is my dream that people will get to a point where, like Dr. martin Luther King expressed, people will be judged by their character and not skin color. Moreover, I have been known to write reviews and opinions on different aspects of the wireless industry, and other issues that affect consumers.

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  1. If Muhsin was on this team...

    2013? That's laughable. Moose was a solid player for us. No need to qualify this year from that. It's taking unnecessary and gratuitous potshots at a career that wasn't perfect but solid enough, and totally unrelated to the reason why @Jeremy Igo started the thread.
  2. If Muhsin was on this team...

    Da fug you talkin' 'bout?
  3. James Bradberry's Draft Diary

    If they would just give me a free "shopping" spree in the equipment room, I'd be set for a while.
  4. Will Brinson of CBS Sports offer up of a state of the team address of sorts for each team in the NFC South, in reference to strengths and weaknesses of the roster, now that the free agency period has basically settled and the draft is in the rear view mirror. The three positives regarding the panthers were basically drafting Vernon Butler and fortifying the D-line, addressing the defensive backfield with three nice-sized corners, and hitting "the undrafted jackpot" Now to the three negatives, which were losing Josh Norman, failing to find Cam Newton any more protection, and not addressing the running back position. It is really hard to argue that the team will be better without the "one-year-rental" on Norman. Basically, Norman's presence would indeed make the Panthers better. The thing is though, overall the defensive backfield as a unit just may be better than last year. Yeah, it's a risky proposition to throw your eggs into a hat with a bunch of rookies, but it is what it is. Hopefully the D-line will help them ball out. As for Newton's protection, it would have been nice to find someone, but the fact is that the closest thing to sure things were gone by the time the Panthers were on the clock, so what can you do? Let's hope that a practice squad player, here or somewhere, can come in and be develop enough to fill in (like Foucalt who was promoted earlier this year). More importantly, knock on wood and hope for an injury-free season. As for the running backs, I just think that people are severely underestimating and overlooking not only Cameron Artis-Payne, but also Brandon Wegher (whom I believe is a legitimate X factor). I don't think that you can knock on Brinson too much. What he says is fair, if not just rote or expected at this point. To be honest, it's a little strange not to be banged on a little more for something. I mean, historically the Panthers have never received a whole lot of love this time of year, but some national writers are finally figuring out that Dave Gettleman actually knows what he's doing. You can't argue too much with three post-season appearances in a row and conference championship. I'd much rather be subject to a little criticism about depth than the overspending and reaching that Brinson mentioned regarding the Falcons and Saints.
  5. I don't believe the average Joe can work himself up into being an athlete, but I do believe that he can work himself into being exceptionally physically fit. I also believe that there are more than a few people out there who could be/have been athletes on some level. The athletically gifted, genetics-wise, don't always have a proclivity towards sports. Not only that, but some just don't have the mental toughness or mettle that it takes, much less the discipline to play professional or semi-professional sports. Lastly, I believe that measuring physical fitness is very complicated, if not impossible because one may excel in one area, and one in another. Fr example, is the 10-year-oldgirl that did over 2000 sit-ups more physically fit than Cam Newton or Gabby Douglas? Lists like these are contrived.
  6. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Just a little more food for thought. Here is something that was recently said by Rivera that I believe further demonstrates who the locks are. Now, knowing how Rivera does things (and kinda makes up his mind), I think it will take something drastic to fall out of favor. Regardless of that, it's a little difficult to actually substitute for chemistry between a QB and receiver. You want to keep Cam happy and comfortable.
  7. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    Not trying to nitpick, but I was under the impression that Norman studied film with the best of them. He just wanted to do things his way---freelance too much out there when he first became a pro---somewhat refusing to listen to his coaches. I would guess that you're right about his technique, because you certainly can't refine that without listening to the coaches. I never got that impression from Boston.
  8. Tre Boston obviously wasn't ready last year, but you couldn't tell him that. Just the fact that he came into last year's OTAs believing that the free safety spot was his was indicative of a mindset that lacked maturity and professional refinement. You hear great pros---so many times---expressing how hey don't take their position for granted. There is always someone gunning for your spot on the totem pole, and even outstanding players go about their business very cognizant of that fact, and it's reflected in their play on the field. If David Newton's article is any indication, Boston says that he is ready to take his play to the next level. Whether he can do it remains to be seen, but at least we know that he won't be taking anything for granted. And that's a good foundation.
  9. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Both Ginn and Funchess were very productive considering the amount of time they were on the field. PFF's wide receiver efficiency rating will tell you the same thing. Not so much for Philly. It's just too early to say who will make the cut with any surety. We have two absolute locks, and everyone knows who they are.
  10. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Yeah, I thought about that. Cam is going all Ninja and sh¡t. Camurai!
  11. Comfortable with running backs?

    I screwed up with the 4.3 thing (Iowa State's Jarvis West's), but he ran a 4.40 at his pro day showing according to David Newton. My bad. He's still not slow though (even at 4.5). 4.6 is getting kinda slow there. I haven't seen that one.
  12. OTAs start Tuesday

    A little bit of everything @Jeremy Igo, sprinkled with a generous bit of the draftees, and even more on Keyarris Garrett, Damiere Byrd and the WRs. For an after dinner appetizer, make sure to throw in how and what Cap and Wegher are doing out there. For the nightcap, give us impressions on Sandlandvs Deaver vs Dickson.
  13. Comfortable with running backs?

    @Nick_81 is right. Here is an article on Wegher from last year where Rivera says as much. Rivera also tells you that the young back wasn't put on the practice squad because they thought he'd be poached. “He can become an every down back," coach Ron Rivera said. ‘He did all those things you’re looking for in a running back. He was dynamic with the football. He blocked. “Even when he wasn’t supposed to block he blocked, which was good. That’s a whole other story." “Being a young, dynamic football player, it was hard to risk putting him out there and bringing him back to make the practice squad," Rivera said." Now unless things have changed, which I kinda doubt, you can probably tell from that that Rivera and company may just be putting more stock in Wegher than many Huddlers even realize. Wegher has to wait for his turn. He had a few problems in college and did ultimately take a more unconventional route to the league. Ultimately coming from a small college, he probably had more things to clean up and polish than Cap. Even though that's just speculation on my part, you have to figure that this being his second year, he has had time to learn the system and improve upon his skill set. As such there is reason to believe that we may be seeing a little more of him this season (and a lot of him in August). I am not going to presume that he jumps Cap on the depth chart, but anything is possible. With Stew getting up there in years and slowing down (and, no, I am not throwing dirt on him yet) just a little bit, Wegher seems to be primed to be in the Panthers' equation for the future. We will see.
  14. Comfortable with running backs?

    @raleigh-panther you keep mentioning speed, but I already mentioned that Wegher is extremely fast. You must not put a lot of stock in Whether. I can't say that I am surprised, but you have to let things play out. He could be a flop, or he might be the most complete young back on the roster if he has developed some blocking skills.