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  1. Official Panthers - Eagles Gameday Thread

    How can you challenge a penalty lol
  2. Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    Nice. Not sure why the periods tho. Wasn't trying to say you were making it up. Just cool to see a Big I grad on here.
  3. Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    Pretty cool man. What year did you graduate? I went to Independence High myself. I didn't graduate from Independence ended up moving to SC but was same grade and I want to say home room as Hakeem.
  4. that was fun while it lasted..

    I like you as a poster man. You are good for some solid laughs. But please stop acting like you and your weird ass friend "wow" are bringing in some much needed traffic to our smack forum. This has got to be the saddest and weakest back and forth poo I've ever seen. And yes I've met Alice.