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  1. thefuzz added a post in a topic Are we not better than the Lions?   

    Yes, we are better than the Lions.
    And I fully expect this game to be really close, barring either of the QB's piling up INT's.
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  2. thefuzz added a post in a topic WalletHub: Best and Worst States for Teachers   

    The mentor thing doesn't bother far as losing the older, experienced ones...sometimes change is good.  But it is a good point.
    My biggest push would be to make the salary competitive for what others are getting for having the same amount of education.  Then to remove the pension, that is going to be a huge long term cost for the state.  Get the paychecks up there, and do some heavy matching on 401's.  Let the teachers that have "paid into" the retirement system get theirs, but you have to start rolling that thing back.
    For as long as I can remember, there have been lines for firefighters, EMT's, and police....teaching was the exact same way...if they aren't lining up any longer, changes will be made.
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  3. thefuzz added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    We have the ability to carry Star through 2017 and I fully expect us to do so.
    We can carry KK through the 2016 season, and I fully expect him to be signed to an extension before the start of the 2016 season if he stays healthy.  Then we can have another full year to evaluate Star before having to make that call.
    IMO both will be here through 2017, and both could be here through 2020 if they stay healthy.
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  4. thefuzz added a post in a topic Per Wilson: Foucault promoted to active roster, Horton waived   

    Yup, I have said it many times on here...I literally screamed at the TV when the pick came in.
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  5. thefuzz added a post in a topic Hey hey hey   

    Enjoy yourself young man, and just a few hours you will be donning the worlds smallest set of handcuffs.
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  6. thefuzz added a post in a topic WalletHub: Best and Worst States for Teachers   

    That is part of the issue, jobs in the private sector are much more volatile.  Jobs in the public sector aren't...normally.
    When you have that much job security, and teachers, cops, firefighters, etc. do, there has to be a price that comes along with it.  That is usually money, although DC doesn't seem to apply.
    That said, teachers, and all the other public sector jobs do need more money, but at the same time, there are folks that line up for these jobs, especially in down economies.
    We need to do away with the retirement/pension, raise the salaries across the board, work a normal schedule, get the benefits up to an acceptable level, and heavily match a 401 for them.
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  7. thefuzz added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Good for you, follow through though.  
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  8. thefuzz added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    You do it your way, I'll do it mine.
    I can't understand how men get tangled up with controlling women, well I see how it starts, but I can't for the life of me understand why they stay.
    Just get out man, she won't change.
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  9. thefuzz added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    She will cry, say she is sorry, say that she is going through "a lot", and promise to change.  All the while figuring out how to further ruin your life.
    My wife wouldn't dream of taking a TV remote from me, nor would she ask me to quit watching football, check my phone, ask where I have been, etc...there is a level of trust and respect that must be in every relationship.  Don't wait around, don't expect this to get better, just act, and do it swiftly.  
    Two questions.
    How can you say that you "love" someone who treats you that way?
    How can you date a girl that, A. asks you to go pick up her "smokes", and B. Smokes?
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  10. thefuzz added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    I'm not exactly sure how I would handle this situation...but I know that I would have never let it get this far.
    A few things.
    1: Be a man.  Stand up for yourself, and hold her accountable.  If you allow a bad person to run all over you, they will not stop.
    2: The sex isn't as good as you think...if you are getting any at all.
    3: Have someone with you when you tell her to get out, it wouldn't hurt if it was another female.  I would tell her that you have alerted the police of what you are doing, because you are nervous about her possible reaction, and that she has 2 hours to vacate the residence.
    4: Run, hard and fast once she is out.  If she is as manipulative and scary as you say, I would change the passwords back on everything right before kicking her out, and I wouldn't be opposed to moving and changing my number if you are that nervous.
    Good Luck, you are going to need it.
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  11. thefuzz added a post in a topic Alabama after passing Voter ID laws in 2011, now closing down all DMV's in many predominantly black counties   

    I'm not a Republican nor a Democrat...and I fear democracy.
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  12. thefuzz added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    I'm with you on this, but there are only 2 or 3 candidates all together who didn't/wouldn't support more military actions in the Middle East.....Hillary isn't one of them.
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  13. thefuzz added a post in a topic Panthers Jared Allen - First Impressions   

    Sometimes getting on a good Defense will do wonders for a little while...just hoping that we can get 8 or 10 solid games out of him.
    Had to edit that.....very poorly written sentence by me.
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  14. thefuzz added a post in a topic todays practice tweets...Norman not there   

    Seemed to get up from that INT a little gingerly.....maybe rest day?
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  15. thefuzz added a post in a topic Weird idea of the day...   

    It is kinda weird, and a little intriguing.
    RR, Tomlin, Del Rio would be the top 3 in my mind.
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