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  1. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    Read that this morning, pretty shocking.   Also, kinda surprised that none of Ray Ray's seasons were in the top 10 all time.  Actually, no I'm not, that guy was annoying as fug.
  2. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Been back and forth for a while now on my favorite Panther...ever.   It was Jake for some time, but TD has now taken over. Congrats Mr. Davis, and Keep Pounding.
  3. Unfortunately, I think that it already has.
  4. Thanksgiving meats

    If I didn't use the grill, it would be done in the oven/broiler as I don't want to cut up a tenderloin, and I don't have a flat top at my house. Salt overnight in the fridge uncovered, it pulls out some water, and pushes the salt into the meat, evenly seasoning a rather "bland" cut.  I keep it uncovered so that the outside skin has some time to dry out, which will enable a faster sear in the oven/grill, but not having to get to such a temp that it would overcook the cut. Make a little homemade garlic butter to baste the meat after pulling out of the oven, and let rest for 20 minutes. I do everything to temp, not time, or feel, so I also have a nice probe thermo that I use.
  5. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    A players greatest ability is availability.....Frank has shown that he can't be counted on.   This is likely the end of the road for him.
  6. HVAC Question

    Yea, if it's just starting to do this, you are going to need to call someone. Sucks, but wouldn't surprise me to hear that you will need a new one soon.
  7. It will only get worse, I rarely get nervous about this kinda thing, but right now, everyone is on edge.
  8. This is not good.   Wonder how the UN will handle it today.
  9. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    I think it's just political correctness in general that many are up in arms about.  It has gotten out of hand.
  10. Thanksgiving meats

    Do you not brown it, or at least sear it with a 500 degree blast when you first put it in the oven?
  11. HVAC Question

    If I had to guess, you either have a thermostat not communicating with the air handler, or the air handler not communicating with the baffle system.   Is this your first fall/winter in the home?
  12. Jeez you guys... We have 6 more regular season games to play, and at least 2 playoff games to win before there is legit talk of this.  Y'all are making me nervous.
  13. Hate that for him, seemed like he was just starting to "get it".   Free agent next year too.  Man that sucks.
  14. ACA progress

    Was an awful bill to begin with...shocker.  Should have gone straight to single payer if we were going to go this route.
  15. All black hunting rifle with the bi-pod, outdated full fatigues, and a name tag sticker....