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  1. Two guys didn't even make the roster over a pretty solid qb taken at 199 (although I sense some character concern as he is suspended four games this upcoming season). 2000 Carolina Panthers draft Round Pick Player Position College Notes 1 23 Rashard Anderson Cornerback Jackson State 2 57 Deon Grant Safety Tennessee 3 82 Leander Jordan Offensive tackle Indiana (PA) 4 120 Alvin McKinley Defensive tackle Mississippi State 5 147 Gillis Wilson Defensive end Southern 6 182 Jeno James Guard Auburn 7 221 Lester Towns Linebacker Washingto My point is really you cannot say Amini was worst because Glenn is awesome (because with that knowledge he is long gone at that pick), or Brown was not that bad as the Patriots wasted the pick (same reasoning, they don't if they have hindsight). So the only comparison that makes sense is relative value of that pick in that draft class. While below average starter/solid backup is not good value in the second. It is easy to pick out ten worse picks, starting with Brown.
  2. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    My sources claims Ryan Leaf allowed him to reuse left overs from his last batch (So far 31 quick thank but no thanks replies, but the Oilers are yet to answer so there is hope)
  3. Construct Your All Time Panthers Dream Team

    Griffin >>> Hoover
  4. So now we just take the saved 14 million and sign two corners (that are not as good as Josh, but will do as well in our system) at 7 each? See my point? We both knew there are no such corners available, and as we really have no good sorry term way to spend the extra cap anywhere (as no worthy free agents are still available) we are not better off as far as our chances for the superb owl 51 goes.
  5. Players Under Contract Through 2017

    Almost correct, we'll take the cap hit from the guaranteed money when the contact voids.As there is no guaranteed base salary in the voided years in this case, that means only the bonuses($3.4M).
  6. Whatever technical solution we use, to get peanut active around week 12 without counting towards the 53 before would be awesome. I really think he has one more run of 7 games left in him (especially when opponents starts to be banged up). As for Finnegan, no.
  7. Armanti Edwards....

    Well, our Swedish league kicks off this weekend and as I haven't heard of him coming here (at $2000 a month plus housing) I was curious if he was still in Canada or was already down to the German league.
  8. Sorry, I'm not buying. And while Star was a great need, he fell from a projected top ten due to the reported heart condition, so one could easily argue that he was in fact bpa. Even with Benjamin there is just not enough evidence for your case (not bpa in the first) yet. That being said, I would love a TE as well.
  9. Fantastic Paul Soliai Quote...

    How do you explain a guy hating to lose going to Atlanta :D
  10. Weddle to Ravens, Raji retiring

    He is a big man that has taken a lot of beating, realizing he was looking at close to vet minimum he made the smart move.
  11. The Quiet Before the Storm

    If only we had 45 guys returning from a superb owl 17-2 team. Plus a borderline pro bowl receiver coming of injury....
  12. Reading this, one could actually argue that we do not have a single liability on offense (for the first time ever). I'm not sayning we cannot improve, and of course we need to upgrade to account for injury, but with no change I would think this is a solid group of starters. I cannot remember ever think that before. Defense is another matter entirely with corner/nickel, safety (I don't trust Boston) and DE needing upgrades.
  13. Pre Free-Agency NFL News

    Hurneymagic is spreading!! On a more serious note, I would think the owner are putting pressure on the gm to "put weapons around Luck" the same way they did Manning. And with the priority of the company to create a superstar at QB first as the is good for revenue and the owners ego (winning games comes at a distans second priority).
  14. Voth: CJ open to coming back

    Without getting cut: 11M from this year's salary plus 4M against the cap for old bonuses. After cut resign: 4M in dead money plus whatever the new contract is. So basically anything under 11M we can bring him back for is a saving. I think his production merits around 7M, but given that the Bears prayed Allen 10M last year someone will most likely overpay. And if not and we bring him back, the saving will be noticeable.
  15. Another Potential Hall of Famer on our Roster??

    Sorry, what's lacking is not a ring but the fact that he played in teams without receivers inflating his stats. If he can keep current level for a couple of years with kb and another good receiver (whoever that might be) he has a case but still nowhere near guaranteed. Otherwise he is not even close.