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  1. Here we go again. This have nothing to do with respect or who Vegas thinks will win. Vegas make the most money when they get a 50-50 distribution on the bets, so the line is all about what they think will give that. 
  2. Lucky Birds, Vikings, Cards

    As long as Norman is healthy we will have no problem with atlanta as he eliminates julio. But yes, two more losses seems a good estimate. 
  3. Panther fandom in Japan?

    The main problem is the time difference, 1pm game means 3am, Sunday night means Monday morning.  It is bad enough in Europe, but at least I can watch the 1pm game at 7pm without compromising work (not that I care for our games). When I worked in Korea I gave up watching live.   
  4. The Dark Days of Panther QBs

    Every time I see a thread like this I think about The Trade That Didn't Happen. And that means I will need a lot of extra alcohol tonight...