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  1. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    I agree, if the Denver's outside pass rush lives up to the hype those quick 7-10 yard slants with cam climbing the pocket will be huge. 
  2. Article on Luke's (lack of) beard. Awesome shirt!

    I will shave when I reach the super bowl! 
  3. I have another one most teams tried this season.  Let Carolina score 30-40 points early. Throw short underneath passes against the prevent defense to run up your qbs stats. Bitch on the huddle about how your qb is better because of the garbage time stats. Change it up with "Carolina has not beaten anybody yet!". Feel like a winner.
  4. It has started...

    He also thinks a qb with less than 200 yards of rushing (and only 0,2 more attempt per game than Brock Osweiler) is a "running qb"...
  5. It has started...

    And by "running QB" you actually mean "black QB"? Because Bridgewater is about as far from a running qb that it gets. Except of course in the eyes of old white guys... You point about the Chiefs are valid, they are similar to us running read option and actually have have running qb. So the Broncos have full experience about how to lose to the kind of team that we are. Should really help them.  And that is not even considering we are a lot better than the Chiefs. 
  6. "Special talent" = Pumped with steroids?  Palmer was supposed to pick us apart due to Finnegan och McClain and instead we stay in base d and Arizona's offense produces absolutely nothing.  I'm no longer going to try to find holes. We are the best team in the NFL and Ron got this! 
  7. It's CJ's time to step up, or get out

    Think of what cj produced 2011-13 for under $10M a year. The fact that we are still on morgage from those years sucks but has nothing to do with what cj is producing today.
  8. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Cam was being unsportsmanlike on the first kneel down. The deal is you take a quick knee and the defense does not rush, Cam took the ball and waited until the defense reacted before taking the knee.  Hopefully this was not lost in the victory celebrations and one of the coaches told him. We do not want to give teams an excuse to rush out kneel downs as the risk of injury is very high. 
  9. But why expect people to be able to handle their jobs when you can show you are a "man of action" and forbid stuff...
  10. I see it happening for safety reasons (as an excuse) when every kid in the stadium starts flooding the stairs every time the home team are in the red zone. 
  11. And the clearance begins

    I guess it means a lot of fans with browser history filled with Seahawks just jumped bandwagon :) (Or more likely me visiting Seahawks.Net...)
  12. I think you need to learn the Swedish concept of förfest :).
  13. Riveras Response to Giving Up Big Leads

    This was a very good call, with Norman blitzing the receiver should have taken the out hitch bail out route which Coleman was coming in hard on.  The problem was Kearse didn't have awareness enough to recognize this (or was told not to as Wilson lacks the awareness to use bail out routes anyway). McDermott simply overestimated the competition.  And seriously, Seattle had what, 6-7?, large gains in circus catches and broken plays and still only got within seven points of overtime. I say going conservative was the right call. We won after all... 
  14. Effects of playing at extremely cold temperatures

    You have never seen a foot of a soccer player have you :)