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  1. Thorrez added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    The group you mention is above average, but without KB our receivers drags us down to the 17-22 range as an offense. Meaning slightly below average. 
    But it is close enough so that if Cam takes a step from top ten to top six our offense jumps to 10-12.
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  2. Thorrez added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    The really sad part is while reading this my thinking is: Have we ever done a better than good fa signing? Not talking about great value signings like Ginn in 13 but a great player that we payed up for? 
    And yeah,  I made the otah train my home...
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  3. Thorrez added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson   

    Before we crown Shaq droy check the td-run by Miami's one. He is blocked backwards by the te in the running lane. He gets off the block but not until it is to late. 
    I agree he looked great in coverage, so ups and downs like one can expect from a rookie this time of the year. 
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  4. Thorrez added a post in a topic Opinions: is Frank Alexander a possible cut?   

    If nothing else we will keep him around and let him walk as a free agent next year (and get comp pick consideration)
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  5. Thorrez added a post in a topic Wesseling uses Riverboat Ron as the poster child for using analytics   

    Seriously, are you blaming Rivera for not having faith in a line consisting of bell,  silatolu and chandler converting on 4th and short? With a banged up cam and tolbert in shorts to boot?
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  6. Thorrez added a post in a topic Luke and TD mixing it up in the scuffle also.   

    So by the new league roles Davis is the one that's getting a fine...
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  7. Thorrez added a post in a topic Another NFC South outlook   

    Of course you got something out of the trade, a $9M hit on your already hurneylike cap situation...
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  8. Thorrez added a post in a topic Why I feel the fullback could be vital this season   

    The main problem I have with leading with a fb is that Norwell is so great at pulling so that voids a lot of the benefit. 
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  9. Thorrez added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    Kalil has a $7.5M salary next year so none will take that for an aging center regardless. Plus okung is a FA. So no. 
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  10. Thorrez added a post in a topic Chris Houston Retiring...   

    Att least that should give us a comp pick for Hardy. But we need a corner now and not next year...
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  11. Thorrez added a post in a topic SI Blogger Predicts 8-8 from Training Camp   

    That means we will win our sh********* of a division so I'll take it. 
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  12. Thorrez added a post in a topic Trai Turner vs Kony Ealy   

    Because both struggle against speed rushers.
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  13. Thorrez added a post in a topic Stephen Hill Saga continues   

    And that pass to smith that would have been a 15 yard completion had the db not "tangled his feet" with smith's. 
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  14. Thorrez added a post in a topic Current Cap Space   

    There are currently no such limit*, the jags are carrying over $21M from 2014.
    *On a league bases a certain amount must be spent to honor the cba (so that the owner cannot just agree to spend $50M less each  year). That scenario would force a cap floor, but cap never goes away as that would mean the players are not getting what the cba guarantees them. 
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  15. Thorrez added a post in a topic Just an observation from my camp experience today   

    Why? Because the cba regulates this. 
    This has nothing to do with coach Rivera. 
    2 a days are allowed from the 4th day of camp but only one of them can be padded and the other one none full speed (so basically walk through). And there is a max of 3 hours in pads and 4 hours total for one day. 
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