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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Always great stuff to hear thanks. Much different tone from last year regarding Hill and more of the same for Bersin. I figure you can't see much for the DE competition but any word on the new punters?
  2. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Look for him to be potentially that "4th TE" too. Clearly we are looking strongly at him to be Tolbert's future replacement.
  3. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Looking at our Priority Free Agents the last few years: 2014 - Philly Brown ($15,000 signing bonus), Andrew Norwell ($12k) 2015 - Dean Marlowe ($15k), Arthur Miley ($15k) 2016 - Jeremy Cash ($20k) All but one is generally expected to make the roster this year. The only other one, Miley, is someone to keep an eye on as possibly getting that 5th DE spot too.
  4. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Who's your other gunner now Igo?
  5. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ginn, Brown, Norwood. Byrd and Garrett to the practice squad. I can see Byrd possibly challenging either Brown or Ginn with a really good camp but Ginn is too versatile and Brown (if healthy) is also very versatile, probably our best route runner and a decent blocker. I think the last spot is Norwood vs Garrett and it's close. I like Garrett's potential so much more but Norwood is the better route runner and blocker from what I know so far. Can't wait to hear from OTAs and Training Camp because this is going to be one of the many great competitions. If a WR misses any time in camp with a hammy or something they may never recover to earn a spot.
  6. Panthers Release Boykin

    Boykin won't be the only one to go because of the draft and college free agents. Lots of good competition across the positions coming. Kyle Love is the first one to come to mind.
  7. Top 100 players No. 86 Jonathan Stewart

    We are really going to miss him when he leaves or starts declining. Injuries aside, he was such a rare talent at running back coming out of Oregon, I completely understand why we grabbed him. A load who's big, strong and verified 4.4 speed (he was even used as a kick returner at Oregon at 235 lbs). His running style fits our offense perfectly and he will not be easily replaced.
  8. Panthers UDFA RB/FB Devon "Rockhead" Johnson

    Feels like he'll be looked at as a fullback. So Tolbert and maybe the other UDFA Bonnett look like the competition.
  9. Let's play pick two running backs

    Fozzy is the odd man out. But only if the 2 youngins learned to pass protect.
  10. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Both these statements make the most sense. If he supplants anyone it will likely be a ST player, most obvious being Jacobs.
  11. No RB but I'm cool with TE and waiting till the 4th or 5th on a CB.
  12. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Well that accelerated it a year earlier than I thought it would happen. Definitely hurts to see him go but it was inevitable. At least we're likely looking at a 3rd rounder (top 100 pick) for him in next year's draft.
  13. Bill Voth agrees, TE could be the pick at 30

    Funny bit of of potential symmetry.... TE class was weak when Olsen was selected with the second to last pick in the first round by the Bears. And Olsen was head and shoulders above the rest of his class that year too. Also a Ron Rivera team had just lost to a Peyton Manning lead team in the Super Bowl.
  14. I'm secretly hoping they pass on Derrick Henry if he's there as t 30. I still think he'd be a great pick, but looking at the running back class for next year I think the class is so much deeper that the value would be much greater (particularly those power/Jstew type backs).
  15. Tunsil only one to even entertain in my opinion. Dline is deep in this draft and DBs can wait. Still wouldn't do it though, too much lost.