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  1. Untouchable added a post in a topic Panthers Comp. Pick Question   

    Problem is we still don't qualify to even enter in the equation. My understanding we sit at 2 out, 3 in. 
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  2. Untouchable added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    I think Carolina knew exactly what they had in Boykin.  Does the cut help with compensatory picks too?
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  3. Untouchable added a post in a topic Keeping a eye on other team WR'S battles..   

    Probably just keep an eye on Nicks if comes lose in Tennessee for depth and an added red zone threat.  KB got so many targets last year (he deserved it and it probably accelerated his development) that if Funchess can be even just a little more efficient with targets and they spread the ball around to more pass catchers, maybe that production can be somewhat absorbed.
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