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  1. No RB but I'm cool with TE and waiting till the 4th or 5th on a CB.
  2. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Well that accelerated it a year earlier than I thought it would happen. Definitely hurts to see him go but it was inevitable. At least we're likely looking at a 3rd rounder (top 100 pick) for him in next year's draft.
  3. Bill Voth agrees, TE could be the pick at 30

    Funny bit of of potential symmetry.... TE class was weak when Olsen was selected with the second to last pick in the first round by the Bears. And Olsen was head and shoulders above the rest of his class that year too. Also a Ron Rivera team had just lost to a Peyton Manning lead team in the Super Bowl.
  4. I'm secretly hoping they pass on Derrick Henry if he's there as t 30. I still think he'd be a great pick, but looking at the running back class for next year I think the class is so much deeper that the value would be much greater (particularly those power/Jstew type backs).
  5. Tunsil only one to even entertain in my opinion. Dline is deep in this draft and DBs can wait. Still wouldn't do it though, too much lost.
  6. Worley is young and has the production and the length that fits the Panthers moldbut thatassault of a femalewould be a major red flag here. Very curious to see Joseph workout.
  7. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    Those similar hybrid types have gone late one the last couple of years (Thompson 25th, Buchannon 27th) and seem to always be rated lower by the media than by the scouts. Both Thompson and Buchannon were rated Rounds 2-3 by NFL.com.From what I've seen and readI like him a lot but I think a our 1st is needed to grab him if he even gets to the 30th pick.
  8. "Strong interest" in LB Josh Forrest

    Priority Free Agent likely
  9. 3rd down option receiver with solid hands, great blocking and good rapport with his qb. As of right now i don't see him going anywhere especially with cotchery cut loose.
  10. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    Cravens was good against the run andstrongin coverage as a LBat USC (52.3 passer rating). We like those ball hawking players in the secondary and he had 9 INTs over 3 years. Looks at the college stats of the youngsafetiesfor us the last couple years. Coleman (9 INTs), Boston (13 INTs), Marlowe (12 INTs), Lester (14 INTs), Mitchell (7 INTs) and just signed Robinson (9 INTs). Great length for the secondary too and very young, so our interest as a SSmakes perfect sense. Media looks to havehim rated low, I wonder whatthe scouts have him rated at.
  11. NFL.com's four-round mock draft

    True but I would argue Payne, because of his age, was good selection for the 5th round. It doesn't exclude talent because Benjamin and Star were up there in age too (I think Short was too). Coleman in the 2nd seems like a high pick unless he's going to walk in and be an immediate starter and I don't think he would be.
  12. NFL.com's four-round mock draft

    We can probably do better in the second round. Coleman is a great story but he seems a little old to me for an early pick. But what do I know
  13. Weseems to love length in our defensive ends as I look at the arm length of players on the roster. Unless you're a pass rush specialist (Addison, Delaire, Cox), arm length of players are all34"+. Ealy (34 1/4"), Alexander (35"), Horton (34 1/4"), Miley (34 3/4"). EvenHardy is34" and I can't find anything on Johnson but I'd expect for him to be in the 33" range or more which is good for is size. Now that doesn't exclude players with less length but it might push them down the big board. I'd guess players like Dodd, Calhoun, Ogbah early. Nassib,Tapper, Jenkins (OLB, Georgia) in the middle rounds. Weatherly (OLB Vandy) andOkwara late.
  14. Clearing for that home grown talent
  15. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    Horton and Miley look like the likely replacements at left end that are on the roster. Curious to see how Miley has developed but that position sits as a big question mark currently.