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    Lol, the Fuller bio asks "Ted Ginn hands?"
  2. REPORT: Panthers interested in moving UP in 1st round

    Doesn't really seem to have legs, but I think it could make a lot of sense. It's getting harder and harder for rookies (6 picks plus UDFAs) to make this team. A couple years ago we were starting UDFAs, last year we only had two that even made the team, and they basically redshirted. Of the draft picks, only the top 2 saw meaningful time, while the other 3 were basically relegated to special teams or the inactive list. Basically, instead of standing pat and taking whomever happens to fall, why not use a day 3 pick to move up and ensure you get a guy you REALLY want? Quality over quantity, quarters for dimes and whatnot. Grab a top target instead of risking settling for a second or third option + a late round guy who may not make the team.
  3. Ahhh Valdosta State, home of the great Edmund Kugbila.
  4. Think I'd rather see a bunch of Quarterbacks go ahead of us, thus pushing better talent down at other positions. I guess it's a decent alternative though. Either you secure a guy who fell because of a QB run, or if the run never happens and your top targets are gone you have the trade back option.
  5. He's really not similar to Funchess at all.
  6. Bob McGinn's top 100 players

    Been reading his position-by-position reviews where he gets scouts' opinions on each to prospect. Always interesting just how varied those can be.
  7. Don't think there's a chance he falls to the 3rd, let alone the 4th. Probably an early 2nd guy.
  8. I know, I know, Bleacher Report. But I'm much more interested in the idea presented than the source. Miller had a brief post on each team in the league, and for the Panthers he mentioned a guy we haven't been linked to...at all? "Carolina Panthers: The Panthers have been linked to pass-rushers throughout the draft process, but sources in the scouting room expect a defensive back to get the most attention in Round 1. I'm told by coaching staff sources in Carolina that the team has done heavy work on Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas; he may be a surprise Round 1 pick." Gotta say, "coaching staff sources" is a new one to me. Thomas has often been "the other guy" when it comes to the top receivers in the draft. Doctson and Treadwell are the big, possession types; Fuller and Coleman the speedsters; and Shepard the superior route runner. But Thomas offers an intriguing combination of size (6'3"), solid speed (4.57), production, and bloodlines. Personally I don't think we take a receiver first, but I do wonder if we'll try to trade-up to grab a guy like Shepard or Thomas earlier in the 2nd.
  9. It does seem a bit disrespectful, not to mention against NFL rules, but it happens. Everyone tries to get a leg up so they seek these guys out earlier and earlier,I'm not sureit's having the desired effect though. I could imagine being totally turned off to a team by themtelling me I'm not going to be drafted, especiallydaysbefore the biggest day of my life. I mean, who wants to go to a team that has such a low opinion of them?Don't call meuntil after the draft,say you had other needs to fill with your picksbut they couldn't believe everyone else passed on me as well. These guys are probably dejected so any ego boost is better than "hey when you go undrafted will you sign here?"
  10. AJ Hawk Released

    Not since he was cut.
  11. Well...yeah. Just saying when you give such a broad range for what a player could be, you can only be right.
  12. Wilson: Cravens under first-round consideration

    Wilson is among the best (ifnot the best) when it comes to breaking NFL news. It's indeed weirdly vague but, for all the stories and reports he's written this offseason, I haven't seen another like this one. His fluff pieces normally have relevancy for the Texans but, I don't really see any connection to them here.I suspect he's heard this from a pretty credible source and just can't divulge anything more.
  13. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    I do kinda agree on Booker being above him, but both areprobably top 50 prospects.
  14. "I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was out of the league in four years. On the other hand, he could also go to the right team with the right coach and work his ass off and all of a sudden become the Defensive Rookie of the Year." I feel like you could say this about anyone. "He could bust out;he could be ROY; or, just maybe, he could be somewhere in between." My column: