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  1. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Monday practice tweets   

    Only player eligible for the PUP is Presley, since he was placed on the list prior and hasn't practiced yet. Brandon Williams WAS eligible, but has since returned to practice. 
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  2. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic One Simple Hypothetical   

    I'll take KB back every time, hell we don't even know how Oher will do in a real game yet. With Bell in there we still have 4 good linemen, with KB out we have 0 legitimate receiving threats. 
    Like, is the drop from Oher to Bell REALLY greater than that of Kelvin to Philly? 
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  3. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Star's stress reaction   

    8 weeks.Not sure they go that route. 
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  4. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection   

    I've gotta think there will be an outsider or two after cuts, looks pretty good overall though. Gentleman loves his pass rushers, and 4 DEs seems paltry given the talent we lack there. Plus Gentleman normally keeps 5. Also I think we keep a 6th LB, though not sure who (probably Trusnik or Jacobs). I'm also on the fence about Boykin, and I believe we'll add another receiver to the corps anyway. 
    QB, RB, DT (health pending), and CB are positions I could see us going with one less of in order to accommodate those moves. 
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  5. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Don't forget the 2013 J.Boykin   

    How exactly do two bad/invisible seasons "cancel out"? 
    The real Boykin is likely somewhere between his poor 12/14 and his solid stretch in 13.
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  6. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    That's right; Lucas, Washington, and DGB were all briefly teammates in college. 
    Keep an eye on Oakland (James Dockery) and Tennessee (Byron Bell). We've currently broken even on compensatory-relevant players, but one of those guys getting cut would likely eliminate the chance of comp. picks for us altogether. 
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  7. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Dean Marlowe - a UDFA who is under the radar?   

    Yeah I posted those snap counts earlier. I think they really liked Miley, he's just fallen behind in the rotation. Marlowe, however, is still getting snaps. 
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  8. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Dean Marlowe - a UDFA who is under the radar?   

    Worth noting that Marlowe and Miley got sizeable signing bonuses for UDFA ($15,000), equal to what we gave Philly and more than Norwell  ($12,000). So they were obviously high on those guys. 
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  9. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Dean Marlowe - a UDFA who is under the radar?   

    10 DBs aren't out of the question, fairly certain we did it Gettleman's first year but with 6 CB and 4 S.
    Norman, Benwikere, Tillman, White, Heath
    Harper, Coleman, Boston, Jones, Marlowe
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  10. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic 75 man cuts predictions   

    Looking at this from another POV, by position group.
    QB (3)
    RB (7: 5 HB, 2 FB)
    Don't see any cuts between those first two groups, at least not yet. 
    WR (12) - 2 Projected cuts
    Kelvin will go to IR, but I believe we have to officially cut to 75 first. Presley is already on PUP, and won't count toward the roster count until he passes a physical. We haven't filled his spot, so we only have to cut 14 to get to 75. I'm also projecting two other cuts from this group: Capers and Browning. 
    TE (7) - 1 Projected cut
    Olsen and Dickson aren't going anywhere, seems likely Brockel sticks around too if healthy. They're gonna wanna see Brandon Williams in a game situation and Simonson and Lucas have played well enough to make the 75. Newest Panther Dallas Walker gets the ax, however. 
    OL (16: 3 C, 5 G, 8 T) - 3 Projected cuts
    Gonna have to change this one up a bit from my previous prediction in which I had 4 cuts: C Jordan McCray, G Ricky Henry, T Tony Hills, T Davonte Wallace. The biggest problem being that, without McCray, we may not have a healthy center for the final preseason game. And if all the starters sit, we're looking at only 6 healthy linemen for the game. I'll stick with the other 3, but McCray survives for now. 
    DL (16: 9 DT, 7 DE) - 2 Projected cuts (later amended to 3, see below)
    I think the team may want to see a bit more from their current group of DEs, which is already kinda thin for the 90-man (this was amended as I got further into this, see below). Though they trim a pair of DTs in Alecxih and Horsley.
    LB (10) - 2 Projected cuts
    Arguably our deepest position, to the point that a (healthy) draft pick may not make the squad for the first time in the Gettleman era. Mayo may not make the 53, but I think he gets to the 75 at least. Reddick and Blechen fall off the roster here, though. 
    DB (15: 8 CB, 7 S) - 2 Projected cuts
    I think our CB group is pretty underrated this year, obviously you've got Norman, Peanut, and Benwikere, but then White, Heath, and Teddy Williams have all looked good too. I've got Byndom surviving here with Young getting cut. Likewise we kinda know our top 4 safeties, and we seem to like Marlowe and Lester as well, so Ball is the odd man out. 
    ST (4) - 1 Projected cut
    Backup punter Matt Wile gets cut for like the 4th time.
    At 13, I'm still one short. IF they can count Kelvin to IR, then 13 is all that's necessary, but again I'm not sure that's the case. They could trim in one of several places, for example(s): OL (Foucault, McCray), WR (Mike Brown), DE (Miley), CB (Byndom), LB (Mayo), etc. Though it'll probably be somewhere I haven't mentioned. 
    I maintain that the linemen are safe, if only due to the need for healthy bodies for this last game (but if Folkerts is healthy, I'm putting McCray back on this list), likewise I think Byndom will make it so they can rest Norman, Benwikere, and Tillman and still have 4 CBs. I think Mayo and Brown survive...so I guess Miley. As Voth pointed out, he only played 4 snaps last night, and fellow UDFA DE hopeful Steve Miller got 4x that. Don't tell Miley though, as he follows me on twitter. 
    TL;DR: My 14 cuts are Browning, Capers, Walker, Henry, Hills, Wallace, Alexcih, Horsley, Miley, Blechen, Reddick, Ball, Young, Wile. 
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  11. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic 75 man cuts predictions   

    I can't say much about which one is ahead of the other in the coaches' minds, but... when Voth tweeted earlier about Marlowe being the best bet for an UDFA making the team, I mentioned Miller/Miley given our DE situation and he pointed out the snaps from last night. 
    @Justin_Pollard miley played 4 snaps last night. week 1 hero cox - 7. miller … not sure about 53 … but he played 19
    So it would seem Miller is currently ahead in that race. 
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  12. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic 75 man cuts predictions   

    Fair point, kinda forgot that was him. Then maybe Lou Young? I know there were reports he was playing well earlier, but I think he's been banged up and Heath has been a nice find at his position. 
    It's entirely possible Kelvin can't go to IR until AFTER they cut to 75, I'm not sure about the timeline myself. In that case maybe 14 cuts, then Kelvin placed on IR, then another signing, re-signing, or activation of Presley. 
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  13. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic 75 man cuts predictions   

    All of those may not make the team, but most should get through the first cut. Honestly I think all but Browning make it past Monday. Kelvin will go to IR and Presley is still on PUP, so in reality only 13 cuts are needed. My guess at those 13...
    Browning, Capers, Horsely, Hills, Henry, Alecxih, McCray, Reddick, Blechen, Wile (for the 4th time), Redden, Walker, D. Wallace
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  14. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic How to watch Pre-season games   

    Turn off ad-block, click link to game, then turn blocker back on. 
    You may have a few straggler ads to get rid of, but this prevents new ones and starts the stream. 
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