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  1. There's the white flag. 
  2. We just can't stop the pressure. Still. 
  3. They're at the 2. It's gonna be two possessions regardless. Saves some time. 
  4. Honestly, letting them score quickly probably gives us a slightly better shot.
  5. Flag on every damn punt. 
  6. Obviously not this year because of injuries, but Brockel has been the closest thing to a true fullback we've had in recent years. He's really only a TE in name, kinda like Tolbert is at FB. 
  7. Destiny - Luke Kuechly toddler pic

    I knew I saw that during the interview, couldn't find the clip though. Pretty cool. 
  8. Uhhhh, yeah DeAngelo all facts...except that the record you're quoting is wrong. 32-31-1, and it's as much on you as anyone. 
  9. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Dude was there tonight too, hasn't aged much. I vaguely remember the show he was on when I was a kid, didn't think it was STILL on the air though. 
  10. Pro bowl thread

    Wilson has Green, Julio, and Hopkins to throw to. 
  11. Pro bowl thread

    I'm claiming Barnidge today...but not Pep. 
  12. When Luck returned to school, I wasn't really big on any particular quarterback. There were so many guys that got first round buzz at some point - Newton, Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, Dalton, Kaepernick, Mallett - that I was more hoping that we'd trade back into the 2nd and get one that fell. Gotta say, while I was right about Dalton being underrated and Gabbert overrated, I really thought Locker was gonna be good.  That said, I was all-in on Green. I actually loved the Bengals' draft, taking my favorite prospect in the first and then Dalton second way after Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder seemed like a coup at the time (and still looks pretty good). Kinda crazy to look back at the talent at the top of that draft. After Carolina, every team that didn't take a QB in the top 16 picks got a Pro Bowler. Poor Tennessee, Jax, and Minnesota.  EDIT: Forgot Fairley, but still...12 of 16 picks were Pro Bowlers. And Fairley was one of the guys considered to be in the top pick running for awhile. 
  13. Odd. Haven't seen anyone at the observer tweeting out this particular letter. 
  14. Pro Bowl replacements

    Just the Panthers replacements: Cam Newton, Carolina (replaced by Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo) Jonathan Stewart, Carolina (replaced by Latavius Murray, Oakland) Mike Tolbert, Carolina (replaced by Patrick DiMarco, Atlanta). Greg Olsen, Carolina (replaced by Delanie Walker, Tennessee) Trai Turner, Carolina (replaced by Logan Mankins, Tampa Bay) Ryan Kalil, Carolina (replaced by Eric Wood, Buffalo) Kawann Short, Carolina (replaced by Jurrell Casey, Tennessee) Luke Kuechly, Carolina (replaced by Derrick Johnson, Kansas City) Thomas Davis, Carolina (replaced by Elvis Dumervil, Baltimore) Josh Norman, Carolina (replaced by Desmond Trufant, Atlanta)

    I just wanna congratulate the 10 guys that just made the Pro Bowl.