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  1. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    I came across a few of those types while looking for other invitees. It's a little depressing but sometimes it works. Last year we invited the ECU longsnapper who showed up to the combine (uninvited) andgave out customized beer koozies with his measurements and workout numbers printed on them. Jets just cut a guy they signed after he showed up outside the stadium with "Will run for work." Agreed, although McNeill retired around this time last year. I think Sandland and McGee are competing for the third receiving TE spot while Bonnet and Johnson will be after that TE/FB "Brockel" role that Simonson currently holds.
  2. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    Another Samford kid, QB Michael Eubank
  3. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    Massachusetts OT Tyrell Smith
  4. Would a Tennessee Titans RB > Fozzy/CAP/Wegher

    I totally forgot they had Cobb, I think he's a real intriguing talent should they let him go. Kinda think Sankey is the one that gets let go, though, and he may be the least interesting of the group.
  5. Let's play pick two running backs

    CAP and Wegher were old rookies, they'll both be 26 this season while Fozzy will be 27. I'm not sure any of them have a whole lot of room to grow. I'd guess Fozzy and CAP would be the 2 in this scenario, though I'm rooting for Wegher (I could also see them keeping all of them). I also think Devon Johnson is interesting as a RB/FB hybrid, as we haven't had a true, punishing FB in awhile.
  6. @Panthers posted one a few weeks ago that I've been using on my Note 5.
  7. We're nitpicking the OP's point a bit. Sure, Bradberry or Worley will likely eventually earn a starting spot, but the point is that we're no longer pinning our hopes to a bunch of rookies at more important positions. Pre-Gettleman we drafted several players - good and bad - hoping they'd make an impact sooner rather than later, and even in Gettleman's first two drafts he took guys early that would step in immediately. We've done so well with the draft that it's no longer a necessity to find instant impact players, at least not to the same extent. In our system, the weight applied to the number 2 CB or 3rd LB isn't close to what is expected of a MLB, number 1 receiver, or a pair of DTs; all of which we leaned on their rookie years.
  8. Letting Lee Ward go undrafted.
  9. SI.com's Chris Benoit explains our CB situation

    It's Andy "Beh-noe-wit" I believe. He's kind of a knob to be honest, and this is all kind of obvious but I guess it could be interesting for an outside observer.
  10. Carolina Panthers UDFA Roster Paths

    I'm hoping for 6 receivers (like we ended up carrying for most of last year), but 5 is also likely. I don't love the practice squad option for Cash or Garrett though as they'd likely get picked up pretty quickly. Especially Cash, who apparently had 20 teams after him. I also think with all the TE and FB players brought in we could see some competition for the third receiving TE, as well as a 4th in a potential TE/FB "Brockel" role. Simonson, Sandland, McGee, Bonnet, and Devon Johnson. At least 1, maybe 2, will make the cut.
  11. Garrett > Funchess?

    I feel like this gets glossed over a lot, Funchess will be 22 this month. KB and Garrett were already 23 when they entered the draft. Funchess is only 6 weeks older than Corey Coleman, and is younger than 23 of the 33 receivers drafted this year. Of the 9 WR taken in the first three rounds; only Coleman, Treadwell, and maybe Boyd (sites disagree on his birth year) are younger than him. That top 9 includes a few more 23 year olds as well: Doctson, Thomas, and Miller. Lots of room to grow for Devin.
  12. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    We added a bunch of TE prospects on day 3. 7th round pick Sandland UDFAs Bonnet and McGee Tryout player Braxton Deaver Definitely seem to be eyeing another developmental TE to replace Simonson and eventually Dickson, not sure I see any if them taking the second TE spot this year though.
  13. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Looking at his measurables and combine numbers, Garrett compares pretty favorably to Redskins' first round pick Josh Doctson and especially Saints' second pick Michael Thomas; albeit with smaller hands but longer arms, he has a bit more girth to him too (though it doesn't seem to slow him down). Keyarris Garrett (WO16) HT: 6'3" WT: 220LBS. POSITION: WR SCHOOL: Tulsa ARM LENGTH: 34 1/2" HANDS: 9" Josh Doctson (WO13) HT: 6'2" WT: 202LBS. POSITION: WR SCHOOL: TCU ARM LENGTH: 31 7/8" HANDS: 9 7/8" Michael Thomas (WO40) HT: 6'3" WT: 212LBS. POSITION: WR SCHOOL: Ohio St. ARM LENGTH: 32 1/8" HANDS: 10 1/2" The small hands were apparently one of his biggest knocks, while his huge wingspan may be the most intriguing thing about him. He famously worked on his hands while rehabbing a leg injury and had only 3 drops his last season out of 99 targets, so the hands issue seems overblown. Garrett 40 YARD DASH: 4.53 SEC BENCH PRESS: 14 REPS VERTICAL JUMP: 36.5 INCH BROAD JUMP: 128.0 INCH 3 CONE DRILL: 7.30 SEC 20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.33 SEC 60 YARD SHUTTLE: 11.72 SEC Doctson 40 YARD DASH: 4.50 SEC BENCH PRESS: 14 REPS VERTICAL JUMP: 41.0 INCH BROAD JUMP: 131.0 INCH 3 CONE DRILL: 6.84 SEC 20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.08 SEC 60 YARD SHUTTLE: 11.06 SEC Thomas 40 YARD DASH: 4.57 SEC BENCH PRESS: 18 REPS VERTICAL JUMP: 35.0 INCH BROAD JUMP: 126.0 INCH 3 CONE DRILL: 6.80 SEC 20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.13 SEC 60 YARD SHUTTLE: 11.70 SEC Speed was another concern for Garrett, but he - like Doctson - surprised with his combine performance. Neither were expected to outpace Thomas, and despite the game "not being played in underwear," it's interesting to note that Garrett finished only .03 behind Doctson despite carrying 20 extra pounds. Garrett's 3-cone time is a bit slower than the other 2, but these guys basically split the other categories. The small school thing, along with perhaps his injury-history and small hands, really seems to have hurt his stock. The guy led the league in receiving and was a top performer at the combine in several categories, just seems to have slipped through the cracks.
  14. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    It's kinda crazy, if I had somehow missed the draft and you gave me a list of the guys we ended up with, I'd have assumed we used our second on Cash and our 3rd or 4th on Garrett. Cash was in my top 5 Safeties and Garrett my top 15 receivers. I was skeptical we'd have any undrafted guys make the cut this year, but I didn't think we'd find talents like these. No reason to think they can't compete with the other guys at their respective positions.