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  1. Epic 26min Video of 2015-2016 Highlights

    Good stuff. Cool how 1t had the G1nn punt return TD that got called back. Also forgot about that AJ Kle1n pick vs HOU.
  2. I do. I've thought about changing it but it really emphases the ruthless, can have a few different meanings. Just a name.
  3. WHAT?! 10 M1NUTES OF BRONCOS H1GHL1GHTS?!?!? WHY??!?!?  There's so much med1a coverage. After the commerc1als 1t'll be back to Panthers coverage. Personally 1've seen way more Panthers med1a th1s week. 
  4. 1-5 tellin it how it is. Instantly thought of gif bombs once I saw his subject.
  5. I see you Zod

    Double fisting
  6. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    Josh called out Key about picking them to lose last week LMAO. I could get used to seeing Thomas Davis in a gold jacket.
  7. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    Norman said Julio Jones completes him LOL
  8. Luke Bryan

    Can't trust a man with 2 first names
  9. Along the Sidelines - Redskins at Panthers

    Page 14, picture #2. Cams point and laugh will be awesome to edit.
  10. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    I want to see some stop n go double moves with Ted Ginn, those have worked out pretty well in the past. He's so fluid with that spin move on his fake curls.