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  1. How about ten million a year if hes plays 16 games, One million a year if he plays less than 8. Six million a year if he plays 8-16
  2. Worley Arrested

    He had an attitude with our coaches, dont doubt he woul have an attitude with cops. Lucky to be alive if a gun was involved.
  3. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    If I had 11 Billion dollars, I would be fine stepping away from Hedge funds and living out my life as a lowly NFL Owner. Who's to say any owner sees this as a side piece?
  4. At this point I think Rivera should be here until Cam is no longer here. I don't see us doing a full rebuild until Cam/Luke are done.
  5. Josh Norman's Next Career

    Is this show for only athletes now? I thought they had random semi celebrities.
  6. His bad draft picks was one thing, the bad contracts was even worse. Failure to draft a Franchise QB until 2011 was a disaster.
  7. This idea that you can go to other NFL cities/states and everyone supports the hometown is a farce too. I've met Panthers fans in Seattle, West Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tampa, and Nashville. You go up to a New Jersey sports bar and there are fans of all the front runners, every NFC/AFC East team and of course delusional Cowboy fans. It's like that everywhere. Can you imagine how the 200 Chargers fans feel in LA?
  8. The Panthers aren't in control of South Carolina sentiment. The stadium is closer to most of the South Carolina population than Raleigh, Asheville, and Wilmington. Some people don't like the NFL and some people don't like the Panthers. Winning always helps but this idea the Panthers need to reach into South Carolina and draw more fans is silly. I wouldn't know what the statistics are like but I'm guessing they are similar in most of NC,
  9. some more inside info

    Eh, not quite. Rashard Anderson was drafted in 2000. They tried him at Safety and Corner, did not impress. Got busted for drugs and never played again. http://www.espn.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=2093776
  10. The Panthers are being run by a former cheerleader. I put the chances she makes a comment with substance at ZERO.
  11. Greatest Panthers Hat

    Hats from my teenage years were the pinnacle of hat making.
  12. Sabates officially drops out

    The only reason Felix put his name out there was because Felix likes his name out there. No one who knew anything believed he had the money or pull to make something happen. No billionaire is going to want his "help" either.
  13. Who are our star players after this year.

    This is the way things always are. New leaders emerge. Nobody talked about TD as a leader until what? 2012? I still think Curtis Samuel has the potential to be a star. Funchess can be a star. Shaq Thompson could be. Olineman don't need to be inspirational leaders, but having an explosive physical back behind them could give them the emotional lift. CMC is definitely a star. It just doesn't fit into any normal metric. If he start hitting more home runs look out.
  14. Are people too dumb to know the difference between a report and an opinion? There's almost no reporting anymore. Its 95% opinion. You could be right almost all the time by assuming its an opinion.
  15. I don't think any of that reasoning holds weight. All that BS about no weapons and no offensive line is fan/talk radio drivel. The Panthers had one of the best offensive lines last year. We make the playoffs regularly. Cam isn't getting a raw deal. We have to put up with his flaws too. He could look at the tape, for every dropped pass there is an overthrown open receiver.