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    Keep Pounding Huddle. We in this together.
  2. Cam Newton

    Cam Newton has been practicing until the Super Bowl since his rookie year. He was a Super Bowl Champion before he ever played a down. It's his mindset and work ethic. Have to respect it.
  3. Inactives

    Thank you for your contributions boys. Wish they could all be active.
  4. Denver Sports Radio/Cam PR Person

    I think Cam did very well with the media all season. He wore down on day 4 of Super Bowl week. I can live with that.
  5. Post Your Super Bowl Day Experience Up in Pictures

    He made it. +1 to Panther Nation.
  6. Coach Beam is there! Proof in the pictures

    I knew Braylon's father many many years ago. He was a true Panthers fan when this team was 1-15. Raised his son right.
  7. I do not want this to end.....

    Honestly Im about where Cam is with the media coverage. It's overwhelming. There is so much content and very little of it has substance. Some of these stories should have been told months ago. It feels a little awkward hearing these analysts gush about the Panthers after they called them the worst undefeated team in the league for the first 10 weeks. Then told us the Cardinals were better. Also they don't want to put us in with the 85 bears and even the 2007 Patriots. W don't have "names". We do have names, they just didn't learn them over our past three playoff runs.
  8. One

    I drove uptown last night took the John Belk Freeway around the Stadium. Absolutely breathtaking seeing the city lit in blue.
  9. They are all Panthers Legends. Tomorrow they might be NFL Legends.
  10. I dated Luke Kuechly at 4h camp.
  11. Here you go SCP enjoy

    "there's a happy little Kid there and a happy little kid there"
  12. What makes the Huddle so special?

    The feels. Makes me wanna bro hug everyone.
  13. Lewd dancing ... when can I expect national outrage?

    In the case of Gronk, I don't think its wise to jump to the black vs. white comparison. Gronk gets a lot of leeway compared to everyone in the NFL. He made some questionable comments about an Asian fan of his at an open mic bar and it went away in the blink of an eye. "It's just Gronk being Gronk"
  14. Lewd dancing ... when can I expect national outrage?

    Well Gronk isnt a QB so its ok.