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  1. Shula unrest

    Thread title made me think someone actually important was publicly criticizing Shula. Who cares what PantherBoy02 has to say... We already have threads full of that.
  2. As far as Funchess goes...

    Funchess is the kind of guy that needs to catch the ball while covered. For that to happen, Cam needs to throw to him when covered. Cam more often than not needs to see the man open before he makes his throw and I feel like that is part of why Funchess struggles. A QB like Aaron Rodgers could get more out of Funchess imo.
  3. Saints may be without CB Sterling Moore

    If our line can block for a few seconds Cam should have options on every play.
  4. The Klein Factor

    So if Klein makes a tackle.... do we give him the sarcastic "Luuuuuuuuuuuuke"?
  5. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    He's a good speaker. You could see him getting Rooney Rule interviews immediately. Giving good interviews doesn't mean he is a great football coach. Or even coordinator. But he's looked good so far.
  6. Too soon to judge. You would like him to be better than he was Sunday but 55million doesn't buy an All Pro these days.... That isn't our expectations for him.
  7. The Klein Factor

    If he draws 1v1 with Christian McCaffrey, just throw it to Christrian McCaffrey. He's a good thumper but not meant to cover space.
  8. Ron Rivera talked about it today, Cam takes a deeper drop than most NFL QBs. He's harder to block for and it takes time to adjust... This isn't anything new, Cams deep drops have been giving ends and OLBs great angles since he came in the league....
  9. Why is everyone talking about Kalil. Its a fair point the Saints have managed to waste the career of the most prolific passer of all time. This guy throws for 5k yards year after year and they haven't won a division in 6 years.
  10. Saints keep making moves, feels like every move makes them worse.
  11. Cam's Ankle

    He looked a little slow after the fact but he claims he just wasnt used to the sound it makes now.
  12. Escobar was supposed to be a Jimmy Graham talent but he couldn't block or get open...
  13. Highest graded safeties through week 2.

    Poyer kept the Bills in the game. Have to respect his work.
  14. Do you trust Shula?

    Honestly this offense isn't about Shula, its about Cam. If Cam plays well, we will score more than 9 pts. Our playcalling/scheme isn't bad enough to change the outcome of a game. There was maybe 5 poor play calls and maybe 4 poor decisions/throws by Cam. Sometimes poor blocking and penalties happen and that's not on Cam or Shula. I think the doom and gloom is a bit over the top at this point. The Bills didn't make any mistakes on offense. We had no short fields. It was an early season grinder against a good defensive line.
  15. He had open guys if he trusted the routes/keys he could have thrown before contact on at least 3 of those