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  1. I really liked him but the draft criticisms were coming to fruition. Not a healthy attitude. His lack of targets was not the organizations fault.
  2. KendrickPanther

    Best 11 players in Panthers history

    I don't like that list at all. Peppers should be higher. Sam Mills shouldn't be on it. Kris Jenkins, KK Short, Mike Minter, Jon Beason. There are defensive players that should be represented that are not. Id take Wesley Walls over some of this guys. Deangelo Williams is maybe 11th.
  3. KendrickPanther

    Cam to CMC for 6

    If they can master that over the middle 8-12 yard route.... they will be magical. Lost a few games on miscues there.
  4. He always took deeper drops which made it hard for tackles to pass block. I'm curious if he can move better in the pocket. It felt like he did in the 15-1 season.
  5. KendrickPanther

    NFL Top 100

    I was pretty disappointed in the screen time. 1:18 vid when most guys got at least 2 minutes. Didn't show much highlights, spent first part talking about how bad he was the year before. Show me that Vikings run, show me that "so youve been watching film huh?". Show me some highlights.... He had spectacular plays... Butt catch... Funchess bombs, torched the Patriots and Lions. Video was like "he sucked last year, people thought he wouldn't run anymore but he still runs, next"
  6. He probably thought Felix Sabates was taking bids.
  7. If we can get him for 8, hopefully no insane guarantees, I'm fine with it. This is essentially based on one season of production and we have viable replacements so I wouldn't go crazy. I like Daryl, but I would love to know what Moton could do at RT as well. I don't see him as an ideal LG
  8. KendrickPanther

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Steve Smith is like the Black Gronkowski, he just says poo and instead of getting mad people smile and shake their heads. "ohhhh Steve"
  9. KendrickPanther

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    Reid was making a stink 3 days into free agency... not a great way to attract suitors.
  10. KendrickPanther

    A practice facility in South Carolina?

    Sabates quotes.. more Sabates quotes....The guy is quoted in every damned article about a team he could never afford because he's the only person dumb enough to talk at length about things he has no knowledge/control over. I thought Teppers comments alluded to one simple thing. Charlotte better play ball with incentives to keep the team in Charlotte or he will consider every option in the Carolinas. Both of them. I know players would be disappointed to have to commute to South Carolina. Most of them are walking distance to BofA
  11. KendrickPanther

    Incognito placed on psychiatric hold

    Yeah have that man toss a 50lb dumbell at you then talk about Jonathan Martin was just soft.
  12. KendrickPanther

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    The league is totally justified in doing this... it will get them bad PR but more fans than not want the players standing or not present for the anthem. Everytime someone brings up constitutional rights for peaceful protest I roll my eyes. They are at work. They are there to work and tow the company line. How about they peaceful protest after work, before work, or on their off days? A lot of them don't care enough to do that. They just want to do the lazy thing and take a knee at work.
  13. Can we get like a before and after? I dont think its that big of a difference... its just May
  14. KendrickPanther

    Curtis Samuel ....

    Yeah ok. He's still not a prototype and route running will be a challenge for him compared to prototypes. Not sure why you're bothering to argue with me.
  15. KendrickPanther

    Curtis Samuel ....

    DJ looks like 34 year old Steve Smith Build. Compare Rookie DJ Moore to Rookie Steve Smith.... nothing similar in appearance. I'm not saying DJ Moore is a bad player but he is not the prototype player.