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  1. Samuel demanded more respect on the end around then a lot of guys. If it came down to it, I would feel perfectly fine lining up CMC on the outside or in the slot for more than half the snaps. Its not like this team is toothless... We just have sharp teeth in less traditional places.
  2. Cam joins the 4000 club

    Cam already has memorabilia in the hall of fame. I think there is no question he's in. If this was his last season, you put him in.
  3. Alex Armah

    Its probably not practical in season. But I bet Luke Kuechly could teach him a lot about run blocking. Identifying your guy and efficient usage of movement. You watch some of those plays and hes getting there too early or off balance and Luke is the best at footwork and timing.
  4. Panthers Snapchat last night

    Social media phones should be like highway cone orange so not only do you know what is in your hands, everyone else knows what is in your hands
  5. Poor effort

    The Bills defense would have let him go for 40 at least.
  6. Andrew Luck's Career is possibly over.

    I'm pretty sure his career hasn't been the same since that Monday Night game vs. Luke and TD in 2015. So maybe playing for the Panthers would have spared him from our defense!
  7. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    I will learn to fly a fugging plane. Godfundme for flight school. We got this.
  8. Can we lose to Jay Cutler?

    We beat Tom Brady and Matt Stafford. I just wish they had Dan Marino.
  9. Curtis Samuel, You Have to Sell Your Hold

    Curtis needs more touches. Replacing Benjamin with 1 very nice catch isn't enough.
  10. Crowd size yesterday.....

    I looked at ticket prices Sunday morning... Lower bowl started at 150 a seat. Decent upper deck seats were 100+ each. I had other things going on, wasn't dropping that kind of money or negotiating in the streets. I got in many games for less than a hundred bucks on our Super Bowl run... Including Andrew Luck on MNF (Row7 100 level). Obviously these seats are still valued... even if empty.
  11. Not everything is about race... or whatever the OP is saying. Its not about that. Tom Brady yells at his coaches all the time. Manning, Roethlisberger, Manning, Rodgers have all yelled at coaches. McMahon and Bradshaw were quarrelling with coaches long before Cam was conceived. And plenty of QBs have yelled at the media too. Not everything Cam does or says is groundbreaking. He's not the first to do a great number of things. Just relax, not everything is a big deal.
  12. PIE for McCaffrey's best game as a pro

    Put Cap and CMC in together a bit... Our system relies on the diverse groupings. CMC looked good but I think Russel Shepard helps him as a willing blocker. Funchess and KB were not helping him much.
  13. The only trade less understandable than KB was Ajayi going to the Eagles for a 4th round pick. Jay Ajayi was their bell cow. 138 rushes, 2nd best Rusher had 12 carries... They trade him away for a mid round pick. Jay Cutler has thrown for half the yards of Cam Newton. Now Matt Moore is playing... Are they hoping to give up on the season? Get a high draft pick? They are 4-3 and just shed their best offensive chain mover. Should we expect their best on Monday?
  14. The Saints are in control. they beat us at home, better record, and positive energy. The Panthers might be 6-3 but our team has bad juju right now. Momentum and positive energy is the difference between a good season and a great one.
  15. Maybe giving Stew a break would help him. We still have a lot of games left.