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  1. We needed Byrd badly in the playoffs. NFL seasons can be a long strange trip.
  2. I honestly don't think we make the playoffs last year without Christian McCaffrey. He picked up a lot of First Downs that no one else could get. Keep in mind Greg Olsen was essentially useless last year and our WR group was a mess as well. CMC was a big time difference maker for us.
  3. KendrickPanther

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    Our young guys are making plays. I like it.
  4. KendrickPanther

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    That looked like Jake to Steve.
  5. KendrickPanther

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Why do we have to?
  6. KendrickPanther

    Steve Smith and Depression

    If you've followed Steve over the years, this isn't much of a surprise. Im glad he's talking to someone about it.
  7. Derek Anderson hasn't had a good showing in 3 years. I'm fine with a less expensive screw up behind Cam.
  8. Tepper takes a picture with some brothers and everyone acts like its a strip club.
  9. KendrickPanther

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Probably the Saints because they are half decent and their fans are some of the worst Ive ever seen. When they sucked nobody cared about them. I really don't like the Eagles and Jaguars as well.
  10. KendrickPanther

    Dont let your pecker ruin your life.

    Im sure the entire team would lay the Alaskan pipe line on her. Not a big deal.
  11. KendrickPanther

    Panthers make personnel changes

    I would imagine a college scouting coordinator handles scheduling, travel, communication with college staff, hotels, air travel. It seems like a natural fit for Bergstrom. Just being around the organization, he will know and understand a lot of what is expected and I'm sure he asked for the position.
  12. KendrickPanther

    Thanks to Tepper, Mr. Coleman has business cards

    Corporate America can be as much a people business as anything. Dock workers can move up into management if they build relationships and prove themselves. I think Tepper would understand everyone has the potential to be an asset. No one should be considered "just a".
  13. KendrickPanther

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    Its amazing this wasnt uncovered sooner in the investigation Jerry Richardson launched 2 days before the SI article...
  14. KendrickPanther

    Tepper engaging fans

    Imagine if Damiere Byrd got some of that money for giving up his number
  15. KendrickPanther

    Fire Mick Mixon

    Mixon is a good radio personality, he's just not meant for play by play. This has been a 14 season mistake by JR.