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  1. We should replace the players with terminators. The only way they would get a concussion is if they fell in a pit of lava. Dilly Dilly.
  2. Turner discusses plans for Newton

    If he can get Cam to never take a sack on the edge of field goal range I'll be quite happy.
  3. Panthers OL coach leaving with Wilks

    Ray Brown is well respected but lets keep things in perspective. We had an oline covered in probowl/all pros with respected coaches and we couldn't block for poo in the run game... at some point we arent as good as everyone thinks.
  4. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I dont really care if Eagles win. We aren't so whatever.
  5. Punishment coming soon

    Its dangerous to start penalizing franchises for having their players get injured. The Saints would have incredible incentive to headhunt us twice a year if it could not only win a game but set back our franchise with draft picks.
  6. The one thing about xclown was we didnt get to celebrate in our stadium.
  7. Daeshon Hall

    I don't like it when rookies miss an entire season. Could be 2 years before we know what we have.
  8. I don't really care that much. If we don't win there's only a handful of teams I don't like enough to route against them.
  9. These are blanket statements. Steve Smith is very well respected by everyone in the media. Saying he's not on some top 10 list seems trivial.
  10. Drama in Steeler country?

    When you look at how talented that offense is, I'm shocked every time they lose out in the playoffs. I completely agree that the roster is full of undisciplined me first guys that care more about stats and money than winning. The Steelers are constantly in the news for the wrong reasons. I think ownership has a point. That roster should have won more in the playoffs.
  11. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Oh no baby.
  12. There aren't many guys on this list I would take over Funchess.. http://insider.espn.com/nfl/draft/positions/_/id/1/year/2015 Cooper and Maybe Diggs.. I thought Devin Smith, Kevin White, Phillip Dorsett, Breshad Perriman, and DGB would all be big stars by now.
  13. A lot of highly drafted WRs were let downs or outright busts. It's not an exact science. You look at the teams in the playoffs still, do any of them have blue chip studs? Maybe Agholor with Philly. The WR position is full of Edelemans, Diggs, and Nelsons. The Julio, Beckhams, and Coopers are hard to come by. You can look through the past 10 1st rounds... not many No. 1s to be had.
  14. And Shulas and Kiffins and Ryans. Can we please get NFL coaches with no fathers!
  15. Panthers now say Newton had a knee injury

    Its completely understandable. He didn't realize how bad his knee was hurting because of the concussion.