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  1. KendrickPanther

    There’s only so much one man can do

    I dont know what this means. It's so easy to group individuals into a stereotype you've created.
  2. KendrickPanther

    There’s only so much one man can do

    Your still bringing this up 6 years later. Its been documented in Steve Smith's football life, Jordan Gross confirmed it, and even Cam himself admitted he needs help with play calls. Get over it, he's not the perfect QB. The proof is in the pudding, he's been horrible on deep throws this year. The base of the claim is in the lack of deep completions....
  3. KendrickPanther

    CJ Anderson says...

    The guy that cost us the game in Atlanta? What could he have done for us today?
  4. KendrickPanther

    There’s only so much one man can do

    Cam's inability to throw a deep ball is becoming obvious. He didn't give anyone a chance on his last three throws. That has nothing to do with coaching, officiating, or "weapons". Its okay to place blame on a player that threw three straight bad passes to end a game.
  5. I think a more realistic concern is whom might they trade him to in our division.
  6. Dumping on the veteran receivers is so trendy.
  7. KendrickPanther

    Are you "nervous" about the Giants?

    I could see it being a tough game if Saquan breaks a few runs.
  8. KendrickPanther

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Just listening to the press conference. He had little to say about football or team or goals. He had a lot to say about his political goals and people. I hope he's dedicated to football and not just his causes off the field.
  9. Kelvin Benjamin could have used someone to talk to about his delusions of grandeur.
  10. He was with us last year. I like Efe but the odds are still against him being a long time starter in the NFL.
  11. Our pass rush has not been up to par. We shall see but its a bit concerning we didn't really add anything at DE
  12. He dealt with some injuries. My hope is he has the speed to cover in the back end and not just be a box guy.
  13. KendrickPanther

    Jonathan Stewart to IR in New York

    Stew was a big part of some of my favorite memories in BofA. That stiff arm on Ronde Barber, Arizona for the Super Bowl, and beating Luck on Monday Night Football. He was a Panthers legend. Its a shame about the injuries throughout his career. He could have been a hall of famer as a lead back.
  14. KendrickPanther

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    I went last season with the riot and I was really disappointed with the viewing angles and scoreboards. Not an impressive game experience for all the money they spent.
  15. KendrickPanther

    Moore DJ please

    I think fans are looking for a savior because they aren't happy with the team and our style of play but DJ Moore is just a rookie WR coming out of a college offense. He caught a pass against soft coverage and broke a couple tackles. He did a great job on 1 play. But he's clearly not done enough with all his other opportunities. Our WRs aren't that big of an issue. Penalties aside, Wright and Smith made some key plays. Funchess had a few bad plays but he had some nice ones as well. DJ Moore getting more snaps isn't going to increase our chances of winning. Torrey Smith had several veteran plays to keep us in the game, including defending his QB from an illegal hit. Swatting away a poorly thrown pass and catching a touchdown. I think DJ Moore has a bright future but his playing time isn't a factor in why we win or lose. Offensive line woes, penalties and poor game management are more important than putting a guy like DJ on the field.