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  1. I fully expected him to have a good year. You never know with injuries but I didn't assume he was more prone to injuries than any other player. Deangelo Williams is also healthy and playing well. These things are just out of anyone's control.
  2. #3 Scoring... QB, Offense, Defense

    Every team is faced with unique circumstances and have unique philosophies. But the Panthers could score more and stop teams from scoring more. When Rivera gets a multiple touchdown lead he tends to play soft and let teams trade yards for time. You saw this with Matt Cassell and the Cowboys. On offense we can get conservative at times to keep teams from getting back into games. With 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter Cam Newton ran a draw on 3rd and 11. It set up a field goal and Tony Romo imploded on the following drive. We could have taken a shot at the end zone or looked for a 1st down. Instead we opted to take the time off the clock and put pressure on Romo to deliver before halftime.  So our philosophy at times can skew our statistics but the proof is in the pudding as Gettleman likes to say.
  3. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    There has never been a quarterback like Cam Newton. There has never been a team built like ours. We are unique. With unique Coaches. McDermott and Shula were failures in previous stints but here they are doing something special. You cannot quantify what we are and compare it to things we aren't.
  4. LB Adarius Glanton

    I liked this guy. He helped us in a time of need. But it's good he's getting a chance. It's also good we haven't needed to promote him.
  5. I spent my Thanksgiving in the woods without access to the Huddle so I want to give a few late takes on what I saw. Maybe some others in my boat can join in.   - The point spread and number of analysts picking against us was just plain disrespectful. But keep doing it, I'll gladly be the worst Super Bowl Champion in the NFL. Just as many lists have our 2003 team as one of the worst to lose a Super Bowl. -How about Luke Kuechly with more catches, yards, and touchdowns than Dez Bryant. Tony Romo finally has a reliable weapon to replace Witten. Terrel Owens was heard complaining to media that Luke and Tony were drawing up plays on the sidelines. -How about Kurt Coleman. Now leading the team with 5 interceptions. Sean McDermott and Ron Rivera have put this guy in position to succeed. The Eagles ran him out of town for getting burned constantly and he came into camp and took Tre Boston's job. Early in the season Josh credited him with a good jam that allowed J No to jump a route. He's our Mike Mitchell, our Marlon McCree, and our Deion Grant. Every good Panthers defense needs an overachieving Safety. One last thing, Tre Boston has been a great sport and I have hope for his future. He had a Drew Stanton moment on Kurt's run back, if you have the game recorded or rewind, watch him celebrate all the way down the sideline.   -The blue uniforms are almost nice. They might look better with some black socks or a different helmet. Cam looked great dancing in the end zone but overall they felt just a little off. - Josh Norman my word does this man talk and back it up. He's added just enough maturity this year so his good deeds are not undone. Love the line about watching 300 to get hyped. It sounded so absurd and he meant every word of it. Every good team needs guys like this. - I heard various media members suggest our offense and specifically Cam Newton were not impressive in Dallas. I disagree. We scored 33 points. We had the Cowboys put away in the 1st half and Rivera just pounded the ball for most of the game. At times we got ultra conservative and settled for field goals because the only chance Dallas had to get back in the game was a big turnover. -Jonathan Stewart gave us exactly what we needed up the middle. One of the reasons our running attack is so special is ball security. Stew doesn't have the best yards per carry but he's only lost 2 fumbles on 223 touches. We've lost 6 as a team. In contrast our defense has recovered 18 fumbles. -Nice challenge Jason Garret. Easily the funniest image of the game.  - Greg Hardy surprised me. I thought he would come out fired up and looking to deal damage. But it was quite the opposite, he looked like he hated the Cowboys more than the Panthers. You ever run into an ex and you have a moment that makes you think there's still a shot? Nah.... - As some predicted the refs were throwing flags on us at a good rate. Our offense was put in several 1st and longs due to holding calls. That caused us to settle for field goals and fizzle out at times but the Cowboys were too inept to capitalize.  - The offense was a few seconds late all game at the line of scrimmage. We had several situations were Cam had to rush to get the play off. Hopefully that can be worked out but it looks like crowd noise will not be a factor in the playoffs.  -Cowboys fans. Julio Jones completes J No. Cowboys fans complete me. They were convinced Tony Romo would outplay Cam Newton and lead them to another playoff birth. Instead he lost the game before halftime. These fans are the most entertaining in the league. I spent more time on the Cowboys boards than ours this week. Just reading all of their delusions of grandeur. They are basically Saints fans with much less racism. Some of them are even capable of making decent points. One fan lamented being a Cowboy fan in Charlotte, as if all us Panthers fans should move away so he can have the city to himself. -In the aftermath all of the talk was about the destruction of the Cowboys and the end of Tony Romo. Normally this would bother me but I was just happy we played our role in it as we did in 1996 and 2003. But isn't it commentary on this Cowboys team that having their season ended in November makes news. This isn't the triplets and Deion. This isn't even Quincy Carter and Bill Parcells. Good riddance. -When Cam Newton was drafted in 2011 he did an interview with Frank Garcia and Muhsin Muhammad. After a few minutes of the usual generic questions Cam piped up and asked Moose a question. He wanted to know what it took for the Panthers to make it to a Super Bowl in 2003. Moose answered and I am paraphrasing: 'We needed every player on that team to perform their role. Whether they were a star QB, backup, or special teams player, we needed every guy to do their job to the best of their abilities'. I think that holds true with this Panthers team. I've seen Cam celebrate with Kurt Coleman, give credit to David Mayo in pressers, and defend his receivers in August. This is a team. Whether it's Colin Jones playing out of position or Mike Tolbert giving Cam his touchdown ball. They all do their part, no matter how big or small. This Mike Tolbert hand off just reminded me of Office Space. This was the biggest demolition since that printer.  -Everyone has been talking about dabbing lately. How about some Romoing to close out this post.      
  6. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    Financially speaking it makes no difference to him.
  7. Something to put a smile on your face this Monday

    Matt Ryan looks like a scrawny body double for a real QB.
  8. Finnegan will start off as a nickel CB

    Guys lets stop acting like Colin Jones is trash. The guy comes in and makes plays. He just limits what the Panthers can do schematically. We can win with Colin Jones, I'm sure of it. But Finnegan might be able to give us a little more in a traditional nickel corner.  
  9. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    In the past we would have given guys like Dean Marlowe the job and took our lumps. To me bringing in a veteran signifies the Panthers are going for it.  I don't know if Finnegan has much left in the tank but I don't understand why everyone expects him to be a dick to his teamates? I thought he was just a dirty jerk to opponents. We have Roman Harper that came in with the same ire.
  10. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Charles Godfrey covering Randall Cobb oh lawd.
  11. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    I don't think we can call it a bad move. That's like saying Josh Norman was a bad draft pick. We have accomplished players ahead of him that are playing well. Maybe he would be decent if he got on the field. We don't know.
  12. and then there was only one.

    I just can't get excited about week 12 trophies. I would be more inclined to celebrated a playoff clinch which we haven't done yet. I stopped reading power rankings and ESPN comments years ago. I just can't squeeze any joy out of it.
  13. and then there was only one.

    Christmas was Thursday. Not Sunday. I don't celebrate meaningless failures by teams in other conferences. I do enjoy Panthers success however.
  14. Will the Nation view us as #1?

    It doesn't matter how we are viewed. It matters if we win or lose in the playoffs.
  15. and then there was only one.

    There is like 5 threads about this already. All of them are dumb. I get nothing out of being the only 11-0 team in the league. As the Bulls used to say "it don't mean a thing if ya don't get the ring".