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  1. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    Yeah and if Stew goes down in the playoffs like many Carolina Running Backs before him, we are screwed. Get the kids some PT.
  2. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    I would absolutely get Wheger and CAP playing time. Not just to rest Stewie but because they are rookies with like 3 touches between them.
  3. 2 questions about a possible NFC Championship Game in Charlotte

    There wasn't that many Niners fans there. People really over blew that. I've seen way more Redskins and Giants fans at our games in the past. There's no doubt about it the tickets will be very expensive and there is more people that can afford it in NYC. It wouldn't surprise me if the Giants could make a good showing at our house but didn't the Packers struggle to sell out there own stadium in the playoffs recently?
  4. Panther's should fear Bucs

    I'm very concerned about what the Bucs are building. Brees is nearly done, Matt Ryan is what he is, Jameis Winston is having a terrific rookie season and could be our greatest threat for years to come. Obviously as an organization the Bucs have been dysfunctional but having a great Roster can turn things around quick. The Bucs have some great pieces.
  5. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    That was classic Falcons.
  6. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    The offense being overrated story line is just silly. We've been playing with a lead all season. Our offense doesn't have to put up yards or points. We could have been more aggressive Thursday but it wasn't required. There have been numerous 4th quarters where we just ran the ball and ran out the clock.
  7. Matty Ice is melting....

    If Freeman is healthy that is a player that could really help them vs. us.
  8. Panthers have a 64% chance of beating the cowboys.

    These sports statisticians are lame. Their models are hopelessly flawed and unable to account for the reality of the human element. It's just random click bait. 
  9. Morris Claiborne....

    He gave up two big plays last week but he's still a talented guy. These sorts of injury subs never seem to be as big of a deal as we want them to.
  10. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    These Cowboys fans are convinced they would be undefeated with tony Romo. They lost 7 games in a row. Got a QB back that threw 2 interceptions on a team that committed 10 penalties. They played against a team that had its Coach fired with a losing record. All of this adds up to Super Bowl if you are from Dallas. Do they not remember what a real Dallas contender looks like? There hasn't been one since 1996 so it is understandable to forget what a really good team looks like.    They just don't get it. Even if they beat us, the Packers, Bills, and Jets are still more than capable of beating them.
  11. Cowgirls look a like thread.

  12. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

      Not Impressed...  
  13. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    The Cowboys have to soak up every minute of this while they can. Their season could be over Thursday night. Ours will not. I actually like it when the Cowboys are good. It just makes Jerry Jones more entertaining when they lose.
  14. How is this guy still employed?

    Isn't this the guy that got cam fined for branding on his visor clips? The guy isn't an accredited journalist he's just a blogmaster writing in his underwear.