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  1. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Russel Crowe to play Josh Norman in movie?   

    Russel Crow was fat in American Gangster.
    Josh really loves the media attention. I hope he can handle it.
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  2. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic About that Jameis touchdown pass...   

    Are the officials getting worse and worse or is the coverage getting better and better? It feels like bad officiating is becoming a massive part of the storyline of the NFL.
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  3. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    When Cam Newton hears footsteps, It's Norwell's.
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  4. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Tavarres King and Marvin McNutt   

    Bersin showed something this last game. I think if you put Bersin in the Patriots offense he could be a productive player. He knows how to run routes and work space. In our offense we expect WRs to uncover themselves and he's not so great at that.
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  5. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    It's hard to rip the Oline and WRs when we win every game by a touchdown or more. Gotta find someone else. 
    I am actually still concerned about the oline and Wrs.
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  6. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    And lets stop acting like Kony Ealy is a bust, he's been playing well. Just not as a premier pass rusher.
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  7. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    I take the wait and see approach. Maybe he just matched up well vs. Tampa's line. He looks small vs the run but so is Jared Allen.
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  8. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Spanish Radio Call of Ed Dickson Touchdown   

    I cringe when national TV and Radio shows play our highlights with Mick Mixon trying to describe the action.
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  9. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    They are all NFL teams. You never know one week to the next. The Jags looked awful vs us then won the next week. Tampa looked awful vs. the Titans and beat the Saints. It's just chaos. Injuries, fatigue, fluke circumstances. I wouldn't count their wins and losses because we have nothing to base it on.
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  10. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Bucs   

    Couple of things I took from those. 
    Jameis Winston wears an armband and Cam did not. 
    I love watching Ryan Kalil run.
    Gerald McCoy looks like a frog as Cam runs away from him.
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  11. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Josh Norman   

    I love Josh but he needs to calm down. He's walking off the field talking to cameras between plays. Relax Josh.
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  12. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    I'd like to know why hes been out at practices and games with this severe concussion. They say you should stay in a dimly lit room for several days to let your brain repair. It sounds to me like they didn't take this seriously enough.
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  13. KendrickPanther added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Winning The Close One
    In the first two years of Ron Rivera's tenure he took a great deal of criticism for not being able to pull out close wins. We lost 13 times in 1 score games. In the next two seasons we lost 4 of them and none in 2015 thus far. He's taken some credit for turning that around. I have a different take on it. Ron has made small strides from a game management perspective. However our personnel has made large leaps in Football IQ/Experience.
    In the past 4 seasons the average age of our roster has climbed from 25.7 to 26.8.
    The average years experience has climbed from 2.8 to 4.8.
    It's not just that our players are growing up. We've inserted battle tested veterans in each position group to help with the process. Whether it's Ryan Kalil, Roman Harper, Jerrico Cotchery, or Charles Tillman, we've added veteran savvy. Right now 2nd year Defensive End Kony Ealy has been a liability in crunch time. We've gone out and picked up another battle tested veteran in Jarred Allen. Not because he has tons of upside, because we can count on him to do the right things when the game is in the balance.
    Ron Rivera hasn't really made sweeping changes in his coaching style, he just has the personnel to execute it now.
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  14. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Panthers sign DE Ryan Delaire, Cut Cole   

    I really appreciate what Colin Cole brought to our team. He got old, would have loved to have him sooner if his health had allowed it.
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  15. KendrickPanther added a post in a topic Corey "philly" Brown not at practice   

    Not suggesting anything. But it occurred to me we could probably cut him as a starting WR and put him on practice squad when he cleared waivers.
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