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  1. So much this. It is unquantifiable how much Cam means to this org and the Carolinas as well. 
  2. Right? What's with all these teams coming in all cocky? Like what the f**k your team done that makes you think u can go toe to toe with this club. Just cuz you think you box, don't mean you can get in the ring with Ali
  3. Damn we are all over these dirty Redskins. These guys are f'ing clowns. Get the f**k out of our house. That goes for their dirty ass fans too.
  4. Damn these dirty redskins can't go 3 plays without a penalty. 
  5. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    I grow to hate the Titans more and more every day. Wow what a s****y fan base they have.
  6. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    I love how OP uses Jordan as a barometer for sportsmanship. If u believe that then it's absolutely clear you didn't watch a single f'ing game Michael Jordan played in. He did more to get under opposing players skin than anyone in the league not named Reggie Miller. Cam is emulating MJ in so many ways and we as Panther nation should be beyond proud to cheer for Cam every Sunday. His celebrations are part of what makes Cam, Cam. If you don't like it or can't see why it's so beneficial to this organization, then I have to seriously question ones loyalty to this team.
  7. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    Titans fans have always been like that and I have no idea where it comes from. It matters not though, they're nothing more than an insect like smear on the windshield of this unstoppable Panthers train. F**k you Titans. Go reflect on your 2 win season.
  8. Taunting.....

    Every single game Cam does something that makes me more proud to be a Panthers fan. His confidence and take no bulls**t attitude is intoxicating. He's not going to let ANY one push him or his teammates(hell even his fans) around and he's going to make damn sure the opposing team knows who the aggressor is and it's THE Carolina Panthers. EVERY time Cam celebrates, he demonstrates his PRIDE in this organization and his love of the game he's blessed to play. Gotta love Cam Newton. 
  9. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Cam with the nail in the coffin. 
  10. Panthers to Review Flag/Banner Policies

    What's there to review? No opposing team banners. Period. The org better be careful, after this incident I think fans are going to be MUCH more aware of  what opposing fans are doing in our stadium. If the Org doesn't absolutely stand firm on no opposing team banners, our fans will will enforce that rule and that could lead to other issues. Opposing fans aren't coming to BoA and disrespecting this team and its fans any longer. That s**t is over.
  11. Those guys are f'ing epic. Best part of my week.
  12. Cam Newton reported for theft

    This a million times over. That's how opposing teams should feel. Un-f'ing-welcome. Unless you are sporting that Panther blue, we do not want you in our stadium. Not saying I want ppl feeling scared, but having them feel like 70+ thousand people don't want them there? Yea that'll work.
  13. Cam Newton reported for theft

    Lol, that's f'ing hilarious. 
  14. Cam Newton reported for theft

    This is the greatest thing Cam has done IMO. It shows how big his heart is when it comes to this team. You DO NOT go to a visiting teams stadium and hang your home teams banner on the stadium. Period. Do that in your OWN stadium. Cam reminded them of this in the best way possible. BoA has been FAR too welcoming of other fan bases. That s**t ends now. It's time fans of other teams look at their away schedule, see the Panthers and claim "f**k that, I'm not going to BoA, it's just far too hostile". Words can't describe how proud I am of Cam. I'm naming my first born after him. Dead ass serious.