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  1. They seem to already agree with me in a number of respects.
  2. Says the Carolina panthers fan.
  3. lol we've become the poster boy of drafting for need now all across the sports world. that is hilarious. This entire thing is great.
  4. Yep, Dave went into this drafting making sure he'd fill our needs above all else.
  5. This is a really bad post but I'll ignore that and point out I don't really even have an issue with this pick and am just enjoying watching the apologists squirm while trotting out strawman argument after another to a changing narrative about our general manager. I'm savoring it, honestly.
  6. if the league finds out Dave's wife is acting like this on the web, he could face some repercussions.
  7. What is this even supposed to mean? It seems to suggest that you believe that signing players would prohibit us from signing those players, but that'd just be silly.
  8. Don't Sleep on Dean Marlowe

    Well here's a plan that never seems to work.
  9. Technically if we had filled our needs in FA wed be able to go BPA in the draft. We didn't though, so we're forced to act like were shopping at the grocery store. Dave just said "We need three of these...and..."
  10. I see Dave's wife made an account.
  11. That sound you hear is a plethora of yearly Huddleisms migrating back into the sea.
  12. I'd say a couple names I'm interested in but then they get drafted next.
  13. Were about to be on screen. Whooo.
  14. McDonalds is going to be upset when they find out that guy took one of their trays out of the restaurant. He could've just ordered it to go.