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  1. Growl added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    and you don't see the political hypocrisy in that post or..??
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  2. Growl added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    lol don't feign ignorance, it's a horrid debate tactic. This thread has quite demonstrably stepped over the line of where the flag is flown from government buildings to private property-especially when I made some commentary about it in my initial post. You know the one you responded to.
    Your childlike fetal position insults instead of addressing what was actually brought forth is also pretty worn tbqh
    why don't you tell people more about the way they're supposed to live, you devoutly religious democrat you.
    the part i found most comical was the flag's total and complete irrelevance to the situation that "spurred" it . A flag half a state away flying over a war memorial was all of a sudden the cause for some racial terrorist murdering people for the first time in human history
    9 men and women shot dead and before the bodies had even grown cold the left had already decided on their next political playground and started assigning out "How To Feel" mantras. 
    Its freakin clockwork lol
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  3. Growl added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    lol TheRed doesnot have the authority or the significance to decide what's "in" because "it's 2015 brah!"
    the arrogance of the all so often elite left will continue to drive a wedge between the people of this country because they see it apparently as their divinely appointed duty to remind people what they're not allowed to believe in anymore because "it's 20yadayada man!!"
    I think the most hilarious irony is in the fact that in their usual crusading against religion they've actually become one themselves
    come on PC crowd please tell us more about what is and is not okay 
    Growing up I thought the notion of a divided nation was absolutely fantastical, but the more and more I see a group of people tell other people what they are and aren't allowed to believe  in the more and more I find it to be a horrifying possibility and as you just demonstrated the arrogance of this group of people is so great that they can't even see it 
    "the social divide is growing because they won't just accept the new ways! Aaaagh don't they see what year it is, LYK CALENDAR ZOMG BROSKIES"
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  4. Growl added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    we get it you're king taharqua you don't have to keep trying to drive the point home
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  5. Growl added a post in a topic Apple has removed all civil war games from the App Store   

    Are we white washing our own history now in the name of being 'inoffensive' lol
    this generation lol.
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  6. Growl added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    Saw a ton of rebel flags out for the 4th this year. Way more than usual.
    another pointless social justice crusade from the PC crowd over a piece of cloth is only pushing the social divide in his country that much further apart. Just lovely.
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  7. Growl added a post in a topic The Dukes of Hazzard pulled from TVLAND   

    It's entirely possible you're going to start seeng a lot of older shows come under fire for portraying "outdated" (lol) values.
    We live in a society of victims where every tittybaby poutfest is heralded as the next great noble cause that masses in theiir trivial lives need to validate themselves. "I'm a part of something eeee!!! History!!!"
    Andy Griffith better watch his back.
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  8. Growl added a post in a topic The new Spider Man has been chosen   

    Early reviews are saying marvel has done it again. Supposedly it's excellent,
    pretty genius move to follow the big team up movie with a "small," concentrated film.  
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  9. Growl added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    Lol at these announcers being like adamant that because Lebron is a great player that the rules should be bent to accommodate him,
    "lyk zomgolly how can they continue to not give him the benefit of the doubt???"
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