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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Jangler.
  2. Jessica Jones

    Finished today. Enjoyed it. And yeah Tennant was superb. Another syront villian for Marvel
  3. Jerome bogers crew is awful
  4. Just once I wish we would start with something other than a run up the middle
  5. Pretty sure Scott Fowler's 100 things book is still available somewhere
  6. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    this entire ordeal has reached red cup status where the people complaining about the person complaining are way more annoying than the person complaining
  7. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    Maybe we can stop talking about this now
  8. Oh USAToday...

    Well somebody make sure Josh sees this one
  9. How can I get a Mills jersey?

    Can i Get one
  10. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    oh look the same thing as every other week
  11. Thinking back to the draft...

    Is having a season on par with our 2nd round pick. In fact they're pretty similar in a lot of areas I get this is supposed to be a homer rah rah thread but its kind of embarrassing as a whole in how contradictory it is to the "HES A ROOKIE" posts that skyrocket from the same contingent of the board whenever Funchess has missed an opportunity  
  12. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    What are you doing Mike
  13. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Lol at the no grounding call
  14. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Two runs up the middle   Innovative