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  1. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    I really don't know what to say to this. You dn't want to cry foul, but you look at the evidence and it's hard not to. How was this guy even assigned this role?
  2. (followed, I think, by that stupid trick play that Mike no doubt spent the entire bye week drawing up)
  3. how about our second year defensive end making a one handed pick in the super bowl (after sitting most of the year year behind charles johnson lol) only for us to to do absolutely nothing with it   correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that was the drive where we started out with a first down run into the middle of the defense for no yardage
  4. there is no way Mike's gameplan was any different from his daddy's back in Super Bowl VI   "run ball into middle of defense" "do it again" "throw ball down field, hope for best"   can you imagine what this game might've looked like if Philly and Devin hadn't made miracles catches in predictable passing situations when we needed them most   you can scream execution until you are silver black and blue in the face, and you arent wrong, but for every player miscue birthed out of our bland offense, there was a miracle performance to keep the game alive     players should not be expected to make miracle catches on 3rd and long every single drive (not that im defending mike remmers or jerricho cotchery, just for the record,  because I'm going to spit so much venom on them when the opportunity comes so I don't want to hear "growl i thought you said it was all mike shula's fault, just so we're clear)
  5. As I said the other day, there is no funnier-nor sadder-element to this than the following:   Mike Shula actively went into this game trying to play the kind of game Denver wanted. A quick, low scoring games with few offensive plays. I don't even think we went to tempo  at any point, despite it's success this year against tough defenses and us being down two scores. You wanna slow down a nasty edge rush? How about speeding up the entire offense rather than running straight into a talented 9 man front over and over and over again like some junkie beating his head against a wall trying to get the talking octopi out of his head. the man is stubborn and it cost us the Super Bowl.      
  6. you're right friend, there is a very good reason why we were no.1 in offense.   leading the league in defensive scores tends to help, oh, and we lead the league in turnovers, and I'd imgine, starting field position for an offense because of it,   Couple that with the MVP on your offense and well, you'd frankly have to try real hrd not to get the no. 1 ranking, which btw, given how close Arizona was, he mut've worked real hard to accomplish.     let's see just how firm our grip on that number one spot is next season when teams aren't foolishly testing Josh Norman in the early going or kurt coleman, well, all year.
  7. This is going to change nobody's mind. Stupid people are going to continue to make embarrassing comments in the comments s section of     Who cares
  8. Watching the usual cast of characters defend this guy has become progressively more comical
  9. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    We had all the momentum an terrific field position and you burn away a down after what I'd wager good money you did the previous down as well with what was no doubt a run up the middle for minimal or no gain  
  10. Kony Ealy

    Players like Kony, Devin and Philly stepped up and looked ready for the moment while veterans who are supposed to be the anchors looked too small for the stage.   I am absolutely livid at mike tolbert still and Jerricho cotchery is dead to me
  11. Panther Fans Will Get Their Team Back Now

    Yeah I'm glad were not like those big market teams and their stupid bandwagon fanbases and trophy cases stacked with Lombardis   Wait no I'm not   "Your fan base has bandwagoners!" Is the go to cry for fans of losing franchises
  12. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    Shula went into this game actively seeking to play the kind of game Denver wanted to play. The man reeks of arrogance.
  13. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    Yeah but i Bet if we ran it just one more time they would never see it coming
  14. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Coaches are supposed to be better than that, but to be quite frank-I always laugh at stuff like this because Can is cementing a permanent legacy in the league that will live on him and Phillips will be just another guy remembered by those he coached and nobody else.
  15. The honest reality is that we will never advance as a society as long as there are people who actually believe that a few isolated poor plays are more detrimental to a team than one simple minded coach being exposed after the pressure of the moment forced him back into his natural tendencies and completely neutered his unit's ability to be effective     Please take a head coaching job as soon as possible