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  1. Captain America: Civil War

    Lol at creating an alt because you know nobody cares about your opinion otherwise.
  2. Captain America: Civil War

    (Spoilers) One of the coolest parts of the movie for me personally was how many things they borrowed from the comics. Peggy's eulogy is straight from Cap himself in the comics and is considered to be the defining speech in Cap history and I was shocked and amazed it was in there. Then you had the shot near the end with Tony's repulsors blasting off Cap's shield which is straight from the cover of Civil War #1. Lot of great moments in there. This was an incredible movie. Each move in Cap's trilogy was terrific. Cap has always been my guy and to think he's the proud owner of the greatest superhero trilogy of all time, likely never to be replaced, that is a surreal thing for me.
  3. Game that changed the season

    Delaire was awful this game. He overrides the edge and opened up running lanes which Wilson ran through all day long, which put the game at risk numerous times. It was wasnt just this week. It happened a number of times throughout the season. Even Brees ripped off a nice run through his gap because he came out too wide if I remember correctly. He needs to build up significant upper body strength to pinch the pocket if he wants to be on this team. Really can't have him losing gap discipline and costing us because he's overpursuing around the edge.
  4. Captain America: Civil War

    So the scrappy underdog from Brooklyn shows his dominance again over the sexier choices by being the greatest superhero trilogy of all time.
  5. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Why would it shock anyone?
  6. Captain America: Civil War

    Going to see this at 7. Cannot wait.
  7. Wouldn't it be cool if I hosted a Huddle late night live podcast?
  8. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    funny I don't remember that crossover.
  9. I've never understood what Jerry's sons did that he didn't want them to have any part of it. I'd assume he'd want a Mara/Rooney type lineage.
  10. This team would honestly do well to give it to me. I'll even use all revenue made for the purpose of the team and charity work.
  11. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    Alright yeah never mind I'm full of crap. I just put two matches into CoD4. I'll be buying this thing at release.
  12. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    Yeah I'm pumped but I don't know if I'm $80 pumped.
  13. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    There were more than 10 in the original weren't there? Bloc was awesome but everybody else always hated that map and skipped it.
  14. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    Swung by GameStop today to ask when they think the title might get an individual release. He didn't know but pointed out that he doesn't think-and he was just speculating- that MWR may not even have multiplayer because then nobody would play IW. He tossed out the idea that maybe they will link the multiplayer between both games or such and have a classic mode or whatever, but more than likely not. I always loved the MW trilogy campaigns anyways and still play through them every so often, but if they don't have multiplayer a lot of other people are gonna turn real fickle real fast.