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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Is it just me or do I smell the foul odor of PFFL
  2. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Yeah, and he wears socks with sanfals too, dont forget that
  4. I'll just leave this here

    I really don't get the fascination with this guy
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Look OP, I won't rag on you like others here because I get you wanted your daughters to have a cool experience.   But the simple reality is if Cam hadnt told your daughters no, he would still be there at that restaurant taking photographs as every drunken clown in that place would've trotted out onto the streets of San Jose and screamed with a Fonz like twang "AYYYY, Breh, Cam Newton is in here taking pictures"    The guy was just trying to enjoy dinner. Cut him some slack. You wanna do something for the team? Take your family down to Super Bowl City and get on the NFLN set so we don't have to listen to Lindsay Rhodes make smarmy comments about our fan representation on the complete other side of the country.
  6. Actually saw a stat the other day that the Panthers had the 3rd highest amount of players in the league of players drafted by another team. 
  7. I stopped watching those evening ESPN shows for years because they were insufferable. Then I found it on one day and Bomani Jones was on.   Love that guy. Totally makes that whole half anhour block tolerable if there's nothing else on. 
  8. It was a great interview. He did terrific.
  9. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    Lol they are going to get annihilated and its going to feel amazing.
  10. Villains

    I honestly feel as if there is a "This is supposed to be the biggest Super Bowl ever, why are they here and not my favorite team?" component to this.  A lot of the preseason hubbub with the media prior to the season was "THE NFL'S GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY! WHICH TEAMS WILL MAKE THE GAME OF THE CENTURY? THE STEELERS? THE COWBOYS? THE PATRIOTS? HOW ABOUT SOME OF THOSE NEWCOMERS LIKE SEATTLE?"   Weve destroyed any hope of that happening witha roster and a style that doesn't match what's "in" these days and I think a lot of people have been rubbed the wrong way.   And I love it.
  11. Pro Football Talk

    The thing is, it isn't just them-some of the cronies on the Dan Patrick show this morning have already gotten the "there's no way they'll make it back" train started.    We have absolutely exposed the amateur level quality of football savvy these media types actually posess this season and there has been a bitter backlash against us for doing so.  
  12. Pro Football Talk

    This is more embarrassing than Florio exploding on Chris Mortenson last month for constantly scooping him on Peyton Manning stories. Sheesh NBC is atrocious.   I am not kidding when I say somebody start a petition to have those two fired. You want a petition? There you go.
  13. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    lol we made NFLN mad.
  14. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Seeing the crazy stuff is part of the point. Y'all are the like the people who whine that DE's are taking snaps in the Pro Bowl. The goofiness is meant to be the fun.  If you don't want to see it then don't tune in, but don't misunderstand what it is and then hate on it.