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  1. Lack of respect for the Panthers is because...

    The 'lack' of respect was summed up by Cowherd yesterday, and it makes sense.   The Panthers historically have been an average team.  We have yet to put back to back seasons together.  Sure we made the playoffs two years in a row, but with a losing record.  The Patriots get the respect they deserve for being the best team over the past 15 years. If the Panthers are trending up, the respect will come.  We're just unproved to be consistently great.  The writers and 'experts' are just waiting for a breakdown on our teams part
  2. NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans

    Heres a gif of the Dickson TD slow mo superhero shot    
  3. Conor Orr...

    Thats a punchable face if I've ever seen one
  4. NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans

    NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans   Stolen from a guy on reddit.  
  5. Hornets @ Wizards 2/2

    We should be happy with this win. We beat a good team with one of our best players out. Every win is huge right now, and I'll take them any way we get them