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  1. Bye Bye Gators

    Billy is gone. new coach of the Thunder. 
  2. University of Kentucky Wildcats

    Everything he has done at UK has been under the scrutiny of the NCAA. And after all of the probing and investigations, the NCAA determined that he belonged in the HOF. You and all the other haters are a measure of his success. That's why I love him as a coach. Because instead of sweating all of his haters. He just smiles at y'all and keeps on shining!
  3. University of Kentucky Wildcats

    Lol...change the record. This one's played out!
  4. University of Kentucky Wildcats

    Lol... His only accomplishment in life is beating UK.....once. No wonder his Jurassic ass got denied the HOF. Just like Cleveland Brown fans. Will be celebrating this 1 win all the way to the grave.
  5. University of Kentucky Wildcats

    **** them n****s!
  6. That was the only call in that entire game that went our way. And it was incidental contact. So it should've. Wisc couldn't take a shot without travelling or pushing off. And they couldn't plat defense without slapping. Duke will beat them by 20 cause the refs won't bail em' out with that weak sh%t against Coach (K)ing.
  7. University of Kentucky Wildcats

    Because you were watching our fan stream channel. Wisconsin had 1 too. Then there was the neutral coverage on the 3rd station
  8. F%ck Wisconsin...we got beat by the refs. Or Vegas? So I'd be bitter too. Wouldn't shake a lesser mans' hand either. The refs just handed Coach K another banner. Shoulda seen it coming. That bracket was a yellow brick road laid out for Duke.
  9. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    Even moreso, is the fact that the only threats Duke really faced(Izzo & Pitino) were slated to face each other. Therefore Duke would only have to deal with 1 of them.
  10. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    Only problem is he'd be matched up against Towns. Which I would love to see that battle.
  11. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    That's odd seeing how they didn't win their first conference tournament until 1987. They were the regular season champs more times than I care to count. But credit 1987 as their first conference tournament victory. And they've only had 3 since.
  12. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    And how did they determine the conference champs back then? I'm pretty sure there were no Conference tourney back when UCLA had their hayday. I'm only 38 so I could be wrong
  13. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    After this year......Do you believe there will ever be a team to go 40-0 again? And this will be our 9th banner. Not to mention 4 out of 5 final fours with our 3rd championship game appearance. May not be as impressive as what you've high-lighted? But Cal has plenty of time and resources to catch up. UCLA is a shadow of the past and we are clearly the future.  They are from a generation when 15 seeds never beat 2 seeds and so on. In this day and age a team like Duke could lose to Long Island or Savannah St. Clearly a factor teams did not deal with in the good ole' days. Also, they didn't play a conference tournament and then turn right around and play in the NCAA. So, I do not diminish what they achieved way ,way, way back when. But I do not believe they could repeat that success in todays modern era of basketball. Which makes what we're doing so significant. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!
  14. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    You're proving my point for me. UCLA dominates lesser talent and you want to put them up on a high horse. But when we do it, its somehow not good enough? Even though you admit that the competition is stronger these days. Do you really believe anybody in the ACC would have beaten UCLA, Kansas, WV or even Ark by over 30? Not likely. Seriously, other than Nd and Buffalo. The only teams to give us any real competition was SEC teams. And we are 3-0 against the ACC this year.  So yeah, I'm sticking to it. When we win the championship at 40-0....We will be heralded as the best ever Period GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!
  15. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    I 100% disagree. Competition is much stronger in the modern era. And no body will be able to claim what we've done. Whereas, we will have done the same as all those before us. Only better.