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  1. CatofWar added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Cops still killing people...
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    Humans shouldn't be illegal
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    THat would actually be dope as fug. 
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    You make it sound like thats a problem
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    Love one another
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    Need a ride to the grocery?
    Lessons on Love, From a Rabbi Who Knows Hate and Forgiveness
    The new rabbi of the Free Synagogue of Flushing began his Friday night sermon with a topic he knew well: hatred’s power, and its antidote.
    The rabbi, Michael Weisser, had spoken earlier that day at a Queens mosque. He was warmly greeted by the imam who invited him there. But as he left the mosque, still wearing his tan kipa, the Jewish skullcap that resembles the one Muslims wear, a man driving by who had apparently mistaken him for a Muslim shouted that he should go back where he came from, Rabbi Weisser told the congregation.
    “Hatred comes forth from some pre-existing prejudice,” he said, “and only when we create the need within ourselves to hate, do we then develop reasons to justify our hatred.”
    Rabbi Weisser is the uncommon leader of an uncommon place, a soft-spoken man from Nebraska who has tangled with the Ku Klux Klan and is now trying to revitalize a small synagogue in the bustling heart of Queens.
    Rabbi Michael Weisser, left, at a Friday night service at the Free Synagogue of Flushing, Queens.
    The Free Synagogue, the oldest Reform Judaism synagogue in the borough, is a symbol of Flushing’s nearly forgotten past, when the area around Main Street was lined not with Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean restaurants and supermarkets, but with Jewish grocers, tailors and butcher shops.
    Signs of that old neighborhood have all but disappeared. In the 1980s, Flushing’s Jewish population began steadily falling, making way for waves of immigrants who transformed the neighborhood into one of the most ethnically diverse in the country. Its last kosher delicatessen, Flushing Delight, on Union Street, shut its doors in 1995.
    The Free Synagogue, which decades ago had several hundred members, now has only about 100. Its religious school closed a few years ago.
    Yet the synagogue has held on, surviving for 91 years with a loyal core of longtime supporters. Many are elderly men and women, who come from around Queens to sing and pray beneath the stained-glass windows of the domed sanctuary.
    Rabbi Weisser, 67, held his first service there in early September. It was a homecoming of sorts: In the 1970s, he studied at Hebrew Union College in Manhattan, where he received his certification as a cantor. He was ordained a rabbi years later, in 2001.
    He is a study in contrasts, with a penchant both for meditation and for hitting the gym five times a week. As a young man, he spent a few years in prison for burglaries in New York and New Jersey. “I had a really troubled youth,” he said. “It helped me understand some of the troubles others are going through.”
    That empathy taught him a powerful lesson about hatred — and brought him national attention.
    In 1991, he was living in Lincoln, Neb., with his wife at the time, Julie Michael, and three of their five children. He was then the cantor and spiritual leader of the South Street Temple, the oldest Jewish congregation in Lincoln. One Sunday morning, a few days after they had moved into their new house, the phone rang.
    The man on the other end of the line called Rabbi Weisser “Jew boy” and told him he would be sorry he had moved in. Two days later, a thick package of anti-black, anti-Semitic pamphlets arrived in the mail, including an unsigned card that read, “The KKK is watching you, scum.”

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  7. CatofWar added a post in a topic It's Happening   

    If elected, he would continue the drone assassination program. 
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  8. CatofWar added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Don't like gun play, put down the gun. Enough is enough. 
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  9. CatofWar added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Cops don't like it when they are shot unprovoked? Then maybe they shouldn't fuging do it themselves. No pitty from me. 
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  10. CatofWar added a post in a topic G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivists Conspiracy   

    Derail successful
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  11. CatofWar added a post in a topic G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivists Conspiracy   

    I love seeing how this works. 
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  12. CatofWar added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    Whether it's Dylan roof or Bryce Williams, angles will be played and facts will be spun. Divide and conquer as usual. Love one another. 
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